Sivut kuvina

union with the National Society, and been in constant communication with its Committee, as far as the education of the poor is concerned.

"The funds cannot yet be represented as being in a very flourishing condition, the receipts for the year, in donations and subscriptions, amounting only to 8761. 4s. 6d. The Board has hitherto abstained from any extraordinary efforts to increase them; but the time has arrived when, without a wide and prompt encouragement, the Board must abandon all ulterior purposes, and even its present objects cannot be carried fully into execution. Unless more ample resources placed at its command, its actual arrangements and operations can hardly be completed; and still less will it be enabled to afford any aid towards


erecting schools,-raising the salaries of masters and mistresses,-putting out as apprentices to them boys and girls of promising abilities and unexceptionable conduct,-providing, by other means, a larger supply of pupilteachers or assistant-teachers, or, in

fact, furthering any of those ends which would make the advantage of an union with itself more deeply felt and more generally recognised.

"The Committee therefore suggest, that great advantage might accrue, if the Clergy of each parish could make it convenient, assisted by a portion of the laity, to acquaint their respective parishioners with the formation and constitution of the Board, and invite their cooperation in the efficient promotion of its designs."

[blocks in formation]

Allen, H. G. Christ Church.
Browne, W. Balliol Coll.
Gray, C. E. Brasennose Coll.

Haddan, T. H. Fell. of Exeter Coll.
Halliwell, Rev. T. New Inn Hall.
Hodson, Rev. J. S. Merton Coll.
Huntingford, Rev. G. W. Fell. of NewColl.
Marshall, Rev. E. late Fell.of C.C.C.(g.c.)
Michell, R. D. Wadham Coll.

Rowden, Rev. F. M. Wadham Coll. Shedden, Rev. E. C. St. Mary Hall. Stott, Rev. G. Fell. of Worcester Coll. Thompson, R. Brasennose Coll. Trevelyan, Rev. E. O. Corpus Christi Coll. Weston, Rev. W. H. All Souls' Coll. Wyndham, J. E. Oriel Coll.

Dalton, Rev. W. Tr. Coll. Dublin
Walker, Rev.S.E.Tr.Coll. Camb. eundem



Lefroy, H. M. Exeter Coll. Merewether, H. R. St. Alban Hall. Sandham, J. M. St. John's Coll. Thompson, W. Scholar of Queen's Coll. Vaux, W. S. W. Balliol Coll.



Elvey, G. J. New College.


Barker, Rev. F. M. R. Oriel Coll.
Barlow, Rev. J. M. Worcester Coll.
Collins, W. L. Scholar of Jesus Coll.
Dudley, Rev. S. G. Jesus Coll.

Green, Rev. W. Worcester Coll.

Harrison, M.Schol. of Corpus Christi Coll. Hopwood, Rev. F. G. Christ Church. Horsley, Rev. J. W. University Coll. Whiteside, Rev.J.W.Tr.Coll. eund.


Austen, J. F. Christ Church.

Bather, E. Postmaster of Merton Coll.
Clifton, A. Lincoln Coll.
Drury, H. J. Worcester Coll.
Goff, T. Oriel Coll.

Phillips, F. P. Christ Church.
July 8.

M.A. ad eundem.

Dayman, C. O. St. John's Coll. Camb.

July 11.


Adams, A. R. Fell. of St. John's Coll.

B.C.L. (by commutation.) Nicholl, J. W. Jesus Coll.


Briggs, Rev. F. W. Magdalen Hall. Diggle, Rev. C. W. Wadham Coll. Hyman, Rev.O.H.B.Fell.of WadhamColl.


Delane, F. J. Magdalen Hall. Hombersley, W. Fell. of Ch. Ch. (g. c.) Nicholson, J. Brasennose Coll.

June 25.

Dr. Daubeny was regularly elected and admitted Professor of Botany.

J. W. Davies, B. A. was elected Fellow of Worcester College, on Sir Y. Cookes' foundation; and Mr. T. H. Cookes was elected Scholar (as founder's kin), from Bromsgrove School.

H. Bennet, B.A. was elected Fellow, and R. C. Dickerson Scholar, of Lincoln College, on Dr. Finney's foundation.

H. S. Milman, from Eton; G. W. Watson, of Trinity College; W. H. Lucas, of Brasennose College; and C. G. Curtis, from the Charterhouse, were elected Postmasters of Merton College.

W. Thompson was elected Taberdar; and E