Sivut kuvina

P. 588. Mr. Whalley was of an antient family in Northamptonshire, and received his education at Merchant-taylors-fchool and St. John's College, Oxford, of which last he was fome time fellow. After quitting the University, he became vicar of St. Sepulchre, Northampton. In 1766 he applied to the Corporation of London to fucceed Dr. Birch in the rectory of St. Margaret Pattens; and in his addrefs to them faid, "I have neither curacy nor lectureship, but a small country vicarage, whofe clear annual income is under feventy pounds, and which, if I merit your indulgence, will be neceffarily void." He obtained this rectory, and afterwards added to it the vicarage of Horley, in Surrey (in which he is fucceeded by the Rev. Mr. Sparrow, vicar of Difeworth, co. Leicefter, and curate of Walthamstow, co. Effex). He took the degree of B.C. L. Jan. 29, 1768; and in the October following was chofen master of the grammar-school of Chrift's-hofpital, which he refigned in 1776, but afterwards accepted that of St. Olave, and acted as a justice of the peace in the Borough. He was the author of, 1. "An Enquiry into the Learning of Shakspeare, with Remarks on feveral Paffages of his Plays, 1748," 8vo. 2. "A Vindication of the Evidences and Authenticity of the Gofpels from the Objections of the late Lord Bolingbroke, in his Letters on the Study of History, 1753," 8vo.-3. "An Edition of the Works of Ben Jonfon, with Notes, 1756," 7 vols. 8vo.; which he had long fince revifed, and prepared for a new edition (the MS. being now in the hands of Mr. Waldron, the ingenious continuator of "The Sad Shepherd, 1783."-4." A sermon preached at St. Sepulchre's, Northampton, on the Faft-day, February 17, 1758," Svo.3. "The Institution of Public Charities. A Sermon, preached at Chrift's Hospital, Sep. tember 21, 1763, before the Governors of the feveral Royal Hofpitals, 1763," 4to.6. "Sermon before the Sons of the Clergy, at St. Paul's, May 17, 1770," 4to.—I he voluminous collections of the late able antiquary, John Bridges, efq. being, 1755, put into Mr. Whalley's hands on Mr. Buckler, of All Souls College, declining the buinefs, he was many years employed in compiling the history of his native county, from thefe papers; and published the firft volume about 1762, and the first part of the fecond in 1769. The work, which remained dormant for feveral years, occafioned at first by "the laborious employment of fuperintending a large public grammar- (chool,” and afterwards by an unfortunate turn in Mr. W's affairs, originating in a very imprudent matrimonial connexion, which involved this learned man and respectable magiftrate in the greatest distress, was once more refumed, when the committee for conducting it were reduced to Sir Wm. Dolben and the late Sir Thomas Cave, and committed to the Rev. Mr. Nares, of Chrift Church, and is at

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length completed. Mr. W. was alfo author of a Copy of Verfes prefixed to Harvey's "Meditations ;" and before he went abroad took in fubfcriptions, at a guinea each, for a quarto Hiftory of the several Royal Hospitals of London.

P. 589. The money faid to have been bequeathed by the late Countess of Huntingdon to the Earl of Dartmouth and Sir Rich. Hill, to be diftributed in charitable ufes, originated, probably, in her Ladyship having, by her will, nominated that Nobleman and Sir Richard Hill two of the trustees to the Orphanhouse Charity in America.

P. 608. The late Lady Anne Hamilton is improperly faid to be the daughter of Sir J. Rudd; he being the daughter of his lady (now living) by another husband, Charles Powel, of Pen-y Bank, in Carmarthenshire.

P. 680. Of the ftrange fect of the Buchanites, fee our vol. LV. p. 391.


JulyTHE Lady of Craven Ord, efq. a Yon. 18. At Ingleby Manor, co. York, the Lady of Sir Wm Foulis, bart. a daughter. 28. At his Lordship's houfe in Portugal-fr. Viscountess Valletort, a daughter.

29. At Sir Geo. Cornwall's, in Stanhopeftreet, Mrs. Cornwall, a fon.

Lately, Lady of Thomas Furley Forster, efq. jun. a daughter.

Lady of Sir Thomas Huffey Apreece, bart. a fon.

Aug. 1. In Arlington-ftreet, the Lady of John Morris, efq. M.P. for Calne, a fon.

