Sivut kuvina

Mr. D. is indefatigable in his exertions among the twenty christian villages under his charge. He told ine, the average number of families embracing Christianity, was about two per month. During the seven years he has laboured among them, he does not think that above twenty individuals have drawn back, although every possible inducement is held out to them for doing so.

I left Barripore for Tallygunge, whence I accompanied our dear friend, the Rev. D. Jones, to Sajnaborea and Jangera. At Sajnaborea, I expounded in the chapel, which was formerly a heathen temple; and at Jangera, I also expounded to a congregation of about 200, on John üi. It was harvest time ; and being Monday, many villagers were out at work, and could not attend. After the service, I catechised some of them; and was delighted with the correctness of their heartfelt answers. Mr. Jones is a good pastor of his flock.

One poor old woman, in particular, (I shall never forget her, as long as I live,) with hardly clothes to cover her emaciated body, and blind with age, told me, when I asked her if she loved her Saviour, " Ah, sir, I do trust in my Saviour, and love him ; but I know no more, so do not ask me any thing else.” The other females I quesrioned, and who returned their answers

with the modesty and decorum unknown to a heathen woman, struck me much by their knowledge of the scripture and articles of faith, although most of them cannot read. This is an important point -the education of females. I have strongly urged our missionaries to devote much attention to that branch of their duties. It is by converting the mothers when young, that we shall have influence over the rising generation. I shall endeavour in England to raise a fund specially devoted to that purpose. One village only in the Tallygunge station has drawn back.

I returned to Bishop's College, blessing God with an overflowing heart, for all I had seen and heard. I was prevented from visiting the missionary station of Bowescotty, under our friend the Rev. J. Bowyer. It is prospering through the blessing of God. But when we riflect that these blessed fruits have been produced by Bishop's College-and that the Christions of Barripore, Tallygunge, and Bowescotty, in all about 2000, owe their spiritual birth to the efforts of zealous men educated within the walls of the College, have we not cause to thank God from the bottom of our hearts praying He may give increase to the seed we sow—and bid us take courage for the future?



Meetings of the Committee were Lincolnshire; at Emsworth, Warheld in St. Martin's Place, April 27th blington, Hants:-building a Chapel at and May 18th.- Present, the Abp. of Brumpton on Swale, Easby, Yorkshire; Canterbury (in the chair); Bps. of at Over Scale, Leicestershire; at HanLondon, Winchester, Lincoln, Bangor, ham, Bitton, Gloucestershire; Carlisle, Chester, Gloster and Bristol, Weston and Marston, Potterne, Wilts; Ely, Chichester, Ripon, Salisbury, at Ramsdon, Shipton under Wichwood, Norwich, and Hereford ; Lords Bex- Oxon; at Muswell Hill, Hornsey, ley, Dartmouth and Brownlow; Revs. Middlesex ; at Pelton, Chester le Adn. Cambridge, Dr. D'Oyly, Dr. Street, Durham; at Streatham, SurSpry, H. H. Norris, C. Benson, J. Bow- rey; at Withnell, Leyland, Lancadler, J. Jennings, J. Lonsdale, and shire; at Portreath, Illogan, Cornwall; B. Harrison ; Joshua Watson, J. S. at Ash, Martlock, Somerset :-rebuildSalt, J. Cocks, A. Powell, W. Davis, ing the Church of the Holy Trinity, T. G. Estcourt, B. Harrison, N. Con- Shaftesbury, Dorset; St. Maurice, nop, jun. E. H. Locker, H. I, Bar- Winchester; Church at Cleaton, Cumchard, and W. Cotton, Esgrs.

berland; at Stoke Trister cum BayAmong other business transacted, ford ; at Chedington, Dorset ; at Grants were voted towards building a Llanffinan, Anglesey; at Misterton, Church in St. Andrew's, Newcastle Somerset; at Tasley, Salop :-rebuildupon Tyne; at Cowling, Keldwick, ing the Chapel at Morcamblake, WhitYorkshire ; at Cardiff, Glamorgan; at church Canonicorum, Dorset; at New Catton, St. Clement on the bridge, Calder Bridge, St. Bridget, CumberNorfolk ; at Crookham, Crondall, land; at Brynwran, Anglesey :-enHants ; at Spittlegate, Grantham, larging the Church at Petersham, Sur

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rey; at Bradfield, Essex;'at Sowerby, Applications in the year. 205 Yorkshire; at Westport, Wilts; at Grants made.

