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This Institution owes its existence to boys at the end of the several quarters some communications which took place was as follows: between the Bp. of London, and some 1839, 1st Quarter .

28 Clergymen and Laymen, in the early

2d part of 1838. His Lordship was de


61 sirous that an attempt should be made


78 to provide better and more extensive 1840, Ist

89 means of instruction for that great And there are at present

103 boys. division of the community which may The system of education comprises be said to lie between those who are -1. Instruction in the Truths and brought up at our universities, our old Duties of Christianity, according to classical schools, and other establish- the Doctrines of the Church. 2. ments of a similar character, and those English taught grammatically. 3. Latin. who avail themselves of our national 4. French. 5. Writing. 6. Linear and parochial schools ; to secure to Drawing. 7. Arithmetic and the Elethe children of shopkeepers and arti- ments of Mathematics, including Men-, zans in our towns, of farmers and suration. 8. History. 9. Geography, yeomen in our rural districts, the kind 10. Elements of Natural History and and the degree of instruction adequate Philosophy. 11. Vocal Music. to their wants, and adapted to their The monitorial system is partially conditions and prospects.

adopted in the school. The design, therefore, is to provide, The great object kept in view has for the children of tradesmen, superior been, that nothing should be taught mechanics, and others, in the metro- superficially, that every fresh step polis and its suburbs, a sound and should rest on a sure basis, and that comprehensive education, of which an the information newly conveyed should essential part shall be religious in- be built on a previous and full acstruction, in conformity with the quaintance with the principles on which doctrines of the Church of Eng- it depended. land.

Religious instruction has, of course, The mode proposed for carrying this occupied the foremost place, and, it is into effect, was to establish a central believed, with the best results. As many school, at which masters might be of the children are young, and the trained ; to form local schools in con- knowledge of others, when they enter nexion with the central establishment in the school, is very slight, these are different parts of London and its en- taught the first principles of the Chrisvirons, where they might be required tian religion, and, when sufficiently to enter into friendly relations with advanced, are taken into the higher the proprietors or conductors of existing class. A short portion of Scripture is middle or coinmercial schools; to re- first read by the pupils; the master ceive their schools into union; or to then asks such questions as are likely promote, generally, the improvement to make them understand, not only of commercial schools, by raising the meaning of the passage, but its the standard of instruction, and ex- practical application.' Care is also hibiting a superior model in actual taken to make, as much as possible, operation.

the Sacred Volume its own interpreter The central establishment has been by means of references and parallel set on foot. Towards the close of 1838 passages. The pupils always appear to the Committee took on lease, and fitted enter upon this most important part of up, a large and commodious house in their daily duties with feelings of Rose Street, Soho, capable of accom- pleasure, and to leave it with a degree modating 250 boys, but equally well of regret; indeed often with the exsuited to a smaller number.

pressed wish that the time allowed The school was opened on Monday, for it might be longer. January 28, 1839. The number of The school is publicly exarnined



tution was,

twice a year. Two of these examina- at least, 140 boys in the school in tions have already taken place ; at Rose Street, before it can pay its own both of which entire satisfaction was expenses. A considerable outlay has expressed by the numerous visitors at been necessary in the first instance : the general conduct and appearance and a large additional sum might be of the boys, as well as at the progress most usefully employed in completing which they had made in the several such a library as ought to be attached branches of instruction.

to the establishment, and in proOne of the regulations of the insti- curing the various apparatus requisite

“ That, with a view to the for the proper and efficient delivery of immediate or early providing of pro- evening lectures, which are among the perly qualified instructors, a class be contemplated methods of instruction. formed at the central school, for the Donations and subscriptions are theretraining of schoolmasters, who shall, fore still earnestly requested, because, when qualified, receive certificates of if larger funds were placed at the discompetency; but that such certificates posal of the Committee, they would be may also be given, upon examination enabled considerably to extend the and inquiry, to persons who are already range of their proceedings; first, by employed in education, if the Com- establishing a school, or schools, for mittee are satisfied with their quali- girls, of a description similar to the fications."

boys' school, which has been already There is reason to anticipate that organized; and secondly, by making the benefit will not stop with those grants to assist in the formation of who receive this special training in the other schools, more or less independent, system through which knowledge is to yet based on the same principles with be conveyed; but that, by means of the school in Rose Street. the general tuition and discipline, in Three schools have been taken into this and similar institutions, a race of union. men will be gradually bred up, who The Committee cannot help exwill undertake the high and responsible pressing a conviction, that the issue of office of schoolmaster with superior their undertaking has been quite as qualifications and acquirements; be- satisfactory as could have been anticause they will have laid the founda- cipated from the novelty of the attempt, tion of teaching well, not merely in and the small space of time during an acquaintance with the mechanical which the experiment has been tried. routine and methods of instruction, They confidently expect that, by the but also in a large store of diversified expiration of another year, their own information, and in the extended establishment will fully support itself; culture of their own minds; and so and that, when the middle orders in will be ready to take advantage of England shall see the practical advanevery further aid afforded them for tages of such institutions, they will the purpose of preparing themselves voluntarily contribute to set up such to carry on education as it ought to be schools throughout the kingdom, in conducted.

connexion with the Church, and under It is calculated that there must be, the superintendence of the Clergy.



