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WE earnestly beseech all friends, and the youth especially, to avoid all such conversation as tends to draw out their minds into the foolish and wicked pastimes with which this age abounds; particularly balls, gaming-places, horse-races and play-houses, those nurseries of debauchery and wickedness, the burthen and grief of the sober part of other societies, as well as of our own; practices wholly unbecoming a people under the Christian profession.

And where any professing with us are found transgressing this advice, or are in the practice of any immoralities, or other reproachful conduct, that the monthly meeting were such transgressors belong deal with them.

It is earnestly recommended to all friends, resorting to our annual or other public assemblies, to be very careful at their inns, or other places where they may lodge or converse, to be prudent in all manner of behavior, both in public and private; avoiding all intemperance in eating and drinking, and likewise foolish jesting, or any undue liberty whatsoever; that our conversation, seasoned with the fear of God, may appear correspondent to our profession, and answer the witness of God in others. 1731.

It is the sense of this meeting, that chewing tobacco, and taking snuff, unnecessary going out of our religious meetings, laughing and other indecent behavior therein, and frequent or unnecessary conversation at the breaking up thereof, are practices inconsistent with Christian gravity, and unbecoming the solemnity of the occasion; and friends are desired to labor to suppress the same, and where any, contrary to the Christian advices of their brethren or sisters, continue therein, it is recommended to the meetings they belong to, to deal with them as with those who refuse the advice of their friends.


WE esteem it very necessary and requisite, that young convinced and well inclined persons be early visited in the love of God, by faithful friends, for their encouragement, help, and furtherance in the truth. 1710.

We earnestly entreat that a holy care may rest upon all professors of truth, to walk circumspectly as good examples; that, in a particular manner, the ministers and elders may carefully watch, that their conduct may be to the edification and strength of the honest, though sometimes weak inquirers. 1753.

Advised, that for initiating convinced persons into membership with us, that they apply to a preparative meeting and make their request, and if the preparative meeting approve the same, that it inform the monthly meeting thereof; whereupon the monthly meeting may appoint some suitable friends to inquire into their lives and conversations, and also take a solid opportunity of conference with them, in order the better to understand, whether their motives for such request be sincere and from true conviction, and make report of their suitableness to become members accordingly; which, if satisfactory to the meeting, a minute be then made thereon, signifying its acceptance of such persons as members of our society. But in all such cases, friends are desired carefully to attend to the advice of the apostle, viz. “Lay hands suddenly on no man.”

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LET none strive nor covet to be rich in this world, in these changeable things that will pass away; but let your faith stand in the Lord God, who changes not, who created all, and who gives the increase of all. 1676.

We do, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, warn and charge all that profess the truth amongst us, to take heed and beware of covetousness, overreaching, oppressing and defrauding of any ; from whence strife, contention and law-suits, do often arise; and, if any difference about these things do happen among you, to stop and suppress it. 1697.

As our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ exhorted and warned to take heed and beware of covetousness, which is idolatry, we are concerned that all professing Christianity among us may take heed of pride, covetousness, and hastening to be rich in the world, which are pernicious and growing evils; let them be watched against, resisted and suppressed, in the fear and dread of Almighty God, and have no place or countenance in his camp. O ye grave elders, both men and women' be careful and watch

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