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11. No person other than the Harbour Master or a person authorised by him shall interfere with any stakes in respect of which a license has been granted.

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is applying for a grant of a license to erect, maintain and work

in the Harbour of Lagos,

stakes at

I hereby certify that the said place is a fit and proper site for the erection, maintenance and working of the stakes aforesaid.

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On grant of a license except as hereinafter provided
On grant of a license to a person who has removed
stakes pursuant to a direction of the Harbour
Master under Rule 8 of the Fishing Stakes Rules,
and has within three months of such removal
furnished the particulars prescribed by Rule 1 of
the said Rules, as an applicant for the grant of a

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1. In this Ordinance and the Rules made thereunder save where Interpretathe context requires otherwise

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"Inland waters means all waters in the Western Province navigable by any vessel, excepting that part of the Harbour of Lagos lying outside a line drawn from the village of Iro to the southern entrance of the Ibekun lagoon. (12 of 1897, s. 3.)

"Vessel" includes every craft whether propelled by steam, sails or other means, and every boat, canoe, flat or craft of any description whatever.

"Night" means the time between sunset on one day and sunrise on the day next succeeding it.



2. It shall be lawful for the Governor on the recommendation Power to of the Pilotage Board of Lagos to grant to any person, and when Governor to granted on such recommendation to cancel a certificate that he is grant certifia fit and proper person to take charge of steam-vessels navigating the inland waters: such certificate may be in the form in Schedule A. (10 of 1891, s. 2.)

Provided always that it shall not be necessary for any person holding a Lagos pilot's license or a certificate of competency as a master to obtain such certificate, but such persons shall be deemed to hold a certificate under this Ordinance. (10 of 1891, s. 3, part.)

3. Every person desirous of holding a certificate of competency Examination. under this Ordinance shall make application to the Pilotage Board, and undergo such examination as the Pilotage Board may consider necessary. (12 of 1897, s. 5.)

4. Every person holding a certificate of competency under this Ordinance shall be deemed to be a Lagos pilot in respect of the pilotage of any vessel in that part of the Harbour of Lagos which lies in inland waters, and shall in and for that part of the Harbour aforesaid have all the rights and privileges of a Lagos pilot. (12 of 1897, s. 6.)

Certificated persons to be deemed Lagos pilots.

steam to carry

5. Every vessel under steam of ten tons burthen or upwards, Vessels under and every vessel under steam having in tow any other vessel of five tons burthen or any vessel laden with any goods, merchandise or cargo of any sort weighing five tons or any vessel licensed to carry

a certificated person.

Power to

Governor in Council to make rules.

Penalties recoverable

by summary procedure.

Power to seize vessels.

or carrying upwards of twenty passengers shall be in charge of a person holding or deemed to hold a certificate granted under the second section of this Ordinance.

The owner and person in charge of any vessel under steam contravening this section shall be liable to a fine not exceeding fifty pounds. (10 of 1891, s. 4.)

6. It shall be lawful for the Governor in Council to make, and when made to revoke or alter, rules dealing with the following matters:

(1) To appoint what person or persons shall be responsible on
board a vessel for the due carrying out of the rules or
any of them made under and pursuant to this section.
(2) To order vessels navigating the inland waters to carry
lights, and to prescribe what lights shall and may be
carried by any vessel or class of vessels.

(3) To appoint the course to be taken by vessels meeting,
passing or overtaking any other vessels or being passed
or overtaken by any other vessels navigating the inland

(4) To regulate the places of mooring vessels in the inland
waters and the mode of mooring the same.

5) Generally to carry out the purposes of this Ordinance.
(6) To appoint a penalty not to exceed fifty pounds for the

breach of any rule made under and pursuant to this section, which penalty may, in the case of a breach of sub-section (2), be imposed upon the owner of the vessel. Such rules, when published in the Gazette, shall have the same effect as if they formed part of this Ordinance, and shall, on such publication, come into immediate operation. (10 of 1891, s. 5.)

Unless and until varied or revoked in the manner above prescribed the provisions contained in Schedule B. hereto, shall be and remain in force as though they were rules made under this section.

7. All penalties shall be recovered upon summary trial and conviction, for which purpose a District Commissioner shall have jurisdiction in all prosecutions under this Ordinance. 1891, s. 6.)