149 Stevenage, Herts; at Stretton in the of which 58 were for new Churches Foss, Warwick :-increasing accommo- or Chapels. dation in Warton Chapel, Kirkham, Amount granted, £24,977. Lancashire ; in Church at Margaret Additional sittings obtained, 52,019, Roding, Essex ; in Rockland Church, of which 34,601 are free. Norfolk; in Christ Church, Hants; in The Collection from the Queen's Church at Llangwm, Pembroke; in

Letter is £33,000, of which only St. Martin's, Colchester; and at At

£3000 remains undisposed. tenborough, Notts :-rebuilding the West End of Stillington Church, York- Since the formation of the Society shire :-erecting galleries in Church in 1818, it has expended £287,613, at Cromer, Norfolk :—and repewing by which it has assisted in building Church at Inkberrow, Worcestershire. 375 new Churches or Chapels, and

The following is an abstract of the enlarging 1380 Parish Churches, Report, which was read at the annual thereby providing 487,536 sittings, of meeting on May 21st, but reached us which 341,316 are free and unapprotoo late for insertion in this number. priated for ever.

ENDOWMENT of ADDITIONAL BISHOPRICS in the COLONIES. The Bishop of London has published ment of bishoprics, to meet a certain A very able Letter to the Archbishop proportion of the whole amount reof Canterbury, recommending that quired for such endowment, raised in measures shall be immediately taken the colonies themselves. to provide a Fund for the above most “ 4thly. That the money, set apart important object: his Lordship pro

from the fund for the endowment of a poses the following plan for the consi- bishopric, should be laid out at the deration of his Grace:

earliest opportunity, in the purchase “1st. That a fund should be formed, of land within the colony. by voluntary contribution, for the en- “ 5thly. That contributions may be dowment of bishoprics in the colonies made, specifically, for the endowment and distant dependencies of the British of particular bishoprics.” Crown.

“2dly. That this fund should be held The Letter has been so widely cirin trust and administered by the Arch- culated, and the attention of the public bishops and Bishops of the English has been so generally attracted to it, Church.

that we deem it superfluous to do more "3dly. That, as a general principle, than enumerate the heads of the grants should be made for the endow- Bishop of London's proposition.



Degrees Conferred, April 29.

May 7.


Ley, Rev. J. Student of Christ Church. Bertie, Hon.& Rev. H.W.Fell.of All Souls.


Gunner, Rev. W. H. Trinity Coll.

Hickes, Rev. J. G. Trinity Coll. lee, Rev. R. H. B. Lincoln Coll.

Menzies, Rev. F. Fell. of Brasennose Coll. Ltion, E. A. Fell. of Oriel Coll.

Picking, Rev. W. F. Demy of Magd. Coll. Moule, Rev. H. Queen's Coll.

Wickes, Rev. J. B. St. John's Coll.
Now, Rev.F.T.St. John's Coll. (gr.comp.)
Sanders, Rev. J. Queen's Coll.

Bailey, R. Kemp, New Inn Hall. Sleppard, T. H. Fell. of Oriel Coll. Monsell, C. H. Worcester Coll. (incorpd. Smih, E.B. Fell of Qu. Coll (Vin. Schol.) from Trinity Coll. Camb.) gr. comp.


May 14.


Briscoe, Rev. R. Fell. of Jesus Coll.