The Lady of Henry W. Yeoman, efq. of Whitby, two fons.

3. At her houfe in Frivy-gardens, Lady Charlotte Lenox, a fon and heir.

4. At his feat at Swillington, near Leeds, the Lady of John Lowther, efq adaughter.

5. At her houfe in Grosvenor-square, the Hon. Mrs. Petrie, a daughter.

In Queen Anne-ftreet, the Lady of Sir Thomas Rumbold, a daughter.

6. In Portman-fquare, the Lady of Henry Grant, efq. a daughter.

At his feat in Gloucestershire, the Lady of John Dashwood, efq a fon and heir.

10. Mrs. Kingston, of Lower Grofvenorftreet, a daughter.

At his feat at Battlefdon-park, co. Bedford, the Lady of Sir G. P. Turner, a fon.

12. At Lord Fauconberg's house in Georgeftreet, Hanover-fquare, the Lady of Bernard Howard, efq. a fon and heir.

15. In Queen-fquare, the Lady of J. Ware, efq. a fon.

19. At Brighton, the Lady of Wm. Hallet, efq. of Farringdon-house, B÷rks, a daughter. " 20. At his Lordship's feat at Belton, near Grantham, Lady Brownlow, a fon.

21. At Carton, in Ireland, her Grace the Duchefs of Leinster, a fon and heir.

22. At his houfe in Manchefter-square, the Lady of Wm. Dawfon, efq. a fon.


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NHARLES TIBBITS, efq. of 18. Berry-hall, co. Nottingham, to Mifs Woodyeare, of Crook-hill, near Barnfley, co. York.

19. At Shillington, co. Bedford, Mr. Zacharias Johnfon, an eminent grazier, of Holbeach, to Mifs Slator, of Holbeach-marth.

Join Fofter, efq. of Leicester grange, co. Warwick, to Mi's Charlotte Kerr, daughter of Dr. K. of Northampton.

21. By fpecial licence, at Providence, co. Carlow, in Ireland, Rev. Wm. Hales, D. D. and late fellow of Trin. Coll. Dublin, to Mifs Whitty, daughter of Rev. Archdeacon W.

22. At Warplefdon, Surrey, Mr. James Mangles, to Mifs Mary Hughes, youngest daughter of John H. efq.

24. Mr. Benj. Sands, to Mifs Mew, both of Nottingham.

25. At Hook-Norton, Mr. Lucie, wine-, merchant, of London, to Mifs Wilmot.

26. Mr. Wm. Lloyd, linen draper, to Mifs Mary Bradford, both of Brighthelmstone. 27. At Enfield, Mr. Coldwall, butcher, of Newport-market, to Mifs Hanfon.

At Oakham, co. Rutland, Mr. Thurlwell, of London, to Mifs Vellum, of Oakham.

28. Edward Rudge, efq. of Bath, to Mifs Noaille, only daughter of Peter N. eiq. of Great Nefs, in Kent.

At Pancras church, Rich. Chandler, efq. of Gloucester, to Mifs Evans, niece of John Cary Worfley, efq. of Platt, near Manchester.

At Woodbury, near Exeter, John Worth, efq. of Worth, to Mifs Lee, only furviving daughter of the late Matt. L. efq of Ebford.

At Burton-upon-Trent, Me. W. Worthington, to Mifs Martha Evans.

Mr. C. Stretton, to Mifs Neale, both of Leicester.

At Chotham, Mr. Wm. Berry, one of the clerks belonging to his Majefty's Ordnanceoffice at Plymouth, to Mifs Nancy Brown, only daughter of the late Mr. Edward 3. an eminent joiner and cabinet-maker at Chatham. Janes Scarlet, efq, to atifs Gallimore, dau. of G. efq. of Jamaica.

29. Mr. John Jackson, farmer, to Mifs San Wight, of Swinthead, c». Lincoln.

30 At the house of Stephen Cottere,eiq. in Grofvenor-; lace, the Hen Richard Chetwynd, eldett for of Lord Vilcount C. to Mif Charlotte Cartwight, younge& digitor of late Tho. C. efq. of Aynho, co No.t' ampton. At Mary-la-Donne church, Ceorge NetLit Thompko, clq to Mis. Leory Vanittart.

