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You have yourself commenced the present controversy, and can therefore have no reason to complain if I pursue the path which you have opened. You have afforded an opportunity for entering on a discussion and refutation of doctrines commonly and authoritatively taught in your

Communion; an opportunity which seems to bear the impress of a Providential design, and of which I avail myself with the utmost joy, under the expectation that, amidst the excitement which evidently pervades the minds of Romanists in this country, and the spirit of enquiry which exists amongst them, and which cannot in all instances be repressed, the doctrines of Scripture, of Tradition, of the Roman Church herself (rightly understood), may be heard amongst you—heard, it may be, with rage and opposition by some—but still heard, and felt to be unanswered-heard perhaps with docility by others, and made the means of

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