M.A. Bathurst, S. E. Merton Coll. Bode, J. E. Christ Church. Cox, G. R. Balliol Coll. Hayward, Rev. W. W. C. Oriel Coll. Knollys, W. F. Merton Coll. Moore, Rev. E. Christ Church. Pole, W. E. Christ Church, Robinson, G. Balliol Coll. Tinling, Rev. E. Christ Church.

A cland, H. W. Christ Church.
Antrobus, G, Brasennose Coll.
Baker, C. F. Exeter Coll.
Barton, C. Wadham Coll. (gr. comp.)
Bearerott, J. Oriel Coll.
Bowles, H. Oriel Coll.
Braithwaite, G. Queen's Coll. (gr. comp.)
Britton, T. H. Exeter Coll.
Browne, C. H. Worcester Coll.
Cobbe, H. Oriel Coll.
Cockerell, G. W. Queen's Coll.
Compton, J. Merton Coll.
Coryton, G. Oriel Coll.
Cother, D. I. Brasennose Coll.
Courtenay, F. Exeter Coll.
Davis, J. W. Worcester Coll.
Davy, C. Balliol Coll.
Irwin, —, Queen's Coll. (incorpd. from

Trinity Coll. Dublin.)
Kershaw, T. A. Brasennose Coll.
Latham, M. T. Brasennose Coll.
Lee, S. Queen's Coll.
Master, G. F. University Coll.
Pedder, W. Brasennose Coll.
Penny, C. J. Queen's Coll.

Fletcher, J. St. Mary Hall.
Gane, B. M. Magdalen Hall.
Garnett, F. W. Balliol Coll.
Gresley, J. M. St. Mary Hall.
Hawkins, J. G. Schol. of Pembroke Coll.
King, J. H. St. Mary Hall.
Lowry, J. F. Brasennose Coll.
Lowry, R. W. Brasennose Coll.
Moody, J. L. St. Mary Hall.
Morgan, J. Trinity Coll.
Oakeley, A. New Inn Hall.
Penny, C. Worcester Coll.
Price, H. T. Jesus Coll.
Rogers, W. Exeter Coll.
Sale, C. H. Brasennose Coll.
Scott, T. New Inn Hall.
Smith, A. H. St. Edmund Hall.
Stent, W. D. Wadham Coll.
Sweet, W. F. Pembroke Coll.
Symonds, H. Magdalen Hall.
Torkington, C. Brasennose Coll.
Trollope, J. J. Pembroke Coll.
Twemlow, F. C. Oriel Coll.
Wright, T. Brasennose Coll.

April 29. This day the Proctors of the last year resigned their offices, and the new Proctors were presented for admission to the Vice-Chancellor. Senior Proctor.-Rev. E. A. Dayman,

M.A. Fell. of Exeter Coll. Junior Proctor.-Rev. J. F. Crouch,

M.A. Fell. of Corpus Christi Coll.

The new Proctors nominated the following gentlemen to be Pro-Proctors for the ensuing year :Rev.G.Dawson, M.A. Fell. of Exeter Coll. Rev. J. Ley, M.A. Fell. of Exeter Coll. Rev. C. Balston, M.A. Fell. of Corpus

Christi Coll. Rev. R. G. Macmullen, M.A. Fell. of

Corpus Christi Coll.

May 21.


Bellairs, H. W. New Inn Hall.
Bernard, T. D. Exeter Coll.
Cocks, Rev. C. R. S. Christ Church.
Evans, Rev. E. C. Oriel Coll.
Robin, Rev. P. R. Brasennose Coll.
Sulivan, H. W. Balliol Coll.
Twemlow, T. F. Christ Church.
Winthrop, B. E. Wadham Coll.

An election to three Fellowships in Exeter College will take place on June 30; two for natives of the counties of Devon, Somerset, Dorset, Oxford, Essex, Norfolk, Suffolk, Middlesex, Hants, Kent, Cheshire ; and one for natives of the Archdeaconry of Cornwall. Certificates, by affidavit, of birth, and testimonials, must be sent to the Rector on or before June 23. Candidates must be of the standing of Generalis Sophista.

