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i Cross-examined by Mr. Mansfield. PROCEEDINGS AGAINST THOMAS BRAND! You were a witness before the Committee of

HOLLIS, ESQ. FOR BRIBERY, UPON the House of Commons; have you been a wit. THE INFORMATION* FILED AGAINST

ness in any other cause relating to Hindon?-

--- Yes, on the trial this moruing. HIM BY THE ATTORNEY GENERAL,

Any other?.-) was called io once before the BY ORDER OF THE House of Com- House of Commons. MONS, 16 GEO.3. A. D. 1776.

Aye, I know you were before the Commit

tee, we have an account of that, and shall never Counsel for the Crown.—Mr. Serj. Dary,

forget you. You tell us Mr. Hollis said, he Mr. Serj. Grose, Mr. Serj. Heath, Mr. Pop

was a gentleman of honour, and should be as ham, Mr. Morris, Mr. Moysey.

good as any gentleman that should come to the

borough; then there was a cry, One and all?' Counsel for the Defendant. Mr. Mansfield, --Yes, Mr. Buller, Mr. Batt.

How came you to say Mr. Hollis said so ?-Mr. Moysey opened the Information. After

Because I heard him. which, Mr. Serjeant Dady stated the facts

Was any thiog said, what ope and all meant, upon wbich the charge against the defendant

any thing said about money ?---Not a word. was founded, and then the Counsel for the pro

You think there was something said about secution proceeded to examine the witnesses.

being satisfied: will you swear there was ?---I

cannot take upon ipe to say so; I believe it. A Copy of the Writ for the Election—of the But will you take upon you to say it; or that. Return of the Precept—and the Poll, were there was a word said about satisfaction ?produced, as on the former Trial.


Whom did you vote for ?---Calthorpe and
Francis Meade sworn.

Examined by Mr. Serjeant Grose.

You had none of this charming money ?-?

Not a farthing Do you remember Mr. Hollis coming to

Daniel Lambert sworn, Hindon?-Yes, a month or six weeks before the election he was with one John Stevens, a

Examined by Mr. Serjeant Heath. i butcher.

Do you know Jobber Stevens !--- Yes. What has passed concerning Mr. Hollis and Had you any conversation with him about Stevens in your presence ?---I was billetted at bringing a candidate to Aindon ?---I heard bim the Swan, the same as the rest of the voters say that he had a friend to bring to Hindun, if were, I believe, by Henry Huffe and old Ben, it was agreeable to the town. jamin Cholsey ; Mr. Stevens said be had! To whom did he say so; to you or to any brought a gentleman to propose to the borough; other person ?-- To other persons. I told him I thought he bad no right to pro. Were they voters ?---Yes. pose a gentleman.

Do you remember Mr. Hollis coming to What Stevens was that?--Jobher Stevens. Hindon ?---Yes.

Did you ever see Mr. Hollis before ?--No, Was Jobber Stevens with him when he nor since; I saw him at this time at the Cross : came ?---Yes. Mr. Hollis said, he was a gentleman of honour, Where did he go when he came to town? and that he would be as good as any gentleman | He went to tbe Cross. that should come to the borough: then there What did he say there? I cannot tell; I was a cry, One and all : Mr. Hollis said, It | was not handy to him. should be one and all.

Did you hear Jobber Stevens say any thiog Did any thing else pass ---Nothing more to bim?---No, I saw Stevens get upon the

When was this --About a month, or there. | Cross; but I did not hear what he said. abouts, before the election,

Were you billetted that day P---Yes, at the Was Mr. Hollis known at Hindon at that Red Lion. time?--Only by the representation Stevens Who ordered you to go there ?---] believe, gave of bim; he was a stranger in the borough one Huffe. before that time.

Did Hollis and Sterens come to you to the Do you ever remember Mr. Hollis's saying, Red Lion ?---Yes, Mr. Hollis came to ask our they should be satisfied ?---I think Mr. Hollis votes for the general election. said so; but I cannot be certain to every word How many voters were present ?---Ten or a that passed, it being so long ago; he said it dozent. should be one and all, and I think he said, ! Do you remember their names ?---No. they should all be satisfied.

What answer did they make ? --They said Do you know of any money given by Mr. they had no objection, if he would be as good Hollis or Stevens ?--Not of my own know as any other gentleman; some said it must be ledge.

down and down.' Mr. Hollis said, he koew

the meaning of it. • The loformation was the same, mutatis Did he say any thing besides ? ---Not that I mutandis, with that against Smitb, See p. 1927. recollect.

crier had


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hef Wahol er ey ordered out at all? --He w

said be

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Was any thing else said by the voters ?-I Was Mr. Hollis present at that time ?...He cannot say there was.