Degrees Conferred, March 26.

Smith, Rev. E. P. Pembroke Coll.
D C.L. (Grand Compounder.)

Turner, Rev. Alfred, St. John's Coll. Legge, Hon. & Rev. H. Fell. of All Souls.


Hyatı, Rev. G. T. Wadham Coll. Risley, Rev. J. II. Fell. of New Coll. Maitland, T. Fuller, Christ Church.


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An election of an Exhibitioner on the Michel foundation at Queen's College will take place on May 21. Candidates must be natives of the province of Canterbury, above 15 years of age and under 21; and, if at the University, must not have been matriculated above iwelve calendar months. There will also be an election then to an Exhibition on Sir F. Bridgman's foundation, for natives of Lancashire, Cheshire, and Wiltshire ; and one for natives of Middlesex to an Exhibition founded by K. Fitzgerald, Esq. Certificates of baptism and testimonials must be delivered to the Provost on or before May 16; and the examination will commence at 10 A.M. on May 18.

The Bible Clerkship in University College, will be vacant at the end of this

Candidates must be above 18 years of age, and not more than 20; and,

if at the University, must not have been matriculated above four terms. Preference to a clergyman's son. Appli. cation for particulars may be made to the Master on or before May 19.

March 26. The sum of 5001. was granted from the funds of the University as a donation to the National Society.

Mr. W. L. Bevan, Commoner of Balliol College, has been chosen a Lusby Scholar.

Mr. J. Gordon, B.A. of Brasennose College, has been elected a Mathemnatical Scholar.

Mr. W. Smith, from St. Paul's School, Mr. C. H. S. Godby, from Huntingdon School, and Mr. H. Sannemann, Commoner of Lincoln College, are elected Scholars of Lincoln College ; and Mr. W. H. Townshend, from Rugby School, is elected Dr. Hutchin's Scholar.

April 9.
It was unanimously agreed, in a Con-
vocation holden this day, to petitiou both
houses of Parliament against the Canada
Clergy Reserves Bill.

April 18.
Mr. W.E. D. Carter, from Winchester
College, is admitted a Probationary
Fellow of New College.

April 23.
T. B. Cornish, B.A. of Trinity Col-
lege; A. J. Christie, B.A. Scholar of
Queen's; and Mr. J. Fraser, Scholar of
Lincoln College; are elected Fellows of
Oriel College.





Degrees Conferred, April 3.

Granville, Granville J. Downing Coll.
Brumell, E. Fell. of St. John's Coll.

Jarvis, Edwin G. Trinity Coll.
Christmas, Henry, St. John's Coll.
Coward, Thomas, Queen's Coll.

Ashley, J. A. Jesus Coll.
Elwyn, W. M. H. Pemb. Coll.

Bellis, F. C. Clare Hall. Freeman, John, St. Peter's Coll.

Butson, C. H. G. Magdalen Coll. Griffin, W. N. Fell. of St. John's Coll.

Dawson, W. S. Magdalen Coll. Holmes, H. C. Catharine Hall.

Grant, Alexander, Trinity Coll. Pierpoint, R. W. St. John's Coll.

Green, John, Emmanuel Coll. Pulling, J. Fell. of Corpus Christi Coll. Nash, Z. Catharine Hall. Roberts, W. H. Emmanuel Coll.

Norman, G. B. Trinity Coll. Routh, J. 0. Christ Coll.

Raines, C. A. St. John's Coll. Thacker, Arthur, Fell. of Trinity Coll. Romney, John, St. John's Coll. Wood, H. O. St. John's Coll.

Swann, J. B. Trinity Hall.

Till, John, Queen's Coll.
M.A. (ad eundem.)

Turner, C. Queen's Coll.
Miller, A. J. Trinity Coll. Dublin. Williams, D. Watkin, Trinity Coll.

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April 15.

April 8.
The Rev. J. 0. Routh, B.A. was
elected a Fellow of Christ's College, on
Sir J. Finch and Sir T. Baines's founda-

The Examination for the Tyrrwhitt's
Hebrew Scholarships will commence on
May 13.

April 20.
W. Marsh, B.A. of Caius College, is
elected Divinity Fellow and Tutor of
Trinity Hall.

The Plumian Professor will commence a Course of Lectures on Optics, Hydrostatics, and Pneumatics, on Monday, May 4.

B.D. BY ROYAL MANDATE. Hodgson, Ven. Francis, King's Coll.

March 17. A. B. Simonds, of King's College, and J. Bather, of St. John's College, were re-examined for the Craven Scholarship, when the Examiners decided in favour of the former.

F. Gell, of Trinity College, and F. H. Cox, of Pembroke College, have been elected Bell's Scholars.

The Chancellor's Medals have been adjudged to A. C. Gooden, Trinity College, and W. S. Wood, St. John's College.

