Lectures on the Study of History, Delivered in Oxford, 1859-61

Parker, 1865 - 190 sivua

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Sivu 89 - Superior beings, when of late they saw A mortal man unfold all Nature's law, Admired such wisdom in an earthly shape, And show'da Newton as we show an ape.
Sivu 203 - DAILY STEPS TOWARDS HEAVEN ; Or, PRACTICAL THOUGHTS on the GOSPEL HISTORY, and especially on the Life and Teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ, for Every Day in the Year, according to the Christian Seasons, with the Titles and Character of Christ, and a Harmony of the Four Gospels.
Sivu 196 - DD, of Queen's College, Oxford ; Prebendary of S. Paul's; being the BAMPTON LECTURES for the Year 1870, with an Appendix of the CONTINUOUS SENSE of S. Paul's Epistles ; with Notes and Metalegomena, 8vo., with Map, Second Edition, with New Preface, cloth, 9s. S. Paul's Epistles to the Ephesians and Philippians. A Practical and Exegetical Commentary. Edited by the late Rev.
Sivu 195 - By EB PUSEY, DD, Regius Professor of Hebrew, and Canon of Christ Church.
Sivu 198 - A History of the Book of Common Prayer, And other Authorized Books, from the Reformation; and an Attempt to ascertain how the Rubrics, Canons, and Customs of the Church have been understood and observed from the same time; with an Account of the State of Religion in England from 1640 to 1660. By the Rev. THOMAS LATHBUBY, MA Second Edition, with an Index.
Sivu 205 - THE AUTHORIZED EDITIONS OF THE CHRISTIAN YEAR, With the Author's latest Corrections and Additions. NOTICE.— Messrs. PARKER are the sole Publishers of the Editions of the " Christian Year" issued with the sanction and under the direction of the Author's representatives.
Sivu 203 - Small 4to., printed on thick toned paper, with red border-lines, mediaeval title-pages, ornamental initials, &c. Third Thousand. Cloth, 12s. PRAYERS FOR MARRIED PERSONS. From Various Sources, chiefly from the Ancient Liturgies. Selected and Edited by CHARLES WARD, MA, Rector of Maulden.
Sivu 206 - ON THE BEATITUDES, with others mostly preached before the University of Oxford ; to which is added a Preface relating to the volume of "Essays and Reviews.
Sivu 196 - Catena Aurea. A Commentary on the Four Gospels, collected out of the Works of the Fathers by S. THOMAS AQUINAS. Uniform with the Library of the Fathers. A Re-issue, complete in 6 vols., cloth, £2 2s. A Plain Commentary on the Four Holy Gospels, Intended chiefly for Devotional Reading.
Sivu 204 - Communicant. THE DEVOUT COMMUNICANT, exemplified in his Behaviour before, at, and after the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper : Practically suited to all the Parts of that Solemn Ordinance. 7th Edition, revised.

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