31. Ni.. Dance, Inn-dearer, to Vail: Catherine-Some Dawes, by the of Oxford-frect. Dr. Buffad, to §ils Pliz. D'cinion, dac. of air. The D of Nation

Lasy at Philadelph, Rev. Dr. Witherfpoan, profidera New fortey College, to Mrs. Anno D.ll, widow of Dr. D. of York County, is the iste of New York.

At Kinjalon, la Tin, 'ca, A. M. Pelifario, efq, to Mits 2Aher Lindo, dati, of Alex. L. efq.

At Dublin, Arthur Moore, efq. barrister at law, tothe youngest daughter of the late Geo. Stoney, efq. of Greyfort, co." Tipperary.

Rob. Rofs, efq. M. D. of Kilfinan, to Mifs Hunt, dau. of Vere H. efq. of Fairftone, Irel. At St. Mary-la-Bonne, Mr. Simpson, of Leicester, to Mifs Coleman, of Orchard-tr.

At Salisbury, Rev. Mr. Coltidge, ufher of the Greek Grammar-fchool, aged 25, to Mrs. Wagg, aged 85. Mrs. W. has 50 or 60,000l. with a jointure of 300cl. per ann.

Mr. Frazier, gardener, of Whiteford, in Stokeclimifland, aged 35, to Mifs Morgan, aged 12, daughter of Rev. Mr. M. of Egloskerry, near Launceston.

John Henniker, efq. of Portman-fquare, to Mifs Jones, daugh of the late Rob. J. efq.

Mr. Charlesworth, to Mifs Pooley, both of Norwich. Immediately after the ceremony, in going to Yarmouth in a one-horse chaife, it was overturned, by which Mr. C's arm was broke in two places.

Aug. 1. Mr. Rich. Wilfon, of the Theatresroyal Covent-garden and the Hay-market, to Mifs Lee Lewes, daugh. of Mr. L comedian.

At Walton, Sitwell Sitwell, efq. fon of Francis S. efq. of Renifhaw, co. Derby, to Mifs Alice Parke, fecond daughter of Tho. P. efq. of Highfield, near Liverpool.

At Lullingfton, Cha. Milner, efq. of Prefton-houfe, in Kent, to Mifs Harriet Dyke, youngest daughter of Sir John Dixon D. bart. of Lullington-caftle, in fame county.

At Prefion, in Scotland, Mr. Wm. Wilkie, merchant, in Haddington, to Mifs Elizabeth M'Queen, eldest daughter of the Rev. Mr. Damel M'Q minister of Preston.

2. At Beighton, Mr. Dawion, attorney, of Sheffield, to Mifs Marthall, of Waterthorpe.

4 By fpecial licence, Lord Henry Fitzgerald, fecond brother to the Duke of Leinster, to Mifs C. Boyle, of Stratford-place, daughter of the late Hon. Rob. Boyle Walfingham.

Mr. S. Pope, of Hampstead, to Mifs AnnaMaria Lloyd, daughter of Ambrofe L. efy. of Ruthin, co. Denbigh.

Andrew Pafilico, efq. of Jermyn-freet, one of his Majefty's metiengers, to Mifs Hall, daughter of Mr. H. near Nottingham.

Rev. Montaru Harton, of Souten, co. Somerlet, to M is Caroline Louisa Hayter, dau. of Wm. H. eiq. of Newton Toney, Wilt.

. Rev. Mr. Coxe, rector of Bucklerfbury, Berks, to Miis Sufan Smith, daughter of Holled S. efq. of Normanton-houfe, Leic. 6. Capt. Barnes, of the Clarendon, to Mifs Tarry, late of Jamaica.

Mr Fouj. Hodgion, of Fenchurch-street, to Mrs. Wanman, ftationer, of Fleet-street.

5. Air. Jemes Hunter, to Mils Rebecca Thompon, youngest daughter of Andrew T. cfq, hiker in Glafgow.

At Nottingham, Mr. Geo Green, to Mifs Butler, daughter of Mr. B. of Leiceito.

8. John Kell', efq. of the over Temple, to Mifs Lucretia Moultrie, econd daughter of Jolm M. cfq. of Norton frect.



At Bath, Rev. Mr. Salmon, of Wookey, to Mifs Lax, daugh, of Geo. L. efq. of Wells.