Was Mr. Hollis known to the town before he came there?---No, he was a stranger.

Cross-examined by Mr. Buller. Was there any mention made, when it was Were there many people there at the time ? to be down i---Somebody made answer,

• It --- Yes, there might be half a score, or fourteen must be once within a week.'

or fifteen. Did Mr. Hollis say any thing to that ?---No. All talking together?---Yes, when the geo

Do you know of any money being distri- tleman came in. buted upon account of the election ?.--Not upon Was Lambert there ?...) don't recollect bis Mr. Hollis's account.

being there, but be might be there.

What house was this at ?...The Swan.
Cross examined by Mr. Batt.

Wbat was done with Piercy, when he said,
I understand you, that upon the voters say- Down and down ?---Beckett said, if you do to
ing to Mr. Hollis, 'It must be down and down,' give the gentleman liberty to speak for himself,
he said he knew the meaning of that expres: I was not Piercy turned out of the room,
sion: do you mean to swear, that Mr. Hollis
said, upon that being said by the voters, that upon saying it must be down and down ?-
he knew their meaning ?--He said so.

do not know that he was. You are very sure he said so in these words? Did not you swear before the committee, ---He said so.

that Piercy, when he said that, was ordered out Who were present?---Several people in the

of the house ?---No. room.

Mention some of them.---) cannot recollect ordered out at the time. who were in the room; there was one James

When ?.--When he said, Down and down. Gilbert there, I believe ; William Prior, I be

Who ordered him out?--The landlord, Joko lieve.

Beckett, because he did not give the gentleman Did Mr. Hollis say this loud ?--- Yes.

liberty to speak. So that all might have leard it that were in

Where was Mr. Hollis when this was said? the room !--- Yes, I think they did.

---Jo the same room, the kitchen. How came you not to swear this before the

And must therefore hear this. How next committee, when you were examined upon this

was he to Stevens when he said that would not subject ?---Very likely I was not asked the be wanting ?--A little distance. question.

But you were asked what Mr. Hollis said : not be wanted ?---I don't know that he did bear How came you not to give that account to the

it. committee? --- I don't know that I was asked

Was Mr. Hollis as near to Sterens as you the question.

was ?---No, he was not. Mr. Batt. You were not asked it. Now Was Mr. Hollis near enough to Stevens ! you were asked to tell every thing that Mr.

hear ?---He might be near enough: he might Hollis said, and you made use of no such words: hear it, or he might not,

Stevens was bis friend!-- Yes,
Reuben Burnett sworn.

Did you ever see Mr. Hollis there without
Examined by Mr.

Jobber Stevens ?---No.

Popham. Are

Andrew Farrat sword.
you a voter at Hindon?--- Yes.
Do you know Mr. Hollis ?---Yes.

Examined by Mr. Moysey.
know Jobber Stevens P... Yes.

you remember when Mr. Hollis came to
Do you remember when Mr. Hollis and Hindon?-Yes, the 29th of August 1714.
Jobber Stevens were together at the Swan at How did he come?- In a post chaise.
Hindon ?---Yes.

Do you recollect who was with him ?... Jos How long was it before the election ?--- Stevens, the butcher. don't know, it was a little while before the elec Any body else ?-And another gentlema tion.

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unknown: they came there is a chaise. Was that the first time you saw Mr. Hollis ? Did you see him when you came to ube -- Yes; when Jobber Stevens first came, he Cross ?-Yes. said he had brought a gentleman to represent

What passed at the Cross ?-Mr. Hollis said the borough of Hipdon, and he hoped it would be was a gentleman recommended by Stevens, be agreeable to all friends. Mr. Meade stood the person who was with him. by; he said, Has the gentleman got nothing What else did he say?- That be came as i to say for bimself? He stood back, and the gen. candidate to the borough. tleman came forward. Mr. Hollis said, Gen

Did he say any thing more ?-Yes, be said tlemen, 1 came to represent the borough, and he was an honourable gentleman, and he would bope it will be agreeable to all friends. Ed always bebare honourably by the town. ward Piercy said, Down and down: Jobber Was that all be said?-don't remember Stevens said, in regard to down and down, it any thing more. would not be wanted.

