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1. Passenger steam vessels may be surveyed at either of the Place of following places:-Lagos, Forcados, Calabar.


2. The following officers are hereby appointed Government Sur- Survey veyors for the places mentioned:





or any other officer for the time being lawfully acting for any of these officers.

The Marine Superintendent.
The Superintendent Engineer.
The Senior Marine Officer.
The Engineer in Charge.

The Senior Marine Officer.
The Engineer in Charge.

3. The owner, agent or master of any steam vessel requiring to Application be surveyed shall make application in writing to the Marine to be made in writing one Superintendent or officer in charge of the Marine Department of week prethe port at which it is desired that the survey shall be held, at viously to least one week previously to the date on which it is desired that date of the survey be held.


4. The application shall state the number of saloon and deck Application to passengers which it is intended to accommodate in each part of the state number of passengers. vessel, when free from cattle, animals, cargo, or other incumbrance.

5. Surveys will be conducted as far as may be possible on the Method of lines laid down in the "Regulations and Suggestions for the conducting Survey of the Hull, Equipments and Machinery of Steam Ship surveys. carrying Passengers" issued by the Board of Trade. Copies of these regulations may be had on application to the officer in charge of the Marine Department at either of the above mentioned ports.

6. Steam vessels surveyed under this Ordinance shall be subject Rules as to to the same rules and regulations as regards "Boats and Life- boats, &c. Saving Appliances " as apply to steam vessels coming under Division D, Class 1, of the Board of Trade regulations. (Vide last paragraph.)

7. They shall also comply with the same regulations as regards Miscellaneous "Miscellaneous Equipments," including compasses and their equipment. adjustments, anchors and cables, lights and signals, firehose, &c., as are applied by the Board of Trade to all passenger steamers and are detailed in paragraphs 59-79 of the regulations referred to in paragraph 4.

8. Deck shelter is to be provided sufficient for the total number Deck shelter. of the deck passengers which the surveyors certify that the vessel may carry. The usual sheltered spaces allowed by the Board of Trade may, if insufficient for this purpose, be supplemented by properly fitted canvas awnings, made to slope over portions of the main deck.

Method of determining accommodation for


Meaning of
"clear area."

Not to include forecastle decks;

or portion of bridge deck used for navigation.

Nor space
bulwark and

deckhouse if
less than
2 ft. 6 in.
for cargo, &c.


9. The number of saloon and deck passengers which may be carried shall be determined as follows:

(A) For ordinary sea-going purposes.

Saloon. The number of properly constructed fixed berths or sofas shall determine the number of saloon passengers to be allowed, if sufficient light and ventilation and a reasonable amount of floor space be provided.

Deck. The length of the main deck is to be taken from and to such points as the surveyors may consider fit for the safe. and proper accommodation of deck passengers. The breadths are to be taken from the inside edge of the waterways.

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The "clear area" of the deck in square feet is to be divided by nine, and the quotient is the number of deck passengers allowed to be carried.

(B) For vessels employed on bar service, or in the case of seagoing vessels making daylight voyages only.

Saloon.-The "clear area " of the poop or bridge deck in square
feet, after deducting all incumbrances, as well as so much
of the floor space in the cabin below it, as is wholly
unincumbered by tables or permanent fittings, is to be
divided by eighteen, and the quotient is the number of
saloon passengers that may be carried.
Deck.-The same as for (A).

10. "Clear area" means the space after all incumbrances, such as hatchways, skylights, companions, steam chest casings, wheel, windlass, binnacles, masts, navigating spaces, boats carried inboard, and fittings for cattle, &c., are deducted.

11. Forecastle decks are not to be included in these measurements, nor any bridge deck which extends beyond the sides or ends of a house or saloon.

12. No portion of the bridge deck, which is either always or occasionally used for purposes of navigation, is to be included in the measurement for passengers, and passengers should not be allowed access to this part of the ship.

13. When the space between the sides of any deckhouse and the bulwark is less than two feet six inches in width, such space is not to be measured for passengers.

14. Where cargo, cattle, &c., are carried in the space measured for deck passengers, the following deductions are to be made :For every square yard of space measured for passengers, and occupied by cattle or other animals, or by cargo or other articles.

3 passengers.

15. If the whole number of passengers obtained by the foregoing methods exceeds the number representing the gross tonnage of the vessel, then the number of deck passengers must be reduced until it does not exceed that denoting such gross tonnage.

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16. Should any question arise on any point not dealt with in Other points these rules as to lavatory accommodation, freeing ports, height not specially and spacing of rails, or other similar details, the "Instructions as provided for. to the Survey of Passenger Accommodation," issued by the Board of Trade, must be complied with.

17. The registered tonnage of any steam vessel is the nett Tonnage. registered tonnage.

18. The following officers are hereby appointed as members of Marine the Marine Survey Board at the places mentioned for purposes of Survey Board. examination, and recommending that certificates of competency be granted in the following capacities:

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River Masters.
For Boatswains.

3rd Class En-
Engine Drivers.

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The Senior Marine Officer.
The next Senior Marine

S.N.-VOL. I.

The Senior Engineer.
The next Senior Engineer.


19. The certificates of competency of masters, mates, and Certificates engineers, granted by any foreign State, may be accepted, provided for masters. that they are granted under similar conditions and are practically equivalent to those granted by the Board of Trade.

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as river

20. Applications for certificates of competency as river masters, Applications boatswains, quartermasters, 3rd class engineers and engine drivers, for certificates shall be made in writing to the officer in charge of the Marine masters, &c. Department at Lagos, Forcados, or Calabar, and should be accompanied by any certificates of previous service or recommendations from former employers which the applicant is able to produce.

21. As early a date as possible will then be fixed for the Time for requisite examination and the applicant informed as to the time examination. and place of such examination.

22. Certificates of competency will be granted to those appli- Grant of cants who duly qualify in their respective examinations, in the certificates. form appended to these rules.

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Remuneration to Surveyors.

23. Remuneration to surveyors will be granted on the undermentioned scale :

For steam launches not exceeding 25 tons, 17. to each surveyor. For steam launches not exceeding 50 tons, 17. 10s. to each


For steam vessels not exceeding 100 tons, 27. to each surveyor. For steam vessels not exceeding 200 tons, 27. 10s. to each surveyor.

For steam vessels not exceeding 400 tons, 37. to each surveyor. For steam vessels exceeding 400 tons, 37. 3s. to each surveyor.






For as much as

has attended before us this

day of

(date of issue), 19 and satisfied us upon due
examination that he is possessed of sufficient skill and knowledge
to enable him to discharge the duties of , and further that he
is a person of good character and sober habits.

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Now we the undersigned being members of the Marine Survey
Board of do hereby recommend the said
(name) as a fit
and proper person to hold a certificate of competency under the
Passengers Steam Vessels Survey Ordinance.

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On the recommendation of the Marine Survey Board of
above appearing, this is to certify that
proper person to discharge the duties of

the provisions of the Passengers Steam Vessels Ordinance.

Given at


day of

(date of issue), 19

(name) is a fit and

in accordance with


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