9. Wm. Plumer, efq. M.P. for Herts, to Mifs Jane Hamilton, daughter of the late Hon. and Rev. Dr. H. of Taplow, Bucks, and niece to the late Lord Abercorn..

At Charlton houfe, in Kent, by fpecial licence, John Trevelyan, eiq. eldest fon of Sir John T. bart. to Mifs Maria Wilfon, third daughter of Lieutenant-general Sir Thomas Spencer W. bart.

10. At Kilbrew, co. Meath, Ireland, the feat of Hamilton Gorges, efq. Edw. Cooke, efq. fecretary at war, to Mifs fabella Gorges, eldest daughter of Hamilton G. efq.

At Kensington, Rev. Giles Chippindall, to Mifs E. Price.

11. At Headley, Rev. J. Morgan, D.D. rector of that place, to Mi Durnford.

Rich. Woodward, efq. of the Exchequer office, to Mifs Rofe Williams, youngest daugh. of Mr. Tho. W of Mary-la-Boune street.

Tho. Hamilton Elrington, efq. captain of the Plymouth divifion of marines, to Mis Crook, of Marlborough.

At Lincoln, Rev. Geo. Gordon, precentor of the cathedral church of Exeter, to Mifs Tomlinfon, of Lincoln.

At Sandhurst, Mr. Benj. Sadler, winemerchant, and one of the theriffs of Gloucefter, to Mifs Peyton.

At Liverpool, James Hamer, efq. of Hamer-hall, co. Lancaster, to Mifs Greenwood, daughter of John G. efq. of Liverpool.

Mr. Francis Lewis, eideft fon of Walter L. efq. of Duke-ftreet, St. James's, meffenger to the Prince of Wales, to Mits Philadelphia Edward Peterkin, of Edgeware-road.

At Greenwich, Peter Pegus, efq. of Croom's-lill, to Mifs Layard, eldest daughter of Dr. L. of Greenwich.

At Pancras church, Mr. Warner, of Cavendith-fqua. to Mifs Hazard, of Kentifh-town.

12. At Newington-butts, Rev. Th». Ash, of St. George's Hanover fquare, to Mifs E. Wells, daughter of the Rev. Neville W.

13. Robert-Thomas Crosfield, efq. M. D. of Great Ruffell-treet, to Mifs Sufaunah Wood, of Perth.

14. Mr Edw. Roberts, wine-merchant, of Fenchurch-street, to Mifs Aune Younger, late of Middleton, Leeds, co. York.

At Ruthin, co. Denbigh, J. Campbell, lord of Stonefield, to Mifs Lloyd, of Berth.

Mr. Thompton, of Oabad-street, to Mifs Machel, of Dean's-yard, Weltminiter.

15. At Eton, near Windior, Berks, Mr. William, to Mis Franklin.

Thoms Gibbs, eiq. of John-street, Great Portland (hest, to Mrs Graciana Grant, wi. dury of Clipt. G. of the Hanibal man of war. 15. At Jerley, Jofeph Holking, eiq, to MG Hayden, of Honiton, Devon.

17. At Batteriea, Th. Graham, fq of Lincoln's-ing, to M-6 Divenport, daughter of the late John D. cg of Clapban.

At Wikiwoni, Daly, Mr. Geci 23

William Wright, of the Poultry, to Mifs Cooper, of Wirksworth.

18. At Wanstead, Effex, Francis-William Green, fq. of Wilfdon-green, to Mifs Hamlet, of Hackney-wick-house.

At Pancras church, James Webb, efq. of Wokingham, Berks, to Mifs Ogbourn, of Guildford, co. Surrey.

At Norton-Conyers, co. York, Col. Greville, of the guards, to Mifs Graham, fister to Sir Bellingham G. bart.

At Edinburgh, Mr. Wm. Scott Moncrieff, merchant in Glasgow, to Mifs Eliz. Hogg.

At Lancaster, Mr. Rogers, attorney, of Liverpool, to Mifs Ellen Barrow, zd daught. of the late Dr. B. of Lancaster.

20. Mr. Jn. Stuart, of Finch-la. Cornhill, to Mifs Vanhagen, of St. Paul's Church-yard. 22. Mr Docker, of Finfbury-itr. Moorfields, to Mifs Smith, of Leadenhall-ftreet.