What did the people say ? Some people

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mei to the part of



Wh Harry a brott gentle Steven

crieil, One and all : Jobber Stevens said, they to a note; the other three made their marks ; had no cause to dispute that: I don't remember I put my name: tbe gentleman said, it did not any thing else that was said.

signify, as they could not write their pames, Was Mr. Hollis present ?-Yes, close to him. but they knew what it was for.

So there was a great hollowing of One and How much money did you get ?- Fourteen all.--Yes.

guineas, and two half guineas. Was that explained ?-Not then.

Did they all get alike?--Yes, as far as I Where were you quartered? At the Queen's | know. Head, William Penny's.

What was the manner of giving the money? Were there many people quartered there ---Through a bole over the door. besides you?-Eighteed or nineteen voters.. I Did these other three people you mention

Were you at the Swan that day?-Yes. put up their hand to the hole too ?.-Yes, and Was Mr. Hollis at the Swan? Yes.

received the money in the same way. What passed at the Swan ?-Mr. Hollis and Mr. Stevens came there.

Cross-examined by Mr. Mansfield. . What passed ?—They asked the votestnen Whom did you vote for -- Richard Beckford, for their votes and interest.

esq. and general Smitb. Which asked the voters for their votes and

Did you ever tell any body what you would interest ?_Stevens first asked; he said it was swear concerning Mr. Smith and Mr. Hollis? a gentleman that he recommended to the --No. borough: Francis Meade was present; he' Then you never said, that you would be resaid he did not know that he had any business venged of Hollis and Smith, and you would be to recommend a gentleman to the borough, I damned if Bec. ord should not sit in the House? and asked Stevens if the gentleman had any - never spoke such a word. thing to say for himself'; Mr. Stevens drew You know tbat was sworn about you before back, and said he had.

the committee.--Yes, but it was very false. Was any thing said ?-Yes, the gentleman There was a false ibing sworn about you? said, he was recommended by Mr. Stevens ; | ---Yes. that he was an honourable gentleman, and But every body at Hindon believed you said wuold always bebave good to the town, and so...-No, they did not. would be as good as any gentleman.

The people there were so cruel to you, that Was any thing more said by Mr. Hollis or they believed you bad said so?.--) do not Mr. Stevens ?--No, not that I remember. imagine they did.

You were at Salisbury, I believe, just after. You know John Fricker ?.--Yes. wards.---Yes, the Friday following.

Had you any conversation with bim about · Did yon see Stevens there !---Yes.

| it?-Never in my life. What did he say to you, or you to him ?.. That was false too that was sworn aboot I was comiog along the street; I saw him; you and Fricker - Yes, it was. I asked him wben he would come to Hindon,

Then a great number of your neighbours ibat Mr. Hollis's friends were very uneasy. traduce and speak ill of you, and all without

What did he say to that ?.. He said he cause. I dare say you bave a good memory, should be there in a sbort time; for be had got and let nothing slip that you heard said. Now every thiog in order to bring ; he said he Mr. Hollis began by saying, I am an honourshould not be there himself, but he would send able gentleman, and that he was recommended some friend who would answer the purpose as by Stevens ? --- Yes. well; I was goiog away; he called me back You know he was recommended by Stevens, again, and told me to give bis compliments to they came in a chaise together, and before Mr. Mr. Lucas at the George, and desire him to Hollis spoke, Stevens spoke ; and then Becket meet a friend of his at the Wbite Horse, next desired to know whether Mr. Hollis had not bigbt.

something to say for himself: so Stevens makes Whom does the White Horse belong to ?--- a speech, recommending Mr. Hollis; upon One William Harding,

which Mr. Hollis is asked if he has not someDid you go there ?--- Yes, I went, and deli- thing to say for himself, and then he says, vered my message to Mr. Lucas, apd be sent Gentlemen, 'I am recommended by Mr. Steme there; the next evening two gentleinen vens ?---Yes. came in a carriage to the White Horse; I went Mr. Seri. Dady. Where were these 15 to the White Horse ; when I came to the back guideas given you P--At the back-house bepart of the house, there were a great many longing to the White-Horse. people there; it was a back-house; some time after I was there I got in, and went up into a

John Baldwin sworn. room. · Whom did you find there ?---I found oue

Examined by Mr. Serj. Davy. #arry Huffe, a baker, there, and Jack Stevens, You are a voter at Hindon?--Yes. a brether to Jobber Stevens, and an unknown Do you remember Mr. Hollis's coming gentleman in black. They ordered Thomas there?.-Yes. Stevens Hagg, John Edwards a labourer, and Who came with him?--Jobber Stevens, wliq James Lambert, and myself, to put our names lives at Salisbury,

When did they come together?.--In August account you give of what passed after Mr. 1774, a little before the election.

