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neous Poems; interspersed with Sketches, into the nature and effects of modern Soci. in Prose, on the Sources of Pensive Plca- nianism; in answer to the question, " Why sure. fc. 10s. 6d.

are you not a Tritheist? Or a believer in The Last Trifles, in Verse; by J. Stewart. three Gods, and an Antinomian ?" 15. 4to. 78. 6d.

A Portraiture of primitive Quakerism, "The Cruise, and other Poems; by W. by William Pevn, with a modern Sketch of Strong. 8vo. 58.

repnted Orthodoxy, and real Imolerance, Honiton Hill: a Poem; by J. Tricker. by Ratcliff Monthly Meeting. 18. 28. 6d.

Reflections on ihe Unitarian and Trini. Fitz-Gwarine, a Ballad of the Welsh tariau Doctrines ; pointing out the errors of Border, with other Rhymes ; by J. Dovas- both, and explaining the true nature of the ton. 7s.

Divine Trinity; by Robert Hindmarsh, Battle of Salamanca ; by John Jefferson. author of Letters to the late Dr. Priestley, 4to. 3s.

28. Narrative Poems on the Female Cha Remarks on the Bishop of Lincoln's racter; by Niary Russell Mitford. Vol. I. Charge delivered to the Clergy of his Dio8vo. 10s. 6d.

cese, 1812 ; by W. Disuey. 1s. 6d. Rokeby, a Poem in Six Cantos; by Wal Present State of the Established Church; ter Scott, esq. 1 vol. 4to. 21. 23.

by the Rev. J. L'Oste. POLITICS.

Sermon, preached at the Visitation in A Review of the Speeches of the Right Canterbury, 1812 ; by the Rev. J. Bush. Hon. George Canning, on the late Election 1s. for Liverpool, as far as they relate to the Contemplations of an ancient Layman Questions of Peace and oi' Reform; by W. on the Christian System; by S. Bradney, Roscoe. S.

28. od David Dreadnought, the Reformed Eng. Remarks on the 68th Psalm. Addresslish Sailor: being part the first of Nauticed more particularly to the Consideration Tales and Adventures, in verse; by S. Whit. of the House of Israel; by G. Sharp. 18, church. 6d.

Reasons for supporting the Society for Essay on the Merits of Catholic Emanci- promoting Christian Knowledge, in preferpation; by J. Foulis. 35.

ence to the New Bible Society; by the Rev. A Dissertation on the Desence of the S. Daubeny. os. 6d. British Territorial Possessions in Hindoo Annotations on the Four Gospels and the stan, 5s,

Acts of the Apostles, second edition. 3 vols. Character of the Irish Roman Catholics, 8vo. 11. 4s. boards. illustrated by historical Facts.

25. 6d.

The Cl.aracter of Moses, established for Anecdotes of Father Murdo: containing Veracity as an Historian; by the Rev. J, Complaints against Heretics.

Townsend, M.A. 4to. 31. 35. boards. An Appeal to the common Sense and pro Theological Disquisitions, or an Enquiry fessed Principles of all Protestants on the into those Principles of Religion intineriConsequences of Catholic Emancipation. cing the Passions ; by T. Cogan, M.D. 8vo. 1s.

12s. 60. Protestant Rights contrasted with Ca Christian Morals; by Hannah More. ? tholic Claims. 1s.

vols. 125. Strong Reasons for rejecting the Roman A Father's Reasons for being a Christian; Catholic Claiins. 8vo. 10s. 60.

by the Rev. Charles Powlett. 10s, od. Au ilppeal against the Catholic Claims. A Sermon, preached at Newcastle, Man19.

chester, and Stand; by the Rev. Wm. Tur. Necessity of Protestant Petitions against ner. Popish Claims. 6d.

TOPOGRAPHY. À Series of Letters, shewing the In Topographical Dictionary of Yorkshire; security and Danger of granling what is by W. Langdale. 3vo. 3 os. od. termed Catholic Emancipation. 8vo. 10s. The Picture of London for 1813, four. 6.1.

tecuth edition, 18mo. 6s. 6d. boimd. Cobbet and the Reformers impartially

VOYAGES AND TRAVELS. Examined; by W. Burdon. 15. 6d.