23. At Batterfea, Mr. Peter Davey, to Mifs Mills, of Lavender-hill.

At Hatton, Rob. Baird, efq. of Newbyth, to Mifs Hearfay Gavin, fecond daughter of the late David G. efq. of Longtown.

24. At Aldborough, co. Suffolk, by fpecial licence, Hugh Barlow, efq. M. P. for the borough of Pembroke, to Mifs Crefpigny, eldest daughter of Philip Champion C. ely.





GED 55, after a long refidence on the Continent, particularly at Rome and Naples, where his love of architecture, mufick, painting, and antiquities found ample gratification, Charles Morris, efq. He was an excellent fcholar, poffefling an imagination lively and vigourous, and exercifing unwearied application in the purfait of general literature, and of the fine arts.→→→ From his accurate knowledge of antient Rome, of Italy, and Sicily, he perufed, with a peculiar pleasure, the claffical writers, many of whofe local descriptions he had examined upon the fpot. His frequent and apt citations of them difplayed a memory uncommonly tenacious; and he was ever ready to communicate the refult of his obfervations and inquiries. To his proficiency in languages he had joined the study of the theory of mufick, and was an exquifite performer on the harpsichord. The various attainments of his cultivated understanding received additional lustre from his virtue, probity, and honour. His fenfibility was extreme, and often led him to commiferate, too feelingly for his own repofe, the ills infeparable from human life. Some plates, exhibiting antient Candelabra extant at Rome, are do hired to him by the celebrated Piraneft; and he is mentioned by Sur Wm. Iamilton as hava; i formed um that he was able to road by the belt of the immenfe colucon of fire thrown ap by Vefuvins, in the great erup ion which happened in the night of th th of annul, 1979; of which tune de was at Sorento, on the way ut s.-


Mr. M. was born in the parish of St. George Hanover-fquare, on the 8th of January, 1736; was educated at Eton, and entered at St. John's College, Cambridge, being intended for the Church. He died at Rome, after a lingering illness, early in the morning of the 15th of March, and was buried in the evening of the 16th, in the ground adjacent to the pyramidal fepulchre of Caius Ceftius, within the city-wall, the place affigned for the interment of Proteftants; twenty-four English gentlemen accompanying the body, inclofed in a coffin covered with black cloth, and holding lighted torches, while the funeral ceremony was performed by the Rev. Mr. Wade, an English clergyman, then at Rome. He has left a confiderable legacy to Signor Antonio Cortefe, fecretary to the Neapolitan embaffy at Rome, with whom he had lived in continual friendship for more than 15 years.

June... Mr. Thomas Feild, horfe-dealer, and mafter of the White Horfe livery-ftables in Gray's-inn-lane.

10. At the free-fchool in Primrose ftreet, Bishopfgate-ftreet, after a painful illness, Mrs. Sarah Ellis, wife of Mr. John E. in her 47th year, having been married near 28 years. To her nearest relations, her natural chearfulness and easy mind, her great fidelity and tender affection, endeared her. She was an affectionate parent, and a difcreet inftructor to young and tender minds. Her converfation gave a sweetness to the pleafures of life. Strictly honeft and fincere, the was courteous and civil to all, and took pleasure in ferving every one to the best of her ability. 13. At South Carolina, Mr. Wm. Saunders, merchant, of Bristol.

July 1. At his feat at Balenegare, co. Rofcommon, Ireland, in his 82d year, Charles O'Connor, efq. He was a member of the Royal Irish Academy, a respected antiquary, and author of many different works. Lineally defcended from the last unfortunate native prince who ruled that island; poffeffed of all thofe amiable and engaging qualities which could fecure friends, and of abilities which must command pre-eminence, he was debarred of every benefit which fuch qualities and circumstances could procure, by being a Roman Catholick. His heart was ftill better than his head. His integrity, through the courfe of a long life, was unimpeached; and his charities equalled his income. He poffeffed but a small eftate, the vast possesfions of his family being loft by fucceffive forfeitures to the Crown, in the two laft centuries, in confequence of what was then called Rebellion, but which, in the prefent age, would be deemed by all, Refift.nce to Op. preflion. A thort time before his death, it is faid he engaged many of his relations and friends to emigrate to the United States of North America, to feek for freedom and independence in the forests of that continent, rather than obtain either in their native country by means d.fhonourable, or by a de

