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Might in that noise reside, of whom to ask
Which way the nearest coast of darkness lies
Bord'ring on light; when strait behold the throne
Of Chaos, and his dark pavilion spread 960
Wide on the wasteful deep; with him enthron'd
Sat fable-vested Night, eldest of things,
The consort of his reign; and by them stood
Orcus and Ades, and the dreaded name


trepid eyes,


and the dreaded name At whose dread name the trembOf Demogorgon;] There was a

ling furies quake, notion among the Ancients of a

Hell stands abash'd, and earth's certain deity, whose very name foundations fhake? they supposed capable of pro

Who views the Gorgons with inducing the most terrible effects, and which they therefore dreaded

And your inviolable flood defies? to pronounce. This deity is men

Rowe. tion'd as of great power in incantations. Thus Ericho is introduced And likewise Tirefias by Statius, threatning the infernal Powers for Thebaid. IV. 514. being too slow in their obedience by Lucan, Phar. VI. 744.

Scimus enim et quicquid dici nos

cique timetis, Paretis ? an ille

Et turbare Hecaten, nî te, ThymCompellandus erit, quo nunquam

bræe, vererer, terra vocato

Et triplicis mundi summum quem Non concussa tremit, qui Gorgona

scire nefaftum eft, cernit apertam,

Illum sed taceo. Verberibusque suis trepidam castigat Erinnym,

And Ismen threatens in the same Indespecta tenet vobis qui Tar- strain in Tasso, Cant. 13.

St. tara; cujus Vos estis fuperi; Stygias qui peje. Per lungo disusar già non fi scor

da, c. rat undas ? Yet, am I yet, ye sullen fiends, I have not yet forgot for want obey'd ?

of use, Or must I call your master to my What dreadful terms belong this aid?

sacred feat,



Of Demogorgon; Rumor next and Chance, 965
And Tumult and Confusion all embroil'd,
And Discord with a thousand various mouths.

T' whom

515. No

My tongue (if ftill your stubborn and takes notice also of the dreadhearts refuse)

ful effects of his name, B. 1. Cant. i. That so much dreaded name can St. 37. well repeat,

A bold bad man, that dar'd to call Which heard great Dis cannot

by name himself excuse,

Great Gorgon, prince of darkness But hither run from his eternal

and dead night, feat. Fairfax.

At which Cocytus quakes, and Styx The name of this deity is Demo is put to flight. gorgon, which some think a cor- Well therefore might Milton diruption of Demiurgus; others ima- ftinguish him by the dreaded name gin him to be so call'd, as being of Demogorgon: and the name of able to look upon the Gorgon, Demogorgon is as much as to say that turned all other spectators to Demogorgon himself, as in Virgil stone, and to this Lucan seems to Æn. VI. 763. Albanum nomen is a allude, when he says

man of Alba, Æn. XII. - qui Gorgona cernit apertam. men Echionium, id eft Thebanum,

is a Theban; and we have a meSpenser too mentions this infernal morable inftance of this way of deity, Fairy Queen, B. 1. Cant. 5. speaking in Rev. XI. 13. And in

the earthquake were fain ovoudra Which wast begot in Demogorgon’s av@pwtwv names of men seven thouhall,

Jand, that is seven thousand men. And saw'st the secrets of the world And besides these authorities to unmade:

justify our author, let me farther

add what the learned Mr. Jortin and places him likewise in the hath suggested, that this name " is immenfe abyss with Chaos, B. 4.

“ to be found in Lactantius, the Cant. 2. St. 47

“ Scholiaft of Statius on Thebaid. Down in the bottom of the deep IV. 516. Dicit Deum Demoabyss,

gorgona summum.

It is also Where Demogorgon in dull dark- “ to be found in Hyginus, pag. 11.

“ Edit. Hamburg. Oct. 1674. Ex Far from the view of Gods and « Demogorgone et Terra Python, Heaven's bliss,

• draco divinus, if the place be The hideous Chaos keeps, their “ not corrupted. See Muncker dreadful dwelling is :

there." And Mr. Thyer jufti

St. 22.