Travels in South America. 4to. 21. 25. Speech to the Friends of Henry Brong forming Vol. XIV. of Pinkerton's General hani, esq. assembled in Clayton square, Li- Collection of Voyages and Travels. verpool, Oct. 10; by himself. 8vo. is. General Collection of Voyages and Tra

vels, Part LVII. 4to. 10s. od. Unitarianism Detended, being a Reply Journal oi a Residence in India; by Mato the Rev. J. Freeston's Serious Enquiry ria Graham. 4to. 11. 115. od. boards.

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Including Notices of Il'orks in Hand, Domestic and Foreign. ** Authentic Communications for this article will always be thankfully received.

ment to announce a tact wbichi, in patrous, and is about two-thirds of the these gloomy times, will serve as a ray of average. The sixıb, a paper of business, sunshine to cheer the friends of Humanity. is not quite half the average. And the In conformity to the 51st of George the stwo junior, though conducted with much third, cap. 23, which renders it felony to energy, are not quite a third of the deal in slaves, Samuel Samo, Joseph average. There are also SEVEN EVEN, Peters, and Willium Tufft, have been ING Papers, of which the gross sale brought to trial, at Sierra Leone, for is 15,700 per day, givmg also an averago this atrocious crime. The proceedings of 2250 copies nearly to each. One were carried on, with a solemnity becom- of them, distinguished for its zeal in ing the occasion, before DR. THORPE, stimulating the unbappy passions and Chief Justice of Sierra Leone; a Grand prejudices of the great and small vul. Jury found true Bills against the accused; gur, has attained a circulation which and, after trials of considerable length, is midway between a double and treble a Petit Jury pronounced thein severally average. A second, which emulates the GUILTY. Samo's Counsel pleaded, in first, inach exceeds the average. A third, arrest of judgment, that he was a Dutche Jess ardent, is likewise above the average. man, which was overruled by the Judge; A fourth, in the popular interest, apbut, as several African chiets petitioned proaches the average. Two others are for his pardon, and it appeared that be at a half average. And the Junior Pabad it greatly in bis power to assist in per has attained a third of the average. suppressing the trade, he was PARDONED. Besiries these every evening Papers, there Perers was sentenced to be transported 10 are seven published EVERY OTHER EVEN. Bolony Bay for seven years; and Tuffc ING, whose average sale is 1500 each. to be kept to three yeurs' hurd lubuur on Sixteen SUNDAY l'apers, whose average the public works. The Trials at large is 2100 each; one of which circulates have been printed in London; and we above eleven thousand, two abore four think they ought to be translated and re- thousand, and one three thousand. Likepublisheit also in various languages. wise eighicen WEEKLY Papers, having an

Some account of the circulation of average of 1000 each, one of which exthe London and Country Newspapers ceeds 5000. The weekly recurring sales was promised in the last Monthly Maga- of the whole are therefore nearly as fola zine, for the purpose of completing the lows:information which we have already submitted tu the public, in reyard to the cir

8 Morning Papers 108,000 culation of the Periodical Press. Iu having

7 Evening ditto

94,200 made this pledge, we feel that, we have

7 every other Evening 31,500 undertaken an onerous task, because

16 Sunday

33,600 18 others Weekly

28,800 none of the Proprietors or Editors will be gratified except those who stand at

Total copies weekly 296,100 the head of the lists. To remove, therefore, all invidious feeling, we shall not Such is the prodigious activity of the name the sei eral papers, the legitimate periodical press in London only. Yec purposes of literary curiosity being served this is but half the weekly circulation of by giving the respective numbers in the Empire, there being 280 weekly pubgeneral terms. There are at present lications throughout the provinces in published in London, Eight MORNING Great Britain and Ireland, iwo of which Papers, whose gross sale is 18 000 copies equal 5000 copies, and the whole average per day, and whose average ought there- about 1000, making a total weekly cirfore to be 2250 copies each. Two of culation of provincial papers of 280,000 these oue the trumpet of the war and and a grand WEEKLY total of London and anti-suciai faction, and the other a paper Provincial Papers, of the almost incrediof business for publicans), more than ble number of 576,100 copies! For double the average. A tbird considera-' these, at old. each, the public pay the bly exceeds the average. A fourth, which enormous annual sum of eight hundred deserves much better of a thinking people, thousand pounds; yet never were liberal is sume what below the average. A bitch patrons so abused as the British Public,