fertion of their religious principles. He looked on Religion, let the mode be what it might, as the only means which could fecure the human heart from corruption; and that the worst poffible svftem of Legislation was that which could inflict penalties on the retention, or annex rewards to the desertion, of this principle. If he had a weakness, it was a fingularity of opinion, that the English nation do not poffefs the virtues generally attributed to them as peculiarly characteristic, viz. geretous courage, and love of universal liberty. He denied them the former, for they were cruel after conqueft; and the latter, for he afferted they would enflave where they could command To many individuals, however, of this nation he was as partial as he was the contrary to the aggregate (but, alas! what nation can, in the aggregate, equal its individuals?)-with many he cultivated a very warm friendship; and the testimonies Lord Lyttelton and others bore to his merits and his value must be highly flattering to his pofterity, in whatever climate or country they may fix their abode; and fhould they endeavour to imitate them, they will be highly useful. He published "An Account of the Nature and Conditions of a Charter to be granted for the working and manufactur ing Mines and Minerals in ireland; together with fome general Heads relating to the Advantages that must neceffarily refult from that laudable Establishment. In a Letter to the Right Hon. Thomas Lord Southwell. London, 1754." "Differtations on the Hiftory of Ireland, Dublin, 1766," 8vo. In the "Cullectanea Hibernica," vol. III. are his "Reflections on the Hiftory of Ireland." Dr. Campbell (Hiftorical Sketch of the Government of Ireland, in Mr Gough's "Camden," III. 42*), calls him the "fond advocate for the Pagan antiquities of Ireland."

3. At the baths of Selters, aged 75, Baron Vonder Horft, one of the oldeft minifters of ftate in the Pruffian government.

5. At Roche en Chouart, In France, M. Alphonfe de Bourbon, who had both written and practifed fuccefsfully on opticks. He was defcended from John de Bourbon, grand butler of France, one of the four great oflicers in the household of the antient French kings, and who figned all the royal patents.

6. At Lufwick, co. Northampton, in his 63d year, Mr. William Bafs; who, in the younger part of his life, was brought-up in the feafaring line; afterwards was many years fervant to Mr. Squire, a merchant of eminence at Thrapston, which place he filled with great punctuality, but a few years before his death retired from all bufinefs.

7. At Valencia, aged 111 years, 2 months, and & days, Pafchal Seria.

11. At Ronic, of a violent colick, aged 61 years and eight months, Cardinal Gregory, of the creation of 1795.

12. Mahomet Basha, Dey of Algiers. In half an hour after his death, his fucceffor, Hallan

Hassan Basha, was proclaimed Dey, without any tumult.

15. At Hamburgh, aged 60, M. Baugier, the Dutch fecretary of legation there.

18 Aged 22, Mifs Howman, daughter of Rev. Mr. H. of Giffing, near Difs, Norfolk.

19. At Stapenhill, of a confumption, in her 10th year, Mits Sophia Lloyd, youngest daughter of the Rev. Owen L.

21. At Manuden, Effex, in her 81ft year, Mrs. Sarah Westwood.

22. At Batchelor's-lodge, co. Meath, Ireland, Hamilton Wade, efq. formerly a major in the army.

23. Aged 69, Mrs. Hardwick, of Market Deeping, co. Lincoln. She has left 53 children and grand-children.

At Copenhagen, aged 29, Capt. Weft, Lately appointed fecretary of legation to the Court of Drefden.

24. At Chatham, after a long illness, Mr. Wm. Blenkinsop, fen. upholder, &c. there.

At Hull, Mr. John Jackfon, joiner and cabinet-maker, fon-in-law of the Rev. James Godmond, of Armin.

