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July, 1798, (22) for the relief of sick and disabled seamen," as being solely intended to afford "temporary relief," it is deemed a subject of reproof to agents to find that there are so many instances of incurables and paupers (who are entitled to relief under "municipal regulations') quartered on this fund-against the continuance of which practice further instructions are now given, and are required to be strictly adhered to, viz: 1. That no seaman afflicted with mania, or any other kind of incurable disease, be allowed the benefit of the Hospital institution for any period, however short; and that if any such have been admitted, they be immediately discharged. 2. That no seaman laboring under complaint not deemed to be incurable, be permitted to receive relief for a longer time than four months. 3. That all disabled seamen who may be discharged from the Marine Hospital in pursuance of this instruction, and who do not belong to your port, district, or State, be conveyed by water at public expense to the place of their nativity or domicil—observing to notify the Collector of the port whither sent that they are not to be received in the Marine Hospital. 4. That you do not permit the expenditures in your port for the relief of sick and disabled seamen, during any one year, to exceed the amount of tax collected for the same period, unless you shall be authorized so to do by this Department: S's cir. 16th April, 1821; V. 2, p. 126.

219. In pursuance of resolutions of the Senate, the Secretary of the Treasury calls for information from Collectors pertinent to a purpose of erecting three Hospitals for sick and disabled seamen at suitable ports on the Western waters, and the like number at suitable points on the Atlantic and Gulf coasts: S's cir. 16th March, 1837; V. 3, p. 125.

Schedule to build

218. In pursuance of a resolution of the Senate, calling for information respecting the points at which it may be desirable and expedient to establish Marine Hospitals, Collectors Marine Hospitals. are requested to communicate their views on the subject: S's cir. 23d June, 1836; V.3, p. 97.

Of the Weekly and Quarterly Returns of Accounts, &c., connected with the Hospital fund; Seamen employed on board of American vessels, &c.

220. Two forms of returns required to be made by Collectors in relation to seamen, according to the "act of 16th July, 1798, for the relief of sick and disabled seamen," are transmitted, viz: (A) is the return to be made of seamen on board of a vessel, their names, the time of their employment, and the sums as Hospital Tax retained out of their wages. (B) is the return to be made of moneys received by Collectors from masters or owners of vessels on account of said tax for the benefit of sick and disabled seamen: C's cir. 19th September, 1798; V. 1, pp. 161, 164.

221. (Minute instructions are given for executing "the act (concerning the collection of the Hospital Tax) for the relief of sick and disabled seamen," as far as the collection of the tax may be affected by the issuing, surrendering, or changing of Registers, Enrolments, and Licenses, or other circumstances: C's cir. 26th October, 1798; V. 1, p. 165.)

222. New regulations are prescribed (according to the "supplementary act of 2d March, 1799, for the relief of sick and disabled seamen") respecting the application of the moneys

lief by it, explained. No. 245, post.)

(See note below, and

[Same subject.]

Quarterly returns of seamen and of Hospital Tax, &c.

The collection of No. 245, post.) Hospital Tax. (See

the application of it, joining States: in the same, or ad

(22.) This instruction, No. 217, ought to be regarded in connection with that of the early date to which it refers.

—the application of it, in the same, or adjoining States:

Quarterly returns of receipts and disbursements by agents.

-collections to be concentrated in the

223. (For the purpose of concentrating the moneys collected of seamen as a Marine Hoshands of agents, by pital Fund into the hands of such Collectors as have been, or may be, appointed the agents remittances, &c.

Weekly receipts by all Collectors, agents

or not.

New forms of quarterly returns of receipts, substituted.

Remissness of agents in making up and transmitting their ac

counts current.

Weekly, monthly, and quarterly returns

to the Secretary.

Quarterly returns for settlement.

Weekly, monthly, and quarterly returns, again neglected.

received on account of said Hospital Tax, varying the former provisions on the subject, "so as that the moneys arising from that source may be expended within the State in which the same may have been collected, or within the State next adjoining thereto, excepting what may be collected in the States of New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut:" C's cir. 27th May, 1799; V. 1, p. 179.)

Accounts for settlement still neglected.

of said institutions, certain instructions are given to insure clearness and perspicuity therein: S's cir. 4th October, 1799; V. 1, p. 201.)

224. The quarterly returns of the moneys received and paid away on account of Marine Hospitals, are (with other details of official duty) earnestly called to the attention of Collectors acting as Hospital Agents: S's cir. 20th August, 1801; V. 1, p. 207.

