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I. The Duty of Praising God in Song, Publicly and Privately. 1. Early Action on Pзalmody, a, b. Watts' Imitation of the Psalms of David Allowed, c, d, e. 2. Watts' Hymns Allowed. Dwight's Revision Approved. 3. Other Psalms and Hymns not Forbidden. Sessions and Presbyteries to take Cognizance. 4. The Book of Psalms and Hymns. Report on Psalmody; the Book Approved and Adopted, a. Revised, b. 5. The Church Psalmist; Recommended, a. Purchased by the Publication Committee, b. Appendix Prepared, c. 6. The Book of Praise" Approved, and Ordered to be Published.........



7. The Presbyterian Hymnal Accepted and Approved. 8. Church Music under the Control of the Session. 9. Hymns for Social Worship and the Sunday-school.... 842 II. The Rules of Music should be Cultivated. 1. The Book of Tunes. 2. The Hymnal.

3. The Social Hymn and Tune Book. 4. Report on Sacred Music-the Hymnal Commended...


III. The whole Congregation should Join in Singing; Lining the Hymn to be Laid Aside 782 IV. The Proportion of Time for Singing to be left to the Prudence of the Minister; a Liberal Allowance Recommended. 1. The Music is under the Control of the Session, a, b.......... 782



I. The Invocation; Adoring God; Abasing Self, and Imploring the Presence and Blessing of God, and the Assistance of the Spirit, through the Merits of our Lord Jesus Christ. 783 II The Comprehensive Prayer before Sermon: First, Adoration; Second, Giving Thanks ; Third, Confessing Sin; Fourth, Making Supplication; Fifth, Pleading with God; Sixth, Intercession for Others........

III. The Prayer after Sermon should be Relevant to the Subject............

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IV. The Pastor must Exercise great Wisdom in the Selection of Topics; must Prepare Himself; must Exercise his own Spirit. 1. Liturgical Forms not Needed..

2. Liberty to use the Forms of the Reformed Churches......



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I. That every Member of the Congregation may be Trained to Give Systematically, Opportunity should be Given for Offerings on every Lord's Day as an Act of Worship...... 785 II. The Order Discretionary; but should be Preceded or Followed with Prayer............. 785 III. The Offerings may be Apportioned by the Session; but the Will of the Donor should be Carried Out...... 785 IV. The Duty of every Minister to Cultivate the Grace of Liberal Giving, according to the Several Ability....






I. Great Attention should be given to the Manner of Performing it. Demands Diligent Application. 1. Reading Sermons Discouraged, a, b, c........... 786

II. The Subject of a Sermon; some Portion of Scripture; the Object, to Explain, Defend and Apply to some Part of the System of Divine Truth, or to Point out some Duty. 1. Expository Preaching Commended..........


III. The Method of Preaching Demands Study, Meditation and Prayer; should be Thoughtful, yet Simple, and Enforced by a Godly Example..

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IV. The Sermon must not cut Short or Exclude Prayer and Praise, but should be Proportionate...... 787

V. The Close of Worship: Prayer, Singing, Giving Alms and the Apostolic Benediction... 787 VI. No Person should be Introduced to Preach in any of our Churches but by the Consent of the Pastor or Session............. 787


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I. Baptism not to be Unnecessarily Delayed. Lay Baptism not Recognized. The Administrator must be a Minister. 1. The Age of Infancy is not Determined. Left to the Judgment in each Special Case. 2. Baptism by an Impostor Null and Invalid. 3. Baptism by a Profligate. Unworthiness of the Minister does not Invalidate the Ordinance, but it may be Desirable to Administer the Ordinance in a Regular Manner; the Session to Judge. 4. Unitarian Baptism not Valid, a, of Campbellites, b. 5. By a Deposed Minister; as he is no longer a Minister, he is a Private Person. 6. By a Suspended Minister; such a one has no Right to Administer the Sacrament. 7. Is Baptism in the Church of Rome Valid? Answered in the Negative. 8. Left Unanswered. 9. The Deliverance of 1845 Affirmed. 10. Ruling Elders may not Administer Sealing Ordinances..........

