A Night in the Tropics

Vantage Press, Inc, 30.9.2006 - 226 sivua

America's cities are awash in a flood of Panamanian cocaine. Navy vet John Kincaid has been selected by the White House to head an specialized undercover team to steal organizational and bank records for the world's largest drug network. A Night in the Tropics is a tale of romance, sultry tropical nights, and unflagging dedication.

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Louis Joseph Barbier grew up in the Panama Canal Zone where he attended Canal Zone Junior College. He served in the U.S. Navy 6 years and graduated from Louisiana State University in 1967. His short stories have won several writing awards and his poetry has been published by the International Library of Poetry. Mr. Barbier is retired and lives in Florida with his wife. He enjoys reading, writing, walking, and music.

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