Hollis came to the Rose and Crown; repeat it. Where did they go ? They went to the --- Mr. Hollis said he was come to canvass the Cross first, and afterwards, I believe, they went town, and hoped he should find friends in the to the George.

town: they said, it must be. One and all.' He You don't know what passed at the Cross I--- or Jobber Stevens said, “ There would be no I don't know what Mr. Hollis said.

doubt of it.' They told him if be would play_That was the place of billetting, I believe.. away, or play up, or something of that kind, He told the people they should go to the saroe there would be no fear of his election: then ja house they had been billetted to the Saturday seph Lamb said, that the sooner the dose the before."

easier it would be ; and either Mr. Hollis or Which bouse was you billetted to ?- The Jobber Stevens, which I cannot recollect, re. Rose and Crown.

plied, there was no doubt of that. Who came to you at the Rose and Crown ?

Jeremiah Lucas sworu. ---Mr. Hollis and Jobber Stevens, and a person I did not know, came together.

Examined by Mr. Serj. Grose Was that the same day Mr. Hollis came to Do you remember Mr. Hollis's coming to the town first ? ---Yes.

Hindon?--No. What did Mr. Hollis say ? ---That he came When did you see bim ---Not till just before to canvass the town, and be hoped be should the election. find friends in the town: the voters said, It! Did you go to the White-horse ? - Yes. must be one and all ; Jobber Stevens, I think When ?--Upon Saturday night. it was, said, there was no doubt.

Was any body with you ?--- A great maby Was Mr. Hollis present when that was said ? people,

Yes, one Josepb Lamba voter said, the Did you receive any thiog tbere !---A ten sooner they bad the dose the easier it would be. pound note, and five guineas and a half, and I

Did the people say any thing about playing-gave sixpence out of it. up ?--The voters told him, if he would play. Did you pass for a voter at that timeup there would be no fear of his election; Jo- did. seph Lamb said, the sooner they had the dose Mr. Buller. Your charge in the informathe easier it would be; Mr. Hollis or Stevens tion is, persons baving a right to vote.' said, there would be no doubt of it.

Mr. Serj. Duvy. There is a count of divers Were ihe words last mentioned said either by persons claiming a right to vote.' Mr. Hollis or Stevens, that there would be no You received the fifteen guineas, did you doubt of it, spoke immediately after Lamb's sign a note - Yes. saying, the sooner the dose the easier he would! Who received any thing with you!--I don't have it ?---l cappot recollect every word. | remember the persons; tbere were three be

Do you remember afterwards being at the sides me signed the note, but I cannot remenWhite Horse? --- I do.

ber either of them. Wben was that ? ---The Saturday night fol. Upon whose account did you receive this lowing that.

money ?--Upon the behalf of Mr. Hollis. · The White-Horse is Harding's?--Yes. | Mr. Buller, Was there a word said about

Who were present then ?..) cannot recol- | Mr. Hollis ?----Yes. lect.

By whom ?--A hundred people I believe. Who drew the notes ? -.-Those who were ! Do you recollect any of them ?---No. in the house; there was Benjamin Cholsey tbe! Did not you swear before the committee, elder, Henry Huffe, Jacob Stevens, and ano- that the major part of the towu told you, tbat ther man I did not know, who drew the notes. you was to receive the money at the White

What notes do you speak of?---I don't know borse upon Mr. Smith's account. Mr. Hollis what the notes were, I never read them. was not there ?---No.

Did you put your name to the paper ?--- Nor was Stevens there?--No.
And what favour did you receive P---The fa-

Richard Ingram sworn. vour of 15 guineas.

Examined by Mr. Serj. Heathe How did you receive it ?--- At a hole over the Were you at this White-borse? --Yes. door.

What for I-To receive a favour. Did any more sign that note besides you ?---| What were you to receive there?---Fifteen Yes, three more; William Brookes, John Stevens, and Isaac Davis.

Upon whose account ?-.-There was no name Whom did you vote for? Hollis and Cal- mentioned. thorpe.

Whom did you see there ?--One James How was the money given ? Was it counted Davis, one Hepry Hoffe, and Benjaipin Chori out to you, or how ? .-.It was twisted up in a sey, those I remember ; there were seter bit of paper, and put through this hole into my more in the room, but I don't recollect the. hand.