787 11. The Question of Rebaptism of a Convert from Romanism Left to the Judgment of the Session. 12. The Assembly will make no new Deliverance on the Validity of Roman Catholic Baptism. 13. The Assembly Reaffirms the Deliverance of 1835; but does not Reverse the Deliverance of 1875, touching the Validity of Roman Catholic Baptism, a. The Action of 1835, b. 14. Instruction to be Given and Discipline urged for Neglect................. 844


II. Baptism to be Usually in the Church and in Public, after Sermon.......................... III. The Child to be Presented by one or both the Parents. 1. Who may be Presented. Infants of one or both Believing Parents, a, b. 2. Christian Masters should Dedicate the Children of their Household to God. 3. Children of Christian Slaves should be Baptized. 4. Infant Slaves of Christian Masters; Masters should Present; Ministers should Baptize them. 5. Orphan Children of Heathen Parents, under Care of the Missions; Three Questions. Baptism is not to be Administered Irrespective of Age, a. Those only to be Baptized who have not Reached Years of Discretion, b. This Question left to the Judgment of the Officers of the Church in each Case, c. 6. The Obligations and Qualifications of the Parents; must be of Regular Life and Knowledge of the Gospel, a. Able to Instruct their Children in the Doctrines and Precepts of Christianity, b. What is a Credible Profession, to be Judged of in each Case, c. The Right of Baptism belongs only to the Children of Members of the Church, d.............

792 IV. Instructions as to the Nature, Use, etc., of the Ordinance; Duties Required of Parents. 1. Parents Required to Enter into Engagements..............

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V. Prayer; the Formula; Discretion as to Private Baptism is with the Minister. 1. Mode of Baptism, Refers to Confession of Faith, Chap. XXVIII., Sec. 3.... 796



1. The Frequency of Administration Determined by the Session. 1. Administered where there is no Church Organized. 2. Not usually within the Bounds of a Congregation without Consent. 3. Where a Minister may Statedly Preach, he may Administer the Supper. 4. Administered in Case of Sickness in a Private House............... 796 II. The Ignorant and the Scandalous to be Excluded.........

III. Notice to be given; Preparatory Services

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IV. The Authority for the Ordinance; Who are to be Excluded and who Invited. 1. The Ignorant and Scandalous Excluded. 2. Not the Usage to Invite those not Members of any Evangelical Church.......... 797 2. Church Membership is Implied in the Invitation to Commune. 4. Baptism with Water Essential to Membership in the Presbyterian Church. 5. The Session to Judge what is Bread and what is Wine.........


V. The Administration; Posture of the Communicant; Setting Apart of the Elements; Breaking and Distribution of the Bread; the Words; Distribution of the Cup; the Words; the Exhortation; the Prayer; the Collection; the Hymn; the Benediction... 798 VI. Services, Post-communion, Approved........................... 799



I. Children Baptized are under the Government of the Church, to be Taught the Catechism, Apostles' Creed and Lord's Prayer, to Pray, to Abhor Sin, Fear and Obey God; When they should be Admitted to the Lord's Supper. 1. Pastoral Care to be Exercised over Baptized Children, a, b. 2. As to the Discipline of Baptized Children, a, b; the Subject largely Discussed, c, d, e, and Dismissed, f, g; Neglect Deprecated, h. 3. Children should be Trained in the Faith of their Fathers. 4. Catechetical Instruction urged. The Shorter Catechism Commended. 5. Family Training for the Increase of the Ministry and the Church. 6. Placing Children in Catholic Schools a Violation of Covenant Engagements........