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by most of these vehicles of intelligence! from applying the public money to pay -The sums paid to them for advertise for the insertion of articles pritten pur. ments, are fully equal to that wbich they posely to impose upon and misleud' the receive for papers. They consume public.--It is to expect more virtue in 60,000 reams of printing paper, at 21. Newspaper Proprietors than belongs to per ream; and, the producuon of 423 human Nature, to require them to resist papers per week, gives employment to temptations like Catos and Marvels; nearly three thousand persons. The but, as no class of men more abound in total of their net returns to the revenue, public spirit, or are more distinguished is at least 800,000l. per annum! What for intelligence in whatever regards the a powerful engine then is the news. true interests of the country; $i, none paper press, with which to work good or would be more ready to make any com. evil-to mislead or enlighten a people! mon sacrifice of their personal interests What a vovel aud peculiar feature does for the purpose of removing that disit present in the economy of a state! graceful influence which for many years How dangerous may it be rendered to has rendered the newspaper-press the wilthe public weal if systematically cor- ling advocate and apologist of any men supted ; and how salutary may be its and any measures, however UNPRIS. influence if left under the independent CIPLED, DISH NOURABLE, direction of Reason, and if governed by crous. the spirit of Patriotism and Truth! Our As another proof that the increasert developement of its vast and incalculable thirst for knowledge and the improved power and energies, may perhaps tead taste for elegant literature happily counsone wise legislator to consider of the teracts the deleterious effects of war and means of securing this vivifying arterial stagnant trade, we are called upon to stream from the malignant experiments of announce a new and Filth Edition of designing State Physicians. 'It must, in. that justly celebrated Dictionary of Arts deed, be evident that, until the Law has and Sciences, the ExcYCLOPÆDIA Bej. declared it a high Criine to employ the TANNIca. The new edition is to consist of public wealth and patronage in poisoning twenty-four volumes, and to be published these arteries of public spirit, ibere is great in half parts monthly till it is completed; and increasing danger that they will more and the names of the proprietors, Messrs. and inore corrupt and vitiate the entire Constable and Co. of Edinburgh, are a systein, till they produce a paralysis sufficient guarantee for the punctual and and atrophy of the whole body politic. able periormance of their engagement. Mr. Roscoe, in treating of the origin It is purposed as a peculiar feature, and of the present War, in the mischiefs and for the advantage of the possessors of sins of which the British Newspapers former editions, to arrange the four last have incurred a heavy responsibility, volumes in a distinct alphabet, consisting eloquently characterizes the conductors wholly of the latest discoveries in all Arts as “ an innumerable band of journalists and Sciences ; and for this portion of the and hireling writers, who feed upon the work the assistance is engaged of Mr. credulity, and fatten upon the calamities

, DUGALD STEWART, Mr. PROFESSOR of the nation; men who flourish most in the PLAYFAIP, and Sir HUMPHREY Davy. midst of tumults, 10 whom the disasters of We are informed that in forty years the country are us valuable as her tri. there have been four editions of this unphs, a destruclive bultle as a rich har- great work; one of 3,500 copies, another · test, and a new war as a freehold cstate." of 4,500 copies, and a third of 13,000 Roscoe's Tracts, page 137.–Wars and copies, and a fourth of 3,500 copies. Tumults are undoubtedly seasons of hai. The Epic Poem of Charlemagne; or, vest to Newspaper Proprietors; yet their Rome Delivered; in Twenty-four Cania opinions and invectives would be likely tos, by Lucren BoxAPARTE, will be ip halance each other, were not the scale superbiy printed in two volumes, impeturned by the distribution of places rial 41.1., with Plates, engraved sin the among them, and by the payment of hest manner, by Charles Heach. The Jarge sums to favoured Papers for the subject of the poem is the deliverance of insertion of ministerial paragraphs. The Rome from the Lombards, by Charlenewspaper press will therefore continue magne, and the establishment of the sethe BANE of the country, till some cond Western Empire. With this the Lam prohibits proprietors of papers from anthor has mixed a description of the holding places of profit, and ministers warlike explois of Charlemagne against

the S

1813.) Literary and Philosophical Intelligence.