There will an election to three open Scholarships in Merton College on June 24. Candidates must be 17, ang not above 19 years old. Certificates a


Ashworth, G. W. University Coll.
Bennett, J. W. J. St. Edmund Hall.
Cookson, C. University Coll.
Davie, G. J. Exeter Coll.
Devey, H. E. Pembroke Coll.
Dixon, H. J. St. Mary Hall. (g. c.)

baptism and testimonials are to be sent to the Warden on June 18.

There will also be an election to three Scholarships in Trinity College on June 15; candidates to be above 16 and under 20; and certificates, &c. to be sent to the President on June 10.

The fourth election of an Eldon Scholar will take place on June 2.

The Delegates of Privileges for the ensuing year are, Mr. Cornish, Fellow of Exeter College ; Mr. Payne, Fellow of Balliol College; Mr. Sewell, Fellow of New College; Mr. Macmullen, Fellow of Corpus Christi College; Mr. Chaffers, Fellow of Brasennose College.

The Delegates of Appeals in Congregation are, the Rector of Exeter College ; Dr. Jelf, of Christ Church ; the Warden of Merton College; Dr. Wootton, of Balliol College ; Mr. Donkin, Fellow of University College: Mr. Mules, Fellow of Exeter College ; Mr. Griffiths, Fellow of Wadham College.

Mr. T. Z. Davies, of Jesus College, is elected Scholar of that Society.

May 5.
The Ven. S. Wilberforce, M.A. of
Oriel College, and Archdeacon of Surrey,
was chosen Bampton Lecturer for 1841.

May 16.
C. Browne, of Wadham College, and
E. Oldfield, of Worcester College, were
elected Foundation Scholars of Wor-
cester College.

H. W. Norman was admitted a probationary Fellow of New College.

May 21.
Mr. J. W. Slegg, Commoner of Trinity
College, was elected an Exhibitioner on
the Michel Foundation of Queen's Coll.

The Denyer's Theological Prizes were
adjudged to
Rev. C. Brooksbank, M.A. of Christ

Rev. E. H. Hansell, M.A. demy of Mag-

dalen College.




Degrees Conferred, May 6.

May 20.
Clive, Viscount, St. John's Coll.
Newport, Viscount, Trinity Coll.

Bowyear, T. K. Caius Coll.
Clarkson, G. A. Jesus Coll.

Howson, J. S. Trinity Coll.
Hemery, James, Trinity Coll.

Mayor, C. Trinity Coll.
Pym, F. L. Trinity Coll.
Raven, Rev. V. Fellow of Magdalen Coll.

Rice, T. C. W. Spring, Trinity Coll.

Smythies, H. R. Emmanuel Coll. Selwyn, Edward, Catharine Hall.

Tottenham, R. L. St. John's Coll. Smyrhe, Hon. G. P. S. St. John's Coll. Wanton, S. W. St. Jobn's Coll.

LL.B. Wood, H. 0. St. John's Coll.

De Skelton, J. D. Trinity Hall. Michel, E. W. Queen's Coll.

Beck, Louis A. Jesus Coll.

Balston, E. King's Coll.
Bell, William, Corpus Christi Coll. Burton, T. J. St. Peter's Coll.
Childe, W. H. Caius Coll.

Cooke, S. A. St. Peter's Coll.
Chirol, Alexander, Clare Hall.

Crompton, B. Trinity Coll. Claydon, Henry, Caius Coll.

Cross, W. A. Trinity Coll. Cockburn, Walter, Trinity Coll.

Dixie, B. Emmanuel Coll. Everett, Edward, St. John's Coll.

Eller, G. Queen's Coll. Foy, John, Trinity Hall.

Ferguson, J. W. Caius Coll. Hawker, G. C. Trinity Coll.

Gunning, G. St. John's Coll. Lawford, Charles, Trinity Coll.

Harker, W. Catharine Hall. Maltby, Henry, St. John's Coll.