7. The Duty of Home Training urged on the Attention of the Church ............................................ 847 II. The Years of Discretion to be Decided by the Session; the Officers of the Church Judges of the Qualifications of Candidates, and of the Time of Admitting them.......... 803 III. Candidates to be Examined as to their Knowledge and as to their Piety. 1. Universalists not to be Received to Sealing Ordinances, a, b. 2. Scruples on Infant Baptism may not Exclude. 3. Duelists to be Received only on Evidence of Repentance. 4. Postmasters Officiating on the Sabbath Excluded from Communion, a, b. 5. Proprietor of Stages Running on the Sabbath. 6. Session to Judge in the Case of one Engaged in the Sale of Intoxicating Drinks. 7. Session to Judge of the Faith and Knowledge of Candidates. 8. Should be Admitted only by a Session Regularly Organized; Ordinarily Improper to Receive Immediately on the Profession of Conversion the Young, and those of Previously Immoral Lives. 9. The Session is to Judge of the Piety of Candidates, and is Referred to the Deliverances of the Assembly on Moral Questions. 10. One Professing his Faith in Christ and Obedience to him may be Baptized. 11. Intercommunion Discouraged in a Case Stated........ 803 12. Polygamists cannot be Received into the Church while maintaining that Relation. 13. Examination of Candidates ought Ordinarily to be in the Presence of the Session 847

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IV. Unbaptized Persons Applying for Admission to the Church Ordinarily to make a Public Profession and be Baptized. 1. Baptism not Ordinarily to be Administered without the Purpose of Uniting with the Church. Baptism is Necessary to Entitle one to Church Privileges. 2. Admission to Sealing Ordinances the Exclusive Prerogative of the Session....... 806 3. An Excommunicated Person, if Readmitted, is not to be Rebaptized................. 848



I. Church Power is for Edification, and not Destruction. Censure should be with all Tenderness, and Inflicted with great Solemnity, Aiming to Lead to Repentance......... 808

II. Suspension from Church Privileges. The Sentence.......

..... 808

III. Treatment of the Suspended—to be Labored with and Prayed for... 808 IV. Restoration on Evidence of Repentance. Declaration to be in the Presence of the Session or Congregation.......... 809 V. Should a Suspended Person Fail to Manifest Repentance for his Offence, not less than a Year, he may be Excommunicated without further Trial. The Design of Excommunication........... 809 VI. The Order of Excommunication, and Form of the Sentence...... ................................................................. 809 VII. The Order of Restoration on Repentance, and Form of the Sentence. ......................... ..... 809 VIII. Censures other than Suspension and Excommunication to be Inflicted in such Mode as the Judicatory may Direct........... 810

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I. Marriage not a Sacrament; the State should make Laws to Regulate Marriage, which all Citizens are Bound to Obey......................... 810 Testimony against the Immorality of Loose Practice in the Matter of Divorce...... 849

II. Christians ought to Marry in the Lord; Marriage should be Solemnized by a Lawful Minister, with Instruction and Prayer. 1. Licentiates may Solemnize Marriage where the Civil Law Authorizes them. 2. Marrying in the Lord Defined. 3. In Case of Marriage of Heathen Converts, Presbyteries to Judge.....

............. 810

III. Marriage to be between One Man and One Woman only, and not within the Degrees of Consanguinity or Affinity. 1. Questions of Marriage of Divorced Persons. 2. A Minister, having Married again, Required to Cease Officiating until he Proves the Death of his Wife. 3. Adultery and Remediless Desertion the only Sufficient Cause of Divorce. 4. On Divorce for Adultery, the Innocent Party may Marry again. 5. A Bigamist to be Excluded from the Church; Willful Desertion a just Cause for Divorce; if Divorce be Refused where just Cause Exists, the Church may Receive him. 6. A Minister, having Married a Woman Divorced for Cause other than Adultery, or Willful Desertion, is Deposed, a, b, c. 7. Degrees of Consanguinity and Affinity. 8. Marriage with a Brother's Widow Declared Incestuous; left to the Discretion of the Session, a. 9. With Deceased Wife's Sister, Declared Unlawful, and Parties Suspended, a; Parties Restored on Petition; such Marriages Discountenanced, b. 10. With Relicts of Brother and Sister Disapproved, but not Declared Incestuous. 11. With Deceased Wife's Sister; Referred to Session; Party Suspended, and Suspension Confirmed, a; Case of McQueen, b, of John Cathey, c. 12. With a Wife's Brother's Daughter. 13. With a Wife's Half-brother's Daughter. 14. With a Wife's Sister's Daughter, a, b, c, d. 15. With a Sister's Daughter. 16. Loose Opinion on Marriage Condemned.................................... 811