In what manner was it gives you?--Throwy Cross-examined by Mr. Batt. ' a hole over the door. There appears to be some confusion in the Did you hear Jobber Stevens say any.


about the White-horse !---I was in company | Have you a son that is a voter of Hindon ? with Andrew Farrat; and we stopped at Mr. --He went for a vote. Stevens's shop; something passed there be- - What did Stevens say about your son's vote?! tween Stevens and Addrew Farrat, the particu. I don't cbuse to convict myself, Jars I did not take an account of'; at parting 1 Edward Meade was called upon bis Subpæna, heard Jobber Stevens say to Farrat, Bid Lucas | but did not appear

in! be at the White-horse to-morrow night.

Thomas Penny sworn.
. Sumuel Colyer sworn.

Examined by Mr. Serj. Davy.
Examined by Mr. Popham.'

Were you a voter at the Hiodon election ? Are you a veter at Hindon ?---Yes.

-No, I did not vote, but I was deemed a' vole • Do you remember Mr. Hollis coming there, before the election. and Jobber Stevens ?--- Yes.

Do you know Jobber Stevens ?--Yes. Where did you see them !---At the George. How long have you known bim?-Eleven or

What did they come there for?--To canvass twelve years, or more. the borough..

He is a vnter at Hindon?-He bas been Did they canvass the borough!--Yes. formerly.

What was said and done ---They came to He lives at Salisbury, and is a butcher? ask for their votes.

Yes; I remember Jobber Stevens and two gen. Do you remember any thing being said ?--- tlemen coming to my father's house ; my faYes, the voters cried, One and all.'.

ther asked Jobber Stevens what the gentleWhat answer was given to it?---I do not re man's name was, he said, his name was Hollis; collect what Mr. flollis said.

Mr. Hollis said he came recommended by JobWere you at the White-horse at any time? ber Stevens, to present himself as a candidate - Yes.

for the ensuing election for Hindon, and the · Wbat did you go there for ---The game as voters said, “ down and down.' the rest of my neighbours.

Where was ibis ?-lo my father's foreWhat was that for ?. I went there for fit- parlour ; the Queen's head : Mr. Hollis said, teen gujneas.

It shall be down, and that soon.' - Did yon receive fifteen guineas ?-Yes. You deal but in short speeches at your bo

How did you receive it?-Through a hole. rough. Mr. Hollis said he came recommended

Was any body else with you ?_Thomas by Stevens as a candidate at the ensuing elecPepoy, George Hayward, and Thomas Wyer. tion, the men said, It should be down and Did you sign any pote --- Yes.

down,' and Mr. Hollis said, It shall be down, Did you all sign it ?-Yes.

and tbat soon. What passed next ?-Notbing · Did they receive the money too?--They | more at that time; the Saturday following i held their hands up the same as I did, to the went to the White borse. hole of the door.

What passed there?-) and tbree more gare What did you receive tbis tnoney for?- a note. They did not tell me what it was for.

How many more might be in the room! Whom did you vote for ? ---For Mr. Hollis. There was Jobber Stevens's brotber, and two * Did you ever see Mr. Hollis at Hindon be more there wben I went in : Sainue! Colyer, fore this time? --Nut before the first time he George Hayward, and Thomas Wyer joined came.

with me in a uote, that note was for 60 But he won your heart at once?---Yes. guineas. Thomas Moore sworn.

How much bad you ?-Fifteen guineas.

How did you receive that ?-Through a Examined by Mr. Moysey.

hole over the door. - Do you remember being at Salisbury upon Do you know who that came from ? -No, it the 4th of September, or thereabouts in 1774? was handed through a hole over the door in ---Yes. .

| loose money, Did you see Jobber Stevens there?---Yes. Did you sigo the pote before you had the

What did you say to him, or he to you ?---I money, or after ?-Before. asked him if he could help me to the favour as Whom did you offer to vote for ? I did not the rest of my neighbours bad; for Mr. Hollis, offer to vote for any body. he said he had nothing to do with it.

Whom did you engage your rote for?-I Did you go to him for that purpose or meet kept that to myself till I came to the Cross. bim by chance ?---For that purpose: I bope 1] In whose behalf did you receive the fifteen am not to coprict myself, the other part may guineas ?--That I cannot say. tend to condemn myself. He said he would You knew you were no vote then ? -No, I go to the Three Lions and meet somebody thought I was a vote. there, and I should come up afterwards and see And you went and received the favour? bim there; that is the greatest part I can re- | Yes. member,

Whose favour ?-I cannot say. After you came out from the Three Lions, Who bid you go to the White-horse ?-It did you see Stevens again ?--Yes, in the was reported that money was going to pass market-place.

| there, therefore I went to the White-horse.

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