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the first, second, and tenth, except previous to the Spring quarter, when all are to be answered; and those answers carried to their respective monthly meetings, where the queries are also to be read, and the answers aforesaid; and those answers digested in each monthly meeting, and sent from thence to the quarterly meeting; where the queries are to be again read, and the answers thereto, which came from the monthly-meetings; and a summary account made in the spring quarterly meeting, comprehending the state thereof, founded on the answers to the queries, to be entered on their records, and transmitted to the yearly meeting, and there read; and a summary of the reports is to be entered in the yearly meeting book. And that the minutes and reports, which go from inferior to superior meetings, be signed by their respective clerks.

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IT is concluded that there be entered on our records, beside the usual minutes of our proceedings, all the conclusions, advices and epistles, which go from hence, whether to the meetings we correspond with abroad, or to the quarterly meetings; and a summary account of the answers to the queries from the several quarters.

And that quarterly meetings record all epistles, advices and conclusions, received from this meeting; a summary account of the state of the monthly meetings, from the answers to the queries once in the year; and all their proceedings, conclusions and advices, whether by epistle or otherwise.

And that monthly meetings record, beside the usual minutes and conclusions, all epistles of advice, and the conclusions of this and the quarterly meeting they belong to ; marriage certificates, with the witnesses at large; births, deaths, burials; all papers of acknowledgment, and testimonies of denial; all certificates of removal, from or to the meeting, and of friends that travel in the ministry; letters of correspondence with other meetings, and an account of all sufferings for our Christian testimony; a copy of which account is to be sent up to the meeting for sufferings, and after being examined and approved, to be there also recorded; and that all our books of record have proper alphabets, that recourse may be had more readily to any particular, when occasion requires.


IT is advised, that when friends are about to remove from one monthly meeting to another, they first acquaint the monthly meeting to which they belong thereof, in order for their brotherly advice and counsel in that respect.

And where any so remove, they are to apply for, and if no objection appears against it, to have, a certificate of their life, conversation and circumstances, according to truth and justice, as they may deserve from the said meeting; to be produced to the monthly meeting within the limits of which they are going to reside. And such friend or friends shall from thence forward be deemed members of the meeting they so remove unto, except they were insolvent, or had been relieved by the meeting recommending, or some other meeting on their behalf, within the term of three years preceding the delivery of such certificate. But if any friend or friends, who have delivered a certificate, shall fall into necessitous circumstances, and shall ask and receive any relief within the above limited time of three years, not having contributed to the meeting they were recommended to, such friend or friends shall then continue to belong to the meeting from whence they were recommended; yet the meeting within the compass of which they reside shall assist and relieve them, and give notice thereof to the meeting which recommended them; and, upon that meeting's receiving such notice, it shall immediately take the necessary care of them, and repay the charges the meeting to which they were recommended has been at on their account.

And upon any friend's removing and neglecting to apply for a certificate, the monthly meeting from which he removed, is desired to recommend him without such application; and if that should also be omitted for the space of three months, the monthly meeting into which such friend is removed, is at liberty to apply for a recommendation; and every monthly meeting so applied to, is desired to comply with such application, where there is no sufficient cause of delay.

It is advised that no friend gain a settlement by marriage certificate, or other recommendation, unless a removal be expressed therein.

It is recommended, that all certificates of removal, issued by our monthly meetings, be signed by the clerks of both the men's and women's meetings. 1833.

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