25. At his houfe in Rutland-fquare, Dublin, in his 79th year, Rev. R. Hancock, dean of Achonry.

26. At Hayes, co. Middlesex, Thomas Hawes, efq.

27. At his houfe on Stepney-causeway, in his 77th year, Mr. Jn. Matthews, plumber.

At his house in Park-lane, aged 64, Edw. Morant, efq. On his return from Ifleworth, on Saturday evening, the 16th inftant, palfing through Kensington, his young horfes took fright at Kensington - gore. Mr. M. was thrown out, and carried home in a state of ftupor and infenfibility. The wounds, principally on his face, were deemed of no dan ger, and he returned cards of thanks to his enquiring friends on the Friday following:but on the 23d it was found, too late, that his medical friends had been mistaken in their opinion of his diforder. His only fon, Edw. M. efq. of Pylewell, near Lymington, was elected M. P. for Hindon, in Wilts, in the parliament of 1961, and married Mis Goddard, April 22, 1762. (See vol. XXXII. p. 194). The late Mr. Morant was proprietor of many eftates in the island of Jamaica, which have been long in the family, and from whence various parts of that island take the family-name; fuch as Morant River, Point, and Bay.

28. At Gilfton, Herts, Rev. Wm. Gibfon, rector of St. Magnus, London-bridge, of Gilfton, and of Wickham Bishop's, Eliex, 1779. At Linton, near Rofs, in Scotland, Rev. Dr. Bofwell, minister of that parish.


At Antrim-houfe, in Merrion-fquare, Dublin, the Moft Noble Randall-William M'Donnell, Marquis, Earl, and Baron Antrim, Viscount Dunluce, one of his Majefty's most honourable privy council, governor of the county of Antrim, knight of the Bath, a baronet, and grand mafter of Antient Mafons GENT. MAG. Auguft, 1791.

in England. He was born Nov. 4, 1749 3 fucceeded his father, Oct. 13, 1775; married, July 3, 1774, Letitia Trevor, daughter of Harvey Lord Viscount Mountmorres, relict of the Hon. Arthur Trevor, fon of Arthur Lord Viscount Dungannon: by whom he has left iffue Anne-Catherine and LetitiaMary, both born Aug. 11, 1778, on whom the earldom and vifcounty are entailed by patent, May 2, 1785. His Lordship was created a Marquis in August 1789.

At Shraule, near Carlow, in the Queen's county, Ireland, Rob. Hartpole, efq. brotherin-law to the Earl of Aldborough.

At his caftle of Hardenbroeck, aged 70, Baron de Hardenbroeck, firit lieutenant-general of infantry in the fervice of Holland, and governor of Bergen-op-Zoom, and the forts belonging thereto.

29. At his houfe in Thurles, in his 49th year, the Moft Rev. Dr. James Butler, titular Archbishop of Cafhel; to which fee he was promoted in 1774.-The name of Butler has always been eminently distinguished in the annals of Irish hiftory; and it was accompa nied with respectable merit in this good man, whom his family, diocese, and very numerous friends now justly lament.

At Thompson's hotel, Exeter, Robert Harvey, efq. late of the inland of Grenada.-d He poffeffed eftates in the West Indies to the amount of 8ocol. a-year, which he has bequeathed to his nephew. To his other relations in Scotland he has left ample legacies.

At Breda, aged 68, Rear-admiral Quiryn Dabenis, of the Dutch navy.

30. In her chair, in the school-room, Mrs. Birdfley, fchool-mistress, of Hunt's-court, Whitecross-street. She expired so unexpectedly, that he was for a confiderable time fuppofed by the children to have been asleep. At Maidstone, in his 67th year, John Brenchley, efq. one of the jurats and fenior justices of that corporation.

At Uffington, near Stamford, aged 75, Mrs. Mary Barker, a maiden lady.

At Donington, co. Lincoln, aged 67, Mrs Terrington, a widow lady.

At Gainsborough, aged 38, Mr. Jervas Holmes, furgeon; a gentleman not more efteemed in his profeflional line than beloved as a real friend.

Mrs. Crufo, wife of Mr. C. upholder, Lynn.

In Derbyshire, in his 43d year, Sir William Fitzherbert, of Tiffington-hall, in that county, bart. one of his Majesty's juftices of the peace for the faid county, and recorder of the borough of Derby; in which office he is fucceeded by Jolm Balguy, efq. of Duffield. He was the eldest,brother of Lord St. He lens, ambassador at Madrid, and married a daughter of Baron Perryn.-When we look carefully into this moral world, from whence this amiable, worthy man has juft withdrawn, and furvey its prefent ftate and condition; when we discover the stra ge pau. city of good characters, and the multiplicity


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