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Promulgation of Ordinances and General Rules of



No. 6-1875.

1. Every Ordinance which shall be passed by the Legislative Ordinances Council of the Colony shall be immediately after it is passed set shall be up in fair and legible type by the Government Printer or other printed. person employed for printing the Bills of the said Council, and an impression in triplicate from the type so set up, on vellum or on paper of an enduring quality, shall be struck off by him, to be dealt with as hereinafter provided.

2. The said printed impressions shall be carefully compared by Impression to the Clerk of the Legislative Council with the Bill which has passed be authentithe said Council, and on being found by him to be true and correct, cated by Clerk of Legislative the said printed copies of the said Bill shall be authenticated by Council. him as such, and such authentication shall be attested by his signature.

3. When the Governor assents to any Bill so passed, his assent Governor's shall be recorded on the said authenticated printed copies. One of assent to be these documents shall then be deposited with the Colonial Secre- recorded on printed copies. tary, one other with the Chief Justice of the Colony, and the remaining one with the Clerk of the Legislative Council, and shall be preserved and be records of the Ordinance.

S.N.-VOL. I.


Copies promulgated of Ordinances.

4. The copies of every Ordinance promulgated in the first instance shall be impressions from the same form as the aforesaid deposited copies.

Record of

5. Upon the notification of His Majesty's allowance or disHis Majesty's allowance of any Ordinance being received in the Colony, the Colonial Secretary shall, in his own handwriting indorse or inof Ordinances. scribe upon the copy of the Ordinance deposited in his office, a

allowance or disallowance

note of the fact of such allowance or disallowance, together with a note of reference to the Despatch of His Majesty's Secretary of State notifying the same, and shall subscribe the said notes and shall likewise communicate to the Chief Justice of the Colony, and to the Clerk of the Legislative Council, the fact of such allowance or disallowance with a reference to the said Despatch, and the said Chief Justice and Clerk of the Legislative Council shall in like manner endorse or inscribe a note of the fact of such allowance or disallowance with a reference to the said Despatch on the copies of the Ordinance held by them respectively.

Publication in

6. Any Proclamation purporting to be published by authority the Gazette of of the Governor in the Gazette and signifying His Majesty's His Majesty's assent to any Bill which may have been reserved for the signifidisallowance cation of His Majesty's pleasure by the Governor, or His prima facie Majesty's disallowance of any Ordinance of the Colony, shall be evidence. prima facie evidence of such assent or disallowance.


Short title.

7. This Ordinance may be cited as "The Ordinances Authentication Ordinance."

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