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8. Any vessel not carrying at night such lights (if any) as may be prescribed shall be liable to be seized by any officer of the Customs or Harbour Department, and in the event of the owner of such vessel neglecting or refusing to pay the fine imposed upon him by the District Commissioner, the District Commissioner may direct such vessel to be sold and the proceeds applied to payment of such fine, and shall order any surplus that may remain after the payment of such fine, and any costs that may be ordered to be paid, to be repaid to the owner of such vessel.

Provided always that if security be given by any person charged as aforesaid to the satisfaction of the District Commissioner, the vessel shall be forthwith released. (10 of 1891, s. 7.)

9. If default be made by any person in the payment of any fine Power to imposed under and pursuant to this Ordinance, he shall be liable to imprison in be imprisoned in default of such payment for any time not exceeding three months. (10 of 1891, s. 8.)

default of payment.

10. All prosecutions for offences against this Ordinance shall be Limitation of commenced within three months after the offence shall have been prosecution. committed. Provided always that if any person shall leave the Colony within three months after committing the offence, the time within which the prosecution for such offence shall be commenced shall be extended to one month after the time of his returning to the Colony. (10 of 1891, s. 9.)

11. All penalties imposed and recovered under this Ordinance Disposal of shall be paid into the Colonial Treasury and shall form part of the penalties. general revenue of the Colony. (10 of 1891, s. 10.)

12. This Ordinance may be cited for all purposes as the "Inland Short title. Waters Navigation Ordinance." (10 of 1891, s. 11.)


Certificate of Competency.


On the recommendation of the Pilotage Board of Lagos and my approval thereof, this certificate is granted to that he is a fit and proper person to take charge of vessels navigating the inland waters in accordance with the provisions of the "Inland Waters Navigation Ordinance." Given at Lagos this

day of

19 .

(Signature of Governor.)


1. Rules for Steamers.

1. All steamers, of whatever class or tonnage, navigating the harbour or inland waters, when meeting other steamers or vessels of any kind coming in the opposite direction, shall put their helms to port and keep to the right or starboard side of the channel, and shall make the usual signal by blowing one short blast on their steam whistles. All such steamers when under way at night, that is to say between sunset on one day and sun

rise on the day next succeeding, shall carry the usual lights ordained and described by the Board of Trade Regulations, viz.: a bright light at the mast-head, and the usual starboard and port lights.

2. When one steamer is overtaking another going in the same direction, the steamer so overtaking shall pass on the starboard side of the steamer or vessel so overtaken.

3. A steamer which is being overtaken by another going in the same direction shall show from her stern to such overtaking steamer a white or flare-up light, to be placed in a conspicuous position not higher than the deck.

4. Where the channel is too narrow to admit of one steamer passing another while going in the same direction, the overtaking steamer shall slow or stop her engines until a part of the channel is reached which will admit of her passing the other safely and without danger to either vessel.

5. Where two steamers meet while going in opposite directions, and the channel is too narrow to admit of their passing one another, the steamer proceeding towards Lagos or proceeding down the lagoon shall stop and reverse if necessary in order to allow the upward steamer to proceed.

6. All steamers of whatever class or tonnage, when towing canoes, lighters or any other description of craft, whether alongside or astern, shall carry, in addition to the regulation mast-head and side-lights, one other bright light below the mast-head light, such additional light to be not less than six feet below the mast-head light in a vertical direction.

7. When navigating the inland waters of the Western District, or those parts of the lagoon known as Beshe and Canoe Creek, whether by day or night, upward going steamers shall, on nearing the turning-points, continue to give one blast of the steam whistle at short intervals, and steamers proceeding downwards shall in like manner on nearing the turning-points give two blasts of the steam whistle at short intervals, until such upward or downward steamers shall have passed the turning-points into more open water.

8. All steamers, of whatever class or tonnage, when at anchor in the harbour or in inland waters, shall hoist the usual anchor light, and any steamer getting aground or from any cause becoming unmanageable and ceasing to make way through the water shall on no account display side-lights.

9. All steamers, of whatever class or tonnage, when navigating the harbour or inland waters and approaching any part of such waters where there is customary traffic of canoes or reasonable and probable cause to expect such traffic, shall continue to give the usual and timely warnings on the steam whistle to indicate their approach.

10. In thick or foggy weather the Rules contained in Schedule II. to the Pilotage and Harbour Ordinance must be strictly observed, viz. :-Every steamer proceeding outwards from Lagos will give one blast of the steam whistle at intervals, and every steamer

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