United States Congressional Serial Set, Numero 5836

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1910
Reports, Documents, and Journals of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.

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Recommendation for canceling allotment to Parker Cabney 591 Purchase of powder by Navy Department
Travel by officers and employees of Smithsonian Institution 1909
Estimate for water supply at Fort Bayard 598 Travel of officers and employees of Civil Service Commission 1909
Information relative to claim of Philadelphia Supply Company 604 Findings of Court of Claims in case of Charles W Munn admr 612 Estimate to rei...
Report of Washington Spa Spring and Gretta Railroad Dec 31 1909
Estimate for salaries etc collectors of internal revenue Oklahoma 618 Findings of Court of Claims in case of estate of Hugh G Glenn 619 Documents ...
Draft of bill for cancellation of allotment to Bill Billy 636 Report of Washington Alexandria and Mount Vernon Railway Dec 31 1909
Findings of Court of Claims in case of William B Adams exr 656 Relief of sufferers from storm in Louisiana
Compensation of gaugers storekeepers etc 659 Estimate for Bureau of Fisheries
Deficiency estimate for transportation of Army and supplies 1909
Estimate for payment to Royal Insurance Company 665 Increase of office force of Commissioner of Internal Revenue 666 Supplemental estimates of...
Findings of Court of Claims in case of John L Woodson admr 679 Detailed statement of refunds of customs duties 1909
Repairs to Columbia Institution for Instruction of Deaf and Dumb 686 Estimate for watersupply system etc for Yosemite National Park 687 Estimate ...
Claims for loss of private property in Philippine Islands 690 Findings of Court of Claims in case of John H Neely admr 691 Collection of corporation
Estimate for purchase of land for Shiloh National Park 706 Findings of Court of Claims in case of Chester Bethell 708 Prevention and detection of fr...
Estimates for collecting revenues from customs 1911
Estimate for regulation of immigration
Special examiners Division of Naturalization
Deficiency estimate for public printing and binding 724 To amend R S relating to Columbia Institution for Deaf and Dumb 725 Findings of Court of...
Useless papers in PostOffice Department 742 Expense of arbitration North American fisheries
Estimate for protecting public lands timber
Estimate for care of Court of Appeals building District of Columbia
Contracts for certain naval guns
Findings of Court of Claims in case of T F Stock admr 749 Findings of Court of Claims in case of George N L Buyers admr 753 Estimate for survey ...
Laws relating to commitment of insane to Government Hospital for Insane 766 Suits relating to allotted lands Five Civilized Tribes
Estimate for salaries Coast and Geodetic Survey
Lands in Ozark national forest
Acquiring certain land off Monroe Island
Documents distributed by War Department 1909
Improvement of roads in Yellowstone National Park
Findings of Court of Claims in case of Charles C Baumann 776 Supplemental estimates for Indian Service
Reports of sales of property on Indian reservations
Repairs at Freedmens Hospital
Rent of buildings for postoffice etc at Cleveland Ohio 820 Certain changes in D street southwest District of Columbia 822 Estimate to satisfy ju lgme...
Useless papers in Treasury Department 828 Estimate for lighthouse depot Tompkinsville N Y 829 Collection of certain information by Interstate Co...
Supplemental estimates for increase of Navy
Findings of Court of Claims in case of Isaac Chadwick 837 Enlargement of Chalmette national cemetery
Documents received and distributed by Agriculture Department 1909
Public building at Roswell N
Disbursements from permanent specific and indefinite appropriations 845 Statement of expenditures of Office of Supervising Architect 1909
Estimate for immigration service at Ellis Island N Y 853 Estimate for International Conference of American States at Buenos Aires 854 Estimate for I...
National Guard armory in District of Columbia 861 Estimate for removal of jail and workhouse prisoners D C
Estimate for relief of William S Scott 869 Findings of Court of Claims in case of John Brown 875 Estimate for printing international commercial dire...
Information relating to certain U S army officers in Cuban army 878 Estimate for contingent expenses of Independent Treasury 879 Estimate for ere...
Estimate for fortification of Isthmian Canal 889 Printing and binding for Treasury Department 891 Estimate for immigrant station Ellis Island N Y 8...
Enforcement of acts to regulate commerce
Cancellation of allotment to Mozotobe Brown
Estimate to pay claims for damages due to gun firing etc 898 Patents and scrip issued to Mississippi Choctaws
Indian depredation cases
Findings of Court of Claims in case of W A Simpson admr 903 Information concerning Mindoro Development Company 905 Estimate for extension...
Findings of Court of Claims in case of P J McGlynnan admr 917 San José friar estate Philippine Islands 921 Estimate for completion of new building ...
Judgments rendered by Court of Claims requiring appropriation 926 Claims allowed by accounting officers of Treasury Department 927 Claims of c...
Findings of Court of Claims in case of Charles H Whipple 929 Claim of Jacob F Schild
Draft of bill for sale of Rainy Mountain Boarding School Oklahoma 931 Findings of Court of Claims in case of John S Morton admr 932 Draft of bil...
Condition of George Washington University
Removal of branch printing office War Department 949 Useless papers in Department of Commerce and Labor
Increased rates for interstate transportation of persons and property
Wireless telephone apparatus
To receive Melchor Batista at Military Academy 958 Proposed international opium conference
Findings of Court of Claims in case of R A Walker exr 961 Findings of Court of Claims in case of Baltimore Md
Civilservice retirement
Situation on lower Colorado River of the West 980 Alleged agreements between steel companies
Delay in adjudicating certain military claims

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Sivu 24 - It is a familiar canon of construction that a thing which is within the intention of the makers of a statute is as much within the statute as if it were within the letter; and a thing which is within the letter of the statute is not within the statute unless it be within the intention of the makers.
Sivu 9 - An Act providing for the public printing and binding and the distribution of public documents" approved January 12, 1895 (28 Stat.
Sivu 14 - ... old copper, fit only for remanufacture, clippings from new copper, and all composition metal of which copper Is a component material of chief value not specially enumerated or provided for in this act...
Sivu 27 - ... made of silk, or of which silk is the component material of chief value, not specially provided for iu this Act, and silk goods ornamented with beads or spangles, of whatever material composed, sixty per centum ad valorem...
Sivu 26 - Diamonds and other precious stones, rough or uncut, and not advanced in condition or value from their natural state by cleaving, splitting, cutting, or other process, including miners', glaziers' and engravers' diamonds not set, and diamond dust or bort.
Sivu 21 - An Act temporarily to provide revenues and a civil government for Porto Rico, and for other purposes...
Sivu 4 - ... for the period of twenty-five years, in trust for the sole use and benefit of the Indian to whom such allotment shall have been made, or, in case of his decease, of his heirs according to the laws of the State...
Sivu 1 - ... of public surveys in the several surveying districts in order to test the accuracy of the work in the field, and to prevent payment for fraudulent and imperfect surveys returned by deputy surveyors, and for examinations...
Sivu 4 - Territory where such land is located, and that at the expiration of said period the United States will convey the same by patent to said Indian, or his...

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