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ornaments and decorations of their own appointment. If a man, who believed he had the handsomest leg in this kingdom, should take a fancy to adorn so deserving a limb with a blue garter, he would justly be punished for offending against the Most Noble Order; and, I think, the general prostitution of equipage and retinue is as destructive to all distinction, as the impertinence of one man, if permitted, would certainly be to that illustrious fraternity.


** The Censor having lately received intelligence, that the ancient simplicity in the dress and manners of that

part of this island called Scotland begins to decay; and that there are at this time, in the good town of Edinburgh, Beaux, Fops, and Coxcombs; his late correspondent from that place is desired to send

up their names and characters with all expedition, that they may be proceeded against accordingly, and proper officers named to take in their canes, snuff-boxes, and all other useless necessaries commonly worn by such offenders.

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J. Haddon, Printer, Tabernacle Walk, Finsbury.

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