225. Further instructions are given to Collectors, requiring an account of their receipts of Hospital Tax duties retained from seamens' wages, to be included (but as a separate fund) in their weekly returns of moneys received: S's cir. 31st May, 1802; V. 1, p. 214.

226. Other forms of quarterly returns of moneys received by Collectors for the relief of sick and disabled seamen, with detailed lists of masters' names, and seamen, &c., are substituted-referring also to the circular of the Secretary of the Treasury, dated 31st May, 1802, on the like subject: C's cir. 31st July, 1802; V. 1, p. 211.

227. Collectors acting as Agents of Marine Hospitals are informed of the great inconvenience to which they subject the Department by the irregularity they practise, in making up and in transmitting their accounts of receipts and disbursements in their agencies: C's cir. 28th September, 1818; V. 1, p. 429.

228. The circular instructions of the 20th August, 1801, is again transmitted, to remind Collectors of the weekly, monthly, and quarterly returns therein required, including those of Hospital accounts: S's cir. 14th September, 1818; V. 2, pp. 93 to 97.

229. Quarterly abstracts of Marine Hospital money received from seamen in a quarter, to be returned according to form transmitted: C's folio cir. 31st July, 1821; p. 10.

230. The instructions of the 20th August, 1801, and 14th October, 1818, are again called to the attention of Collectors, respecting the remissness of their several weekly, monthly, and quarterly returns to the Secretary, including those of Hospital accounts: S's cir. 22d June, 1822; V. 2, p. 131.

Number and rate of seamen quartered on

231. A series of interrogatories are propounded to certain Collectors in North Carolina,

the Hospital fund in respecting the number of seamen that have had relief from the Hospital Fund during two

North Carolina.

years past. At what expense per week, &c.: S's cir. 7th February, 1827; V. 2, p. 175.

232. The Agents of Marine Hospitals are again reminded of their continued remissness in regard to their accounts of receipts and disbursements of Hospital funds: C's cir. 12th April, 1827; V. 2, p. 468.

233. Agents of Marine Hospitals are informed, that, in consequence of the quarterly returns, in a distinct and separate form, of the amounts received and expended on account of those institutions, having been neglected by many of those Agents, additional returns of receipts and expenditures, according to forms now transmitted, are required to be made, in future, to the Comptroller of the Treasury, for settlement: S's cir. 1st October, 1829; V. 2, p. 227.

234. Collectors who are Agents for Marine Hospitals, are authorized to continue the existing arrangements for the relief of sick and disabled seamen, until the 30th June next: S's cir. 29th March, 1830; V. 2, p. 238.

235. The result of a recent examination into the disbursements for the relief of sick and disabled Seamen having shown that great irregularities prevail in the expenditures for the same objects in neighboring places, and that the Fund is gradually diminishing—it is therefore deemed proper to establish a SCALE of expenditure as follows-which will introduce uniformity, and at the same time effect such a reduction of the present rates, as will make the Fund commensurate with the increasing demands for relief-viz.:

5 00
2 00

6 00

"This charge of 'relief to seamen,' being only auxiliary to that relief which is due to them from the municipal authorities of the places where their wants overtake them, those authorities are to be apprised of the state of the Hospital Fund, that they may also make a proper contribution for the relief of such seamen:" S's cir. 1st June, 1830; V. 2, p. 233.

For board, lodging, and nursing, per week

For medical services, for each patient per day, to 25 days

For medical services, for every 25 days, or over 25 days

For medical services, for every 25 days, for each patient over ten
For funeral expenses

237. Certain Collectors are authorized to continue the existing arrangements at their ports for the relief of sick and disabled seamen, until the 1st July, 1833: S's cir. 14th June, 1832; V. 2, p. 286.

238. Quarterly returns are required, showing the amount of moneys received and expended per quarter, under the act of 14th October, 1818, for the relief of sick and disabled seamen: S's cir. 12th November, 1835; V. 3, p. 82.

239. Certain Collectors are authorized to continue the arrangements existing at their ports, for the relief of sick and disabled seamen, until the 1st July, 1840: S's cir. 1st July, 1839; V. 3, p. 206.

the Potomac.

236. The aforesaid rates and regulations are explained and modified, so as to allow 25 increased south of per cent. additional rates at all ports south of the Potomac river: S's cir. 20th May, 1831; V. 2, p. 268.