55 the Saxons and Huns, a representation Mr. Park's Parochial History of of the heathen worship of the Saxons, Hampstead is in progress, and will be and the conversion to the Christian Faith published early in the Spring. of their leader, Witikind, who is regarded Sir HumPAREY DAVY will shortly in history as the ancestor of the third publish Elements of Agricultural Chedynasty of French kings. The excesses mistry, in a Course of Lectures delivered of the Greek Iconoclasts, the civil and before the Board of Agriculure.. military habits of the Moors in Spain, The Second part of Mr. PLAYFAIR'S and the acbievements of Roland, and Outlines of Natural Philosophy, is anather knights, are likewise introduced nounced as in the press; also a new edi. into the work. The machinery of the tion, with additions, of his Illustrations of Poem has nothing in it of Pagan Mython the Huctonian Theory. logy, but is tounded entirely on the Ca. A new edition of Mr. SMEATON'S Ed. ,. tholic Creed. All the principal cere. dystone Lighthouse, is in forwardness. monies of that religion are successively A new edition of Dr. HUTTON'S Maintroduced into the course of the nare thematical and Philosophical Dictionary, ratise, and made subservient to its dea is prepared for the press: the additions velopement. The Poem is of considere are very numerous, and the work is able length, and is divided into twenty- brought down to the present time. four cantos. Its composition, and the In the press, and speedily will be pub. prosecution of the various studies con- lished, in an elegant quarto volume, nected with it

, have formed the chief oc- price 11. 119. 6d. in boards, the History "cupation of the author during eigit years of the Azores, or Western Islands, cor, which liare elapsed since he retired from taining an account of the Government, public life. They continue to engage Laws, and Religion, the Manners, Cerehiin at present, and inany months will monies, and Character, of the Inhabi. not elapse before the manuscript is in a tants, and demonstrating the importance fit state for the press.

of these valuable Islands to the British A new Life of Nelson is announced by empire. Illustrated by maps and other Mr. Robert SOUTHEY, in two volumes, engravings. .8vo. with Plates.

Mr. CARSTAIRS announces his intenMr. THOMAS CAMPBELL is preparing tion to deliver, at the King's-Arms Hall, Critical and Biographical Notices of the Cornhill, a Course of Six Lectures on British Poets, with Occasional Selections the Art of Writing in general, and on a from their Works. To be printed uni- new and universal principle, by which formly with Mr. Ellis's specimens. the most incorrect and illegible Penmen

Mr. TURNBULL is printing a new edi.' may be taught, in six Lessons, a free, tion of his Voyage Round the World, in elegant, and expeditious hand; and may

a quarto size, with considerable addi- thus be enabled, with ease and pleasure - tions and improvements, bringng down to themselves, to teach, in a few lesthe History of Botany Bay, the South Seasons, their children and their families, Islands, &c. to the present period, and the Art of Writing with correctness and entitaining the notice of some newly dis- dispurch. covered islands.

A new Mural Quadrant of extraordiThe Gas Light and Coke COMPANY, nary precision, has been erected by Mr. seem at length to be maturing, after a Pond, in the observatory at Greenwich; series of the most onforeseen difficulties, and other new instruments are preparing, and the most virulent opposition. By most of the old having been in use since the perseverance, and, we may add, skill, the time of Dr. Bradley. of several gentlemen who are become its Early this month, Messrs. LoxGMAN, directors, the objects of this company, Hurst, and Co. will present to the which were sonie years ago thought ab- Public, Bibliotheca Illustrata, a Catasurd and visionary, are now proved both logue of Illustrated Books, containing practicable and useful; and, in a few the greatest variety, and most splendid months from this period, parts of the collecrion, ever offered for sale. metropolis will be actually lighted with Messrs. BARTLETT and Newman, of gas. "But it will not be confined to the Oxford, (successors to Messrs. Callingstreets. Gas can be so purified, that wood and Co.) are engaged in printing hnuses may also be elegantly lighted by an edition of Livy, in 4 vols. 8vo. under it; with a display of casce, and at the the direction of a gentleman of the same time with an economy, that must University of Oxford. It is from the insure its general preference.