ness pent,

T'whom Satan turning boldly, thus. Ye Powers And Spirits of this nethermost abyss, Chaos and ancient Night, I come no spy, 970


fies the use of the word against Mr. Addison seems to disapprove of Dr. Bentley by another passage in these fictitious beings, thinking our author's Latin works, p. 340. them I suppose (like Sin and Death Apud vetuftiflimos itaque mytholo- improper for an epic poem : but I giæ scriptores memoriæ datum re- see no reason why Milton may not perio Demogorgonem Deorum om- be allow'd to place such imaginary nium atavum (quem eundem et beings in the regions of Chaos, as Chaos ab antiquis nuncupatum ha- well as Virgil describe the like beriolop inter alios liberos, quos fuf- ings, Grief, and Fear, and Want, tulerat plurimos, Terram genuiffe. and Sleep, and Death, and Dif

cord likewise within the confines 965. - Rumor next and Chance,] of Hell; and why what is acIn Satan's

voyage through the Chaos there are several imaginary deemed a fault in the other. Sec

counted a beauty in one should be persons described, as residing in Æn. VI. 273. & c. that immense waste of matter. This may perhaps be conformable Vestibulum ante ipsum, primisque to the taste of those critics who in faucibus orci, are pleased with nothing in a poet Luctus, et ultrices posuere cubilia which has not life and manners Curæ : ascribed to it; but for my own Pallentesque habitant Morbi, tripart, I am pleased most with those ftisque Senectus, passages in this description which Et Metus, et malesuada Fames, et carry in them a greater measure of turpis Egestas, probability, and are such as might Terribiles visu formæ: Letumque, poflibly have happen'd. Of this Laborque : kind is his first mounting in the Tum confanguineus Leti Sopor, smoke that rises from the infernal et mala mentis pit, his falling into a cloud of Gaudia, mortiferumque adverso nitre and the like combustible ma

in limine Bellum, terials, that by their explosion still Ferreique Eumenidum thalami, et hurried him forward in his


Discordia demens his springing upward like a pyra

Vipereum crinem vittis innexa mid of fire, with his laborious pas. cruentis. sage through that confusion of clcments which the

Just in the gate, and in the jaws calls poet

of Hell, The womb of nature, and perhaps Revengeful Cares, and sullen Sorher grave. Addison.

rows dwell; VOL. I.



With purpose to explore or to disturb
The secrets of your realm, but by constraint
Wand'ring this darksome desert, as my way
Lies through your spacious empire up to light,
Alone, and without guide, half lost, I feek

What readiest path leads where your gloomy bounds
Confine with Heav'n; or if some other place,
From your dominion won, th'ethereal king
Poffeffes lately, thither to arrive
I travel this profound; direct
Directed no mean recompense it brings


my course;


fifted rage;

And pale Diseases, and repining Virgil and Milton that Discord is Age ;

made the last of these imaginary Want, Fear, and Famin's unre- beings, but how much greater an

idea have we of Discord with a Here Toils,and Death, and Death's thoufand various mouths than with half-brother Sleep,

fnaky hair, Forms terrible to view, their fen

Vipereum crinem vittis innexa crus try keep;

entis ! With anxious Pleasures of a guilty mind,

We may farther observe in justifi. Deep Frauds before, and open cation of Milton, that the like Force behind;

fhadowy beings are introduc'd in The Furies iron beds, and Strife Seneca, Herc. Fur. 686. in Stathat shakes

tius's description of the house of Her hiling treffes, and unfolds Mars. Theb. VII. 47. in Clauher snakes. Dryden. dian In Rufin. I. 30. and in Spen.

fer, Fairy Queen, B. 2. Cant. 7. Every reader, I believe, has been St. 21, &c. The passages at large pleased with this description; and would swell this note to too great it is impoflible to be plealed with a length, and therefore the reader Virgil, and to be displeased with is only referred to the places. Milton. We may observe both in

972. The


To your behoof, if I that region loft,
All usurpation thence expellid, reduce
To her original darkness and your sway
(Which is my present journey) and once more
Erect the standard there of ancient Night;
Yours be th' advantage all, mine the revenge.

Thus Satan; and him thus the Anarch old,
With faltring speech and visage incompos’d,
Answer'd. I know thee, stranger, who thou art, 990
That mighty leading Angel, who of late
Made head against Heav'n's king, though overthrown.


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972. The secrets of your realm,] word diflurb will be proper enough This passage has been objected to as in I. 167. without any reason. He means

and difturb probably secret places, as in ver. His inmost counsels from their 891. Secrets is used here as fecreta destin'd aim; Sometimes in Virgil :

and the word explore will be very In fecreta senis ducam :

proper, as in VII. 95. Georg. IV.403. What we, not to explore the sea

crets ark
— Horrendæque procul secreta

Of his eternal empire.

981. Directed no mean recompense Antrum immane petit :

it brings &c.] My course Æn. VI. 10. directed may bring no little recomAnd likewise in Spenser, Fairy pense and advantage to you, if I Queen, B. 6. Cant. 12. St. 24.

reduce that loft region, all usurpa

tion being thence expell'd, to her And searched all their cells and original darkness and your fway secrets near.

(which is the purport of my pre

sent journey) and Or if we understand by secrets se- erect the standard there of ancient eret counsels and transactions, the Night.

999. - if



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