240. On examining again into the disbursements on account of sick and disabled seamen, there appears a necessity for a further diminution of those expenditures by one-third, taking the regulations issued the 1st June, 1830, and the 20th May, 1831, as still in force: S's cir. 12th December, 1840; V. 3, p. 244.

New forms of quarterly returns for settlement prescribed.

Existing arrangements for relief of sea

men, continued.

Scale of expenditure to be followed hereafter.

existing arrangeshort time.

ments continued


Quarterly returns of hospital receipts and expenditures.

Existing arrangements for seamen

again continued.

Further reduction of expenditures proposed.

[blocks in formation]

241. In consequence of the repeated calls which it has been necessary to make on Congress, for appropriations to make good the excess of disbursements for the relief of sick and disabled seamen, and there being, nevertheless, an existing deficiency, the Secretary of the Treasury finds it expedient to obviate such resort hereafter, by curtailing the expenditures within the receipts of the Hospital Tax; to which end he gives a summary of the former instructions to Hospital Agents, and prescribes additional restrictions, &c.: S's cir. 15th May, 1841; V. 3, pp. 246 to 249: See said circular, &c., below. (23. )

(23.) Circular to Collectors of the Customs, or other officers, acting as Agents, under the acts for the relief of sick or disabled seamen.

"TREASURY DEPARTMENT, 15th May, 1841. "Taking into view that Congress has repeatedly been called upon for appropriations to make good excesses of disbursements for the maintenance and relief of sick seamen, from the current Revenue, and that there is nevertheless an existing deficiency, I must claim your active co-operation in so reducing the expenditures as to obviate the necessity of a like resort in future. More effectually to procure the object in view it is deemed proper that no foreign seamen shall be permitted to enjoy the benefit of the fund who shall not have served for three consecutive years on board American Vessels. And that in all cases the relief afforded shall be confined to seamen in destitute circumstances. For more convenient reference, and that you may fully understand the instructions heretofore given for the administration of the fund, I subjoin the former regulations established by the Department. There, with the limitations prescribed in this letter, are to be strictly observed. And as the existing arrangements will shortly expire, you are authorized to enter into new arrangements for this object, the required relief to all sick and disabled seamen at your port, employed in American Merchant Vessels, for the term of one year from the 1st July next, and for each succeeding year thereafter, unless otherwise directed.

"I am, respectfully, &c.,

"T. EWING, Secretary of the Treasury.”

[Former Regulations.]

"The result of a recent examination into the disbursements for the relief of sick and disabled seamen, having shown that great ineqaulities prevail in expenditures for the same object in neighboring places, and that the fund is gradually diminishing, it is deemed proper to establish a scale of expenditure which will introduce uniformity, and at the same time effect such à reduction of the present rates as will make the fund commensurate to the increasing demands for relief. From and after the 30th instant, therefore, your disbursements for the relief of sick and disabled seamen will be regulated by the following standard, viz:

"In ports north of Newburn there will be allowed for suitable boarding, lodging, and nursing, the sum of two dollars and fifty cents per week.

"In ports south of that City, three dollars per week.

"For necessary Medicines there will be allowed the usual Apothecary rates.

"Medical and Surgical aid will be adjusted and paid at the following rates, viz:

"When the time for which professional services are afforded to any patient amounts to less than twenty-five days, it will be computed and paid at the rate of twenty cents for each day.

"When it amounts to twenty-five days and upwards, and the number of patients does not exceed ten, there will be allowed and paid for each patient the sum of five dollars; and for every patient above ten, the sum of two dollars and fifty cents.

"In ports south of the Potomac, twenty-five per cent. in addition to the above rates will be allowed for professional services.

"No charges for Medical and Surgical services will be paid, or accounts rendered for the same, until the patient is discharged. In all cases the accounts for professional services must be accompanied by a list of patients and a specification of their diseases.

"For funeral charges there will be allowed the sum of six dollars.

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"These rates being established with the approbation of the President, they are to be regarded as the highest which you are permitted to allow. Accordingly, you are authorized to enter into arrangements, having for their object the required relief to all sick and disabled seamen, employed in American Merchant Vessels, upon the terms proposed. An arrangement which will afford the necessary provisions by the same person, and, when practicable and convenient, in a public hospital, or other charitable institution, is to be preferred. You will of course consider yourself as authorized, at your discretion, to accept more favorable terms, should any such be offered. But it is not to be understood that the charge of seamen is to be given, under all circumstances, to the lowest bidder. On the contrary, when from the nonexistence of public institutions, or their unwillingness to provide for them, it becomes necessary to resort to private accommodations, you will endeavor to select and stipulate with those who, from their professional reputation and private worth, you shall believe are best calculated to render the services required.

