A Full and Faithful Report of the Proceedings in His Majesty's Court of Exchequer in Ireland, in the Case of the Honorable Mr. Justice Johnson: Containing the Arguements of Counsel, and the Opinions Delivered from the Bench as Taken from Original Documents ; with an Appendix ... and a Postscript ; the Whole Carefully Revised and Corrected

Thomas Burnside, 1805 - 195 sivua

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Sivu 80 - Years of His present Majesty, for the more effectual Execution of the Criminal Laws, and more easy apprehending and bringing to Trial Offenders escaping from one Part of the United Kingdom to the other, and from one County to another, as relates to the.
Sivu 29 - ... despair. It is stated to you, my lords, that these two justices, if justices they are to be called, went to the house of the defendant. I am speaking to judges, but I disdain the paltry insult it would be to them, were I to appeal to any wretched sympathy of situation. I feel I am above it.
Sivu 196 - Persons to appeal to any General or Quarter Sessions of the Peace to be held in and for the County, Riding, or Division in which such Order shall have been made...
Sivu ii - Persons shall escape, go into, or reside or be, to indorse his Name on such Warrant, which Warrant so indorsed shall be a sufficient Authority to the Person or Persons bringing such Warrant, and tq all Persons to whom such Warrant was originally directed, and also to all Sheriffs...
Sivu 26 - I am glad to find that the attorney and solicitor general, the natural and official prosecutors for the state, do not appear; and I infer from their absence, that his excellency the lord lieutenant disclaims any personal concern in this execrable transaction. I think it does him much honour; it is a conduct that equally agrees with the dignity of his character and the feelings of his heart. To his...
Sivu xxxi - King and of his people; and if a man slay the chancellor, treasurer, or the King's justices of the one bench or the other, justices...
Sivu 47 - Cimon; on the anticipated Christianity of Socrates; on the gallant and pathetic patriotism of Epaminondas; on that pure austerity of Fabricius, whom to move from his integrity would have been more difficult than to have pushed the sun from his course.
Sivu 47 - ... my slenderer and younger taper imbibed its borrowed light from the more matured and redundant fountain of yours. Yes, my lord, we can remember those nights without any other regret than that they can never more return; for " We spent them not in toys, or lust, or wine, But search of deep philosophy, Wit, eloquence, and poesy ; Arts which I loved ; for they, my friend, were thine.
Sivu iii - ... on such warrant, which warrant so indorsed shall be a sufficient authority to the person or persons bringing such warrant, and to all persons to whom such warrant was originally directed, and also to all sheriffs...
Sivu xvii - Provided also, that if any person or persons at any time resiant in this realm, shall have committed any capital offence in Scotland or Ireland, or any of the islands, or foreign plantations of the king, his heirs or successors, where he or she ought to be tried for such offence, such person or persons may be sent to such place, there to receive such trial, in such manner as the same might have been used before the making of this act...

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