Ibbotson, C. Trinity Coll. Maul, H. G. St. John's Coll.

Kerr, W. M. St. John's Coll. Sheldon, John, Catharine Hall.

Manby, E. F. Christ's Coll. Smith, H. B. Trinity Coll.

Monins, R. E. St. John's Coll. Williams, Frederick, Corpus Christi Coll. Rogers, A. E. Queen's Coll. Wilson, C. H. Trinity Coll.

Shebbeare, C. J. Queen's Coll.

Simonds, A. B. King's Coll.
Strettell, H. H. Trinity Coll.
Strong, W. B. Trinity Coll.
Thorntor, J. Catharine Hall.
Tindall, R. St. John's Coll.
Tuck, R. H. King's Coll.
Vansittart, G. N. Trinity Coll.
White, R. S. Trinity Coll.
Williams, R. King's Coll.
Williamson, 0. J. St. John's Coll.
Yonge, J. E. King's Coll.

April 29. The Rev. W. P. Baily, M.A. was admitted a Senior Fellow of Clare Hall.

May 2.
The Rev. J. O. Routlı, B.A. was
elected a Foundation Fellow of Christ's

May 6.
Mr. Skinner, of Jesus College, and
Mr. Eyres, of Caius College, were ap-
pointed Examiners for Tyrwhitt's Hebrew

E. Thompson, B.A. was elected a
Fellow of Christ's College, on Sirs J.
Finch and T. Baines's foundation,

May 16.
The Rev. J. I. Smith, M.A. late
Scholar of Trinity College, was elected
Librarian of that Society.

May 19.
T'yrwhitt's Hebrew Scholarships.-H. G.
Williams, B.A. of Emmanuel College,
was elected a Scholar of the first class,
and N. M. Manley, B.A. of St. John's, a
Scholar of the second class.

April 30.
The following gentlemen were elected
Scholars of Trinity College :
U. Heathcote E. H. J. Craufurd
G. P. Smitn

J. C. Turnbull
A. Martineau J. Bickerdike
T. Robinson

W. Smith
T. Richardson H. A. J. Munro
I. B. Turner J. F. Fenn
C. A. Swainson B. F. Smith
F. Curry

B. Shaw
J. B. Gisborne A. Cayley
F. A. Goulburn G. Denman
J. G. Lonsdale A. Lowther

May 21. Caius College.-W. J. Johnson, M.A. was translated into a Frankland Fellowship, and M. O'Brien, B.A. was elected a Fellow on the Wortley Foundation.

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Prefermeni. Nel Value. County.

Diocese. Patron.
Ashby, S.. Saxthorpe, v. £139 Norfolk Norwich Pemb. Coll. Camb.
Atley, C.
Barrowden, R.

Rutland Peterboro Marq. of Exeter

Trustees of the late Baker, H. de Foe North Witiam, R. 300 Lincoln Lincoln

Lord Donne Basnett, T. S. Rolleston, v.

246 Notts York Coll. Ch. South well Bateman, J. Huddersfield, v. 503 York Ripon Sir J. Ramsden Belgrave, W. Preston, R.

249 Rutland Peterboro H. Shield Bevan, D. B.. Brede, R.

702 Sussex Chichest. Rev. D. B. Bevan Blunt, R.. Belton, v.

204 Leicester Lincoln Marquis of Hastings Bramston, J. Witham, v.

473 Essex London Bp. of London Burdett, W. North Molton, v.

110 Deron Exeter Earl of Morley Cane, T.

Halloughton, P.C. 46 Notts York Preb. of Halloughton Charlton, W. H.

167 Lincoln Lincoln Marquis of Exeter cum St. Paul's, R. Cottle, J.

Taunton, St. Mary Magd. Somerset B. & W. Lord Ashburton Cox, J.

Runcorn, Trinity Ch. Cheshire Chester Creswell, s. Radford, v.


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293 Notts York The Queen Downes, J. Stonnall, p.c. 92 Stafford Lichfield Vicar of Shenstone



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