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IV. Parties should be of Years of Discretion, and if Minors the Consent of Parents should be had. Clandestine Marriages to be Discouraged....... 820 V. Parents should not Compel their Children to Marry, nor Unreasonably Hinder......... 820 VI. Marriage of a Public Nature; Due Notice should be given; Caution Enjoined on Ministers. Question as to Sufficient Publication of Marriage......


2. Caution Enjoined in Solemnizing Marriages.........


VII. Must always be in the Presence of Witnesses; may be on any except a Fast Day; Discouraged on Sabbath........ 821 VIII. Directory for the Marriage Ceremony; a Register to be kept for the Perusal of all Interested.




I. Duty of the Sick to make Known their Spiritual State; Duty of the Minister to Visit the Sick.......


II. Instruction to be given as to the Dealings of God and his End in them...........



III. The Ignorant to be Instructed in the Nature of Repentance and Faith and the Way of Life through Christ........... 823

IV. Exhort to Self-examination by the Word of God, and Aid him by Noting Evidences of Piety.......


V. Resolve Doubts, and Administer Instruction, as the Case may Require.........


VI. Seek to Awaken the Thoughtless, to Arouse Conscience, to Convince of Sin and Lead to Repentance. 823

VII. When Encouragement should be given, and Consolation in the Gospel. Under what Circumstances the Communion may be Administered in the Chamber of the Sick. Chap. IX., Sec. I. 4.......... 823


VIII. Guard against Delusion, Fear, Discouragement and Presumption, also against Despair........ 824

IX. Summing up of the Duties of the Minister; at the Proper Time he shall Pray with the Sick......... 824

X. Exhort those who may be Present to Consider, to Repent, and in Health to Prepare for Sickness and Death...... 824



I. Proper Care to be taken of the Body; not to be Hastily Buried.........


II. Conduct Proper to the Occasion; the Living Exhorted. Carousing, Ostentation and Parades to be Discountenanced......... 824

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I. The Lord's Day the only Holy Day under the Gospel.


II. But to Observe Days of Fasting and Thanksgiving both Scriptural and Rational. The Duty not to be Neglected; a Means of Grace.....


III. Such Days may be Observed by Individuals, Families, Congregations, etc., or by the Whole Church



IV. Discretion left to Families, Sessions, Presbyteries, etc., as to Determining the Times for Themselves; Respect to be Paid to Public Appointments. Churches should Observe the Days Appointed by the Local Authorities. 1. Days of Fasting Appointed by the Supreme Judicatory, on the Occasion of the French War, a; on the same, b. 2. On the War with Spain. 3. On Account of Troubles with England, a, b. 4. Before the Second War with England. 5. During that War. 6. On the Outbreak of the Civil War, a, b. 7. On Account of the Profanation of the Sabbath. 8. For the Conversion of the World. 9. The Week of Prayer........ 825 10. Monthly Concert of Prayer for Missions. 11. Children's Day. Special Services to be held, a, b. 12. Week of Prayer. Day of Prayer for Literary Institutions... 852

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II. Secret Worship Enjoined by our Lord; Mode; Advantages..............
III. Family Worship, Morning and Evening; Mode............

IV. All the Members of the Family should Attend...........





V. Duties of Heads of Families to Instruct; the Evenings of the Lord's Day to be Specially Devoted to this Duty. 1. Duty of Ministers to urge Family Religion upon their People, a, b, c; Heads of Families Enjoined, d, e. 2. Special Relations of the Sabbath to Family Instruction. 3. Catechetical Instruction enjoined on Parents........... 832


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