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(P. No. 11-1906.)

1. This Ordinance may be cited as "The Northern Nigeria Short title. Registration of Imports and Exports Ordinance."

2. It shall be lawful for the Governor in Council from time to Governor in time to make, and when made, to vary and revoke Regulations for Council may the registration of all goods imported into or exported from the make rules for Colony or Protectorate of Southern Nigeria from or to Northern registration. Nigeria.


3.-(1) Every regulation made under this Ordinance shall be Regulations published in the Government Gazette.

(2) At the expiration of one calendar month after any such regulation has been published in the Government Gazette, it shall have the same force and effect as if enacted in this Ordinance, and every person guilty of a breach of or non-compliance with any regulation so made and published shall be liable to a penalty not exceeding one hundred pounds.

(3) Until further or other provision be made hereunder, the Regulations contained in the Schedule hereto shall be and remain in force.

to be published in



1. The Captain or person in charge of every steam or other vessel proceeding past Idah on the River Niger, northwards to Northern Nigeria or southwards from Northern Nigeria, shall deposit at the office of the District Commissioner of Idah, two copies of a Manifest of all goods contained in the aforesaid steam or other vessel. Such Manifest must be deposited between the hours of 6 a.m. and 6 p.m., and no ship may proceed on its voyage past Idah until the Captain has received a written receipt for the said Manifest.

2. Every Manifest shall show the place at which the articles mentioned therein were shipped and the place to which they are consigned.

3. There shall be included in the Manifest of every steam or other vessel, the contents of any lighter or other craft towed by the said steam or other vessel.

4. The Manifest shall show the quantities and values at the port of shipment of all the articles mentioned therein.

5. It shall be lawful for the District Commissioner of Idah, personally, or by deputy, to inspect any steam or other vessel for the purpose of verifying the statements made in the Manifest, and any Captain delivering an incomplete Manifest of the contents of the steam or other vessel shall be guilty of breach of these regulations.

6. In the case of any canoe or other native craft the person in charge shall deliver a list of the contents of the aforesaid craft, and shall not proceed on his voyage, northwards to Northern Nigeria, or southwards from Northern Nigeria, until he shall have received a written acknowledgment of the receipt of the list and permission to proceed on his voyage. If the If the person in charge is illiterate, then he shall deliver verbally to the District Commissioner, or other person deputed by him for the purpose, a complete list of the contents of his canoe or other craft, and shall not leave the port of Idah without receiving written permission so to do.

7. For the purposes of these Regulations the limits of the port of Idah shall extend for three hundred yards above and below the Southern corner of the Government coaling shed. These limits shall be marked by a post four feet high, painted white, and erected on the river bank.



(P. No. 26-1900.)

1. This Ordinance may be cited as "The Trade Credit Ordi- Short title and nance," and shall apply only to the Central and Eastern Provinces application. of the Protectorate.

2. No Court of Law shall enforce against a native any obligation Credit transincurred by him towards any person not being a native of that actions not to part of the Protectorate to which this Ordinance applies in respect be enforced of a commercial transaction so far as it may be based on credit, if, in the opinion of the Court, the terms of such transaction are such as to involve the debtor in a liability which he has no visible means of discharging. Provided that this Ordinance shall not apply to any debts or liabilities incurred before the first day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred. (Amended, 1907.)


Short title and application.

Signification of certain terms.

Business of

Auctioneers to take Licenses;

Penalty for acting with

out License.

Applications for Licenses.


1. This Ordinance may be cited as "The Sales by Auction Ordinance," and applies to the Colony and to such parts of the Protectorate as the Governor in Council may by Order published in the Gazette from time to time declare.

2. In this Ordinance

"District" means a District as constituted for the purposes of
the Supreme Court Ordinance;

"Auctioneer" includes every person selling by Auction;
"The Rules" mean such Rules as may be made under the
thirty-first section of this Ordinance.

3. Every person who sells or offers for sale any goods or lands or any interest therein at any sale or roup where any person becomes or may become the purchaser of the same by competition and being the highest bidder, either by being the sole bidder, or increasing upon the biddings made by others, or decreasing on sums named by the Auctioneer, or person acting as Auctioneer or other person at such sale, or by any other mode of sale by competition shall be deemed to carry on the business of an Auctioneer. (2 of 1878, s. 4.)

Licensing of Auctioneers.

4. Whosoever carries on the business of an Auctioneer without having a License in force authorising him to do so as by this Ordinance directed shall be liable for each offence to a fine not less than ten pounds, nor exceeding fifty pounds. (2 of 1878, s. 5.)

5. All applications for Licenses shall be made in writing to the Provincial Treasurer, and every person applying for a License shall at the same time pay into the Treasury the amount by this Ordinance fixed to be paid in respect of such License, which amount, in case such application shall be refused, such Treasury shall forthwith, on demand, repay to the person who paid the same without any deduction whatsoever. (2 of 1878, s. 6.)

6. The several sums specified in the First Schedule to this Duties upon Ordinance shall be the duties payable for every License to sell Licenses. by Auction for the periods set forth in the said Schedule. (2 of 1878, s. 7.)

7. Every License shall be in one of the forms set forth in the Form and Second Schedule to this Ordinance and shall be granted by the granting of

Provincial Treasurer.


Before granting any License, the Officer hereby authorised to Licenses may grant Licenses shall make such enquiries as he considers requisite be refused." for ascertaining that the party proposed to be licensed is a fit and proper person to be so licensed, and may refuse any License without assigning any reason to the applicant:

Provided that any person to whom a License has been refused Provise. may represent his case to the Governor, who may direct a License to be granted to him if satisfied that he is a fit and proper person, or may withhold the License, or direct further examination and enquiry. (2 of 1878, s. 8.)


8. Before the License is granted, the applicant shall enter into Security to be security by Bond in such amount as shall be fixed by the Rules, or given by if not so fixed, as the Governor shall fix, with one or more sufficient sureties to be approved of by the Provincial_Treasurer to answer for the faithful discharge of his office: such Bond shall be in such form as shall be fixed by the Rules, or if not so fixed, as the Governor shall direct:


Provided that it shall be lawful for the said Treasurer to accept, Deposit in in lieu of the security aforesaid, security by deposit in the Public lieu of chest of any sum not more than the sum for the time being required to be secured by Bond as aforesaid nor less than half of

that sum.


If it shall appear to the Provincial Treasurer that the security of Security any Auctioneer is or has become insufficient, he shall call upon the becoming Auctioneer to give sufficient security, and if he fails to do so within one month, the Governor may, on the report of the said Treasurer, suspend the License of such Auctioneer until sufficient security has been given. (2 of 1878, s. 9.)

9. It shall be the duty of the Provincial Treasurer to keep a Register of Register of Auctioneers and of persons holding Agents' Licenses Licenses. (after-mentioned) in such form as the Governor directs. (2 of 1878, s. 10.)

10. Every License under this Ordinance shall have effect from Duration of the date of the granting thereof till the close of the thirtieth day Licenses. of June, or the thirty-first day of December, in the case of halfyearly or yearly Licenses respectively, of the year in which any such License may have been granted.

Whenever an Order suspending a License is made, the License Suspension or shall cease to be of any effect during the term of suspension; and revocation of


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