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Philosophy is dug beneath the ground; is dark, cold, and comfortless ; and was never visited by the sunshine of heaven. The miserable rusb-light, which glimmers along its walls, scarcely enables this goddess, of man's creation, to distinguish her own footsteps around the dreary cavern; and shows no avenue to the world above. Here no celestial messenger ever arrived; and no tidings from that world were ever announced. Here God is neither worshipped, loved, nor known; the voice of mercy was never heard; and salvation was never proclaimed, sought, nor found.

The Gospel, at an immeasurable distance from this desolate mansion, is the garden of Eden in its pristine beauty. Here Jehovah manifests himself in the Shechinah; as of old he caused the glory of his presence to dwell at the east of Paradise above the Cherubim*. Here his answers are given to the inquiring penitent. Here angels are again heard praising God, and saying, Glory to God in the highest; peace on earth; and good-will lowards men.

Here the Saviour is born; and publishes the glad tidings of great joy. Here the Spirit of Grace fixes his divine abode, and sheds piety, and peace, and faith, and hope, upon the assembly of the first-born. Here, finally, commences the high-way of holiness, which leads directly to the regions of immortality.

Who, in this house, can contemplate these things without the strongest emotions ? Who can behold his all at hazard; his soul, his eternal well-being, at stake; without inexpressible anxiety ? Life and death, both eternal, are here the objects of choice. Whose bosom must not thrill; whose heart must not throb; when, famishing with thirst, and perishing with hunger, he hears a voice from heaven, calling directly to himself, Ho! every one that thirsteth! come ye to the waters ; and he that hath no money : come ye, buy and eat; yea, come, buy wine and milk, without money, and without price. With what transport will he

, learn, that the voice, which conveys this delightful invitation, is the voice of the Son of God! Must not his soul expand, with ecstacy, to see the Almighty arm of this glorious Person stretch

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ed out, to seize him, while walking on the brink of perdition, and convey him to the world of joy?

On the brink of perdition every sinner in this house is walking at the present moment. The only way, back, to eternal life ; the only safety, the only hope ; is found in the Gospel. Strive, then, with all possible earnestness to enter in at the strait gate, which stands at the head of this delightful path. Now the gate is open : soon, to you, it will be shut. Now the path is illumined by the Sun of righteousness : soon it will be lost in interminable darkness. Now heaven invites you to enter in, and

, be saded. Soon its doors will be closed for ever. Now God is reconcileable to you; the Saviour proffers himself, and all his blessings, to your acceptance ; and the Spirit of Grace is waiting to renew you to repentance. How soon will all these blessings retire beyond your reach ; the hope of salvation set, to rise no more ; and the voice of mercy be dumb for ever!



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Aetions of Christ : Creation of the Universe,

II. 81
Preservation of ditto,

do. 82
Government of ditto,

do. ib.
Giving and restoring life,

do. 84
Forgiveness of sin,

do. 86
Judging men and angels,

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III. 181
Agency of the Holy Spirit in Regeneration : its reality, II. 34

nature, do. 38
necessity,do. 41

I. 280

IV. 440
Amiableness of Christ,

II. 498
Angels: holy,

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I. 331
Antecedents of Regeneration,

III. 78
Antinomians : their objections answered,

II. 592

V. 288
Antipædobaptists : their objections answered,

I. 447
Apostasy of Man,

II. 280
Apostles: their inspiration,
necessity of their preaching the Gospel,

do. 293
what they preached,

do. 305

do. 306
consequences of their preaching,

do. 151
Arminians: their objections answered,

do. 596
Atheism : its objections answered,

l. 21
credulity merely,

do. 35

do. ib.
its influence with that of Christianity compared, do. 37
Attendants of Regeneration : Faith,

II. 531, III. 111

do. 119

III. 125, 140, 154
Complacency, do.. 168

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Atonement of Christ : its nature,


manner in which performed,
its extent,

objections answered,

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Attributes of God: Eternity,


Attributes of Christ : Eternity,


Attributes of the Holy Ghost,


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III. 5

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IV. 424


Baptism : its Reality,

V. 269

do. 271
Subjects: Believing adults,

do. 286
Infants of Believers,

. V. 287, 302
No other Infants,

V. 321
Mode of Administration: Subjects are to be baptiz-

ed into the name of the

V. 330
By a Minister of the

V. ib.
By Water only,

do. ib.
By Sprinkling, Affusion,
or Immersion, V. ib.

1. 8
Being of God : proved by the Existence of things,
State of things,


Benevolence, vid. Love : consistent with peculiar provision

for our own, Ill. 141

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