.text of DNAKENBORCH, and will contrin

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the various readings, and the whole of colleges at Oxford, consisting of 125 stu.
the notes, both of the 4to. and 12mo. dents, no less than 37 were near-sighted!
editions, of Crevier. The Nota Pos.. The Rev, S. Carlow, master of the
teriores will be introduced in their pro- acadeny at Wimbledon, and late of
per places at the bottom of the page. Mansfield, announces a new edition,
This description of the materials of their with improvements, of Collins's Guide to
edition, the Printers have thought it in- School Books.
cumbent on thein to furnish, in order A new edition is in the press, with
to distinguish it from another Livy, now considerable additions, of the Life of
prising at the press of Messrs. N. Bliss AUGUSTUS MONTAGUE TOPLADY, A. B.
and Baxter, in Oxford. Messrs. Bart- late vicar of Broad Hembury.
Jet and Newman have the satisfaction A Treatise on the Motion of Rockets,
to state, that in this undertaking they by Mr. W. Moore, of the Royal Aca-
are countenanced by Mr. Cooke, Mc. demy, Woolwich, will be published in
Parker, and Mr. Robert Bliss; who have the course of the month.
each subscribed for a share. The work We are requested by an experienced
is proceeding with as much celerity as dissector to state, that, on lately weighing
the time and attention necessary to its a number of human braids, he found
correctness will allow.

that soine weighed as much as fifty
Their edition of Tacitus Oberlini, in ounces, the smallest forty, and that the
4 vols. 8vo. announced some months ago, average weight appears to him to be
printed uniformly with the Cicero Er- about forty-five ounces.
nesti, in 8 vols. will soon be ready for Mr. J. S. Hawkins's History of the
dtlivery to the subscribers.

Origin and Establishment of Gothic In the next number of this Magazine, Architecture, including an Inquiry into we shall be enabled to lay before the its Principles, and an Investigation of the public an account of the progress of the Mode of Painting upon and Staining invention of the l'erticul Bond, for which Glass, which has some time occupied his a patent has been obtained by Peter attention, will appear in the course of MoonE, esq. the independent member the ensuing month, for Coventry. We noticed the patent The third Part of Wild's Cathedrals, in our September number, and we now containing an Illustration of the Archia secal attention to it, because we rank tecture of the Cathedral Churches of the invention which it describes, as highly Lichfield and Chester; on sixteen Plates, useful to society, and as the greatest im- engraved in aquatinta, by Dubough; provement that has taken place in the will be delivered in April, price three art of building for several centuries. guineas in boards.

The Rev. Mr. Morell, of Little Bad- In the Autumo of last year, Dr. dow, has in the press a small work, en- Thomson travelled through Sweden, prin. titled “The Excursions of Vigilius," cipally for the purpose of making geowhich is intended to be published in the Jogical, and other scientific researches. ensuing month.

He is about to lay before the public an Dir. ALEXANDER Bower will publish, account of his tour; and, in the present early in March, a Histry of the Life of peculiar relations of this country with Luther, with an account of the Refur. Sweden, liis political observations carga marion in Germany.

not fail to excite much interest. A Paper on Near Sight, and the best On the first of March will be pubremedies for Detective Vision, was lately lished, at llull, No. I. of the Quarterly read to the Royal Society, by Dir. Ware. Visitor: a Periodical Miscellany, which There is reason to believe, from the obe is intended to comprize original literascrvations of Mr. Ware, that this dis- ture, sometimes poetry, entertaining hiense is much promoted by the use of oyraphy, &c. &c. It will, we underconcave glasses; and, that if plasses are stand, be conducted by several gentle not employerl, it would soon wear off inen who have engaged to supply the and disappear. Hence it is much more work with a succession of valuable and common among the higher rauks than interesting matter. among the common people.

A new Biographical List of the House ginuents of lite-guards, Mr. Ware did not of Commous is in a forward slate for ind a single person attlicted with the publication. disease, and not above five or six re- A new Novel, entitled “The Ileart cruits had been dismissed on account and the Fancy," is in the press, of defcclive vision; while in one of the. The following subjects are proposed



he re

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