“By regulations prescribed in 1821, for the application of the fund created by the act of the 16th July, 1798, the persons to whom relief is to be extended, are seamen laboring under diseases and infirmities which are not declared incurable. The same regulations limit the term of relief to four months. The present state of the fund renders it necessary that these regulations should continue.

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242. Hospital Tax, for the relief of sick and disabled seamen, chargeable on the crews ADDITIONAL RULES of Registered Vessels, from the time a vessel enters from a foreign port—or, in case of sub- TAX, from crew of sequent engagements of seamen, from the date thereof-so as to include any interval from Registered Vessels: such time until the vessel may enter again from a foreign port, or until any be discharged,

if sooner discharged: C's cir. 10th November, 1821; V. 2, pp. 150, 151.

"Seamen employed in Vessels engaged in the Fisheries, are not entitled to relief from the Hospital Fund-inasmuch as by a decision of the Comptroller of the Treasury, seamen so employed are not subject to the contribution imposed by the act.

"In the execution of your agency, 'you will take care that no one is admitted as a charge upon the fund without your previous approbation, or continued for a longer period than their condition requires; and that persons having abandoned the profession of seamen, and from a long residence on shore acquired a right to municipal provision, shall not enjoy its benefits. All charges incurred will be paid quarterly, and supported by duplicate vouchers in such form as to enable you to furnish all the details contained in the Quarterly Abstract required to be transmitted to the Comptroller of the Treasury [meaning the 1st Auditor*] with your accounts.

"To remove any erroneous impressions which are entertained in relation to the nature of the seamen's fund, and to promote its just and economical administration, it will be proper to make known that the fund being insufficient for its object, the sum at the disposal of the Government is to be considered as auxiliary to the provision made by the municipal authorities, rather than as a full compensation [provision] for the relief which is due to their wants. You will therefore cause it to be understood that the fund is nearly exhausted, and explain to all concerned that, as its only resources are limited to a contribution of twenty cents per month from the wages of seamen, it is scarcely adequate to meet the temporary provision now authorized, upon the most frugal scale of expenditure.

"Seeing that the fund is not derived from the bounty of the Government, that means so limited and so inadequate to the necessities of a sea-faring life could never have been designated to supersede every other provision, and relieve the municipalities upon which seamen are cast from the obligation of contributing something to their relief, it is confidently hoped that charitable institutions and individuals everywhere will the more readily incline to render the aids required, upon terms which will enable the President to apply the means at his disposal in such way as best to secure the benefits, which it is the design of the act partially to provide.

"As this disposition has been made upon a full consideration of the object and capacity of the fund, of the equal claim of those who contribute to its support in every part of the Union, and the allowances every where are granted under the same rules, and the same compensation given for the same services as nearly as the different rates of subsistence will permit, you will let it be understood that no deviation from the terms proposed will be accepted: should these be wholly rejected at any place, the authorities charged with the care of the poor and suffering will make such provision for seamen as in other cases, and the allowances herein proposed will be made to them for such aid.” [CIRCULAR-supplemental to the above. ]

"Instead of the separate charges heretofore authorized for professional services and medicines used in the relief of sick seamen, it is deemed proper to substitute an allowance which will cover both. An addition of ten cents per diem to the usual charge for medical services, it is believed, will be sufficient to compensate for the necessary medicines.

"In the arrangements for the following year, it is, therefore, desirable that you will, as far as possible, stipulate with the Physician for the supply of medicines on the terms stated, subject to the same restrictions in regard to time and aggregate allowance as are prescribed in the adjustment of professional services. Should your efforts to negotiate such an arrangement with the Physician be ineffectual, it may be in your power to accomplish it through an apothecary, and you will endeavor to do so.

"Failing in that also, your disbursements for medicines during the longest period of relief must not exceed five dollars for each patient; and for any period short of four months, not more than five cents per day can be authorized. The usual addition of twenty-five per cent. on these rates will be allowed in ports south of the Potomac,

"This is to be regarded as the maximum, but it is hoped you will be able to effect an arrangement on more favorable terms. “Treasury Department, 27th May, 1841.” "T. EWING, Secretary of the Treasury,”


of Expenditures out of the Marine Hospital Fund, at the Port of by


Abstract Quarterly Return ending the



Collector and Agent.

Total expenditure.

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