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By whom Communications (Post-paid) are thankfully received,

(Price Fifteen Shillings and Sirpence half-bound.)

3. ADLARD, Printer, 23, Bartholomew.Clone, and 39, Duke-Street, Smithfield,

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As long as those who write are ambitious of making Converts, and of giving their Opinions a Maximum of

Influence aud Celebrity, the most extensively circulated Miscellany will repay, with the greatest Effeet the Curiosity of thuse who read, whether it be for Amusement or for Instruction.-JOHNSON.

*.* Our Supplement, completing the 34th Volume, is published with the

present Number.



ORIGINAL COMMUNICATIONS. To the Editor of the Monthly Magazine. Experiments have been made before SÍR,

the following naval officers, whose unrCCEPT the following easy method qualified approbation has been expressed beer-backs, cistpools, the shafts of sion, recommending the invention to the mines, and such like places. It may immediate attention of the Adiniralty, be done in any situation, and with very as of great national importance: little labour ; without any expense, and Commodore Penrose, Gibraltar, St. Juan. it is said to be effectual. The method The Hon. Cap. Fleming, do. Standard. is this Where it is known to be unsafe,

Cap. Digby, do. Lavinia. or may be suspected of being dangerous

Mr. Settle, do. Master of the for men to descend, it is only necessary

St. Juan. for them to throw any cold spring or

Admiral Martin, Lisbor., Impetueux. other water, which is 'not putrid, cwo Captain Inglis,

do. Hoy Cap. or three pailfuls, into the place con. And by desire of the Lords of the Adtaining the noxious air, in such a man mirally in the Downs, on 4th November ner as to break the water into a very last, heavy shower: ard, if I am rightly in. Admirals Young, Lord A. Beauclerk, formed, that will dispel most of the sufo

Foley, Cap. M'Kenzie. focating gas, it'd correct the air so much

Ferrier, s to remove every degree of danger. John MIDDLETON.

There are many other advantages too Lambeth, Dec. 17, 1812. '

numerous to be detailed here; but, as a

prospectus will shortly be published, To the Editor of the Monthly Magazine. your correspondents, as well as yourself,

will have an opportunity of appreciating SIR, T is with particular saisfaction that the value of this discovery, in all its

J. BELL. I an able to dispel the laudable

bearings. anxiety expressed by your correspondent

Muiden Lane, Battle Bridge. G. P. relative to the probability of means being found to ensure the safety of per. To the Editor of the Alonthly Magazine.

SIR, sons suffering the misfortune of shipwreck.


SEND a list of boroughs, either cor. A patent has within these few weeks porate, or simply parliamentary and been granted to a gentleman of Gib. prescriptive, the elective franchise of raltar, for the inreation of rendering which is at present suspended. ; seamen's beds complete life-preservers. Egremunt, in Cumberland In one character, this gentleman fas Ashperton, united two most important objects--a Sutton,

Deron comfortable bed or mattress, possessing


Dorsetshiro in every respect the same appearance,

Alrcaford, cogrenience, softness, and pliability, as

Alton, those now in use, and at the same time


Basingstoke, having the extraordinary property of Overton, Aating the budy for any lengih of time- Ledbury,

Herefordshire the simplicity of the construction enables Tunbridge,

Kent a person to adjust them, in less than Bambrough,

, , } .Northumberland being reinoved by accidenis.


Sumerset MONTHLY Mag. Nu. 237.



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