Multimedia Performance

Macmillan International Higher Education, 2.12.2011 - 240 sivua
How do performers and artists use media technologies to create live events? How have developments in audio-visual technology changed the relationship between the spectator and the performer? How can performance respond to the technology-saturated consciousness of contemporary culture? What are the key concepts and terms needed to understand multimedia performance?

Multimedia Performance provides a comprehensive overview of the development, theory and definitive characteristics of this rapidly developing and popular area of practice. Drawing on case studies from across a wide range of contemporary performance, the book introduces key artists, companies and debates. Klich and Scheer describe new and emergent forms including video performance, digital theatre, interactive dramaturgies and immersive environments, presenting an up-to-date analysis of the evolving relationship between technology and aesthetics in contemporary performance culture.

Exploring the different ways in which technology can activate new aesthetic potentials and audience experiences, Multimedia Performance demonstrates the vital role of multimedia technologies in contemporary theatre practice. Supported by illustrations, media theory and textboxes, this is important reading for anyone interested in questions of the live and the mediated aspects of performance, and essential reading for students of theatre and performance.

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List of Figures
Note on the Text Boxes
Defining Medium?
The Evolution of Multimedia Performance
The Theatre of Images Revisited
Liveness and ReMediation
Framing Media Theory for Performance Studies
Dance + Virtual Multimedia Performance
Forms of Interactivity in Performative Spaces
Posthuman Corporealities and Augmented Spaces

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EDWARD SCHEER is Associate Professor of Theatre Studies at the University of New South Wales, Australia. His publications include Antonin Artaud: A Critical Reader and The Infinity Machine. He is the current President of Performance Studies International (2010-2011).
ROSEMARY KLICH is Lecturer in Drama and Theatre Studies at the University of Kent, UK.

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