Messrs. Watson, Glover, Mansfield, Robinson, Haskoll, Koe, Godfrey, Hildebrand, and Margetts, have been admitted Scholars of Clare Hall.

The Classical Prizes at Caius College have been adjudged as follows :

Ist Prize.
Walpole . 2d ditto.

1st Prize. First Year

Worledge 2d ditto.

April 6. C. Colson, B.A ; G. F. Reyner, B.A.; F. S. Bolton, B.A.; J. Woolley, B.A ; W. S. Wood, B.A. ; F. L. Lloyd, B.A.; and F. France, B.A.; were elected Foundation Fellows of St. John's College: and E. Docker, B.A. ; N. M. Manley, B.A.; and W. Parkinson, B.A.; were elected Platt Fellows.

May 6

. at 11.

. at 11. June 3

at 11 11 (B.D. Comm.) at 10. 24

at 11. July 4

at 11. 6

at 11. 10

Second Year Montague .

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Rochester, April 12.

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Canterbury, March 15. 1 Peterborough, March 15. I


Degree. College.
Astley, W. D.

B.A. Pembroke Bailey, R. K. (1. d. York)

S.C.L. New Inn Hall Baumann, J. (1. d. London)

Lit. Boynton, G..

B.A. Trinity Buckner, J.

B.A. St. John's Burton, C. H. (1. d. Chester) B.A.

Corpus Christi Carver, c.

B.A. Corpus Christi Conway, w..

M.A. Trinity Corrance, H. F.

B.A. Clare Hall Cox, J. M.

B.A. Worcester Farrer, M. T.

B.A. Trinity


University. Diocese.
Oxford Canterbury
Oxford Canterbury

Cambridge Peterboro
Cambridge Canterbury
Cambridge Rochester
Cambridge Peterboro
Cambridge Rochester
Cambridge Peterboro
Oxford Peterboro
Cambridge Canterbury

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Degree. College.

Universily. Diocese. S.C L. Sidney

Cambridge Peterboro B.A. Magdalen Hall Oxford Peterboro M.A. Worcester Oxford Rochester B.A. St. Edmund Hall Oxford Peterboro B.A. Jesus

Cambridge Peterboro B.A. Christ Church Oxford Peterboro B.A. Catharine Hall Cambridge Peterboro B.A. Clare Hall Cambridge Peterboro B.A. Clare Hall Cambridge Peterboro B.A. Trinity

Oxford Peterboro B.A. St. John's Cambridge Peterboro B.A. Trinity

Cambridge Rochester M.A. St. John's Cambridge Rochester

Catharine Hall Cambridge Peterboro B.A. Trinity

Dublin Peterboro
M.A. Trinity Cambridge Canterbury


Cambridge Canterbury
B.A. Merton

Oxford Peterboro B.A. St. Edmund Hall Oxford Rochester B.A. Trinity

Dublin Peterboro B.A. Pembroke Cambridge Canterbury B A. University Oxford Canterbury of Cowbridge School

Rochester B.A. Clare Hall Cambridge Peterboro M.A. Queen's Cambridge Canterbury B.A. Merton

Oxford Rochester B.A. Queen's Cambridge Rochester

Acland, C.
Beon, W. H.
Dixon, J. M.
Garde, R.
Gordon, R. A.
Horsley, J. W.
Jones, J. (1. d. Llandaf)
Knipe, R.
Knipe, S. S. (1. d. York)
Knollys, W. F. E.
Laing, c.

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Prefermenl. Net Value. County. Diocese. Patron. Addenbrooke, E. Spernall, R. £154 Warwick Worc. C. Chambers, Esq. Baylee, J. Woodside, Liverpool, NewCh. Bellamy, E. . Dersingham, v. 132 Norfolk Norwich Bp. of Norwich

Marston, St. Law-
Blencowe, c. rence, V. cum 316 Northam. Peterboro J. J. Blencowe, Esq.

Warkworth, R.
Boyle, J. .
Brighouse in Hali-

143 York York Vicar of Halifax

fax, P.C Brymer, C. P. Canon Residentiary, Wells

D. & C. of Wells Buswell, w. Widford, R.

225 Essex London W. Cannon, Esq. Clifton, R. C. Somerton, R.

225 Oxford Oxford H. Wintle Cust, e.

Danby Whiske, R. 490 York Ripon Rev. D. M, Cust Dobson, W. Tuxford, v.

260 Notts York Trinity Coll. Camb. Flint, W. C. Wellow, P.c. 66 Nolts York

Earl of Scarborough Frampton, W.C.. Buckland Ripers, R. 176 Dorset Salisbury J. Frampton Garnier, T. Deanery of Winchester

The Queen Hanbury, J.. Heref.St.John Bapt.v. 150 Hereford Hereford D. & C. of Hereford Hare, J. C. Archideaconry of Lewes

Bp. of Chichester Hayes, J. Harpurhey,Ch.Ch.P.C. Lanc. Chester Hodgson, J. F.. Horsham, v. 651 Sussex Chichest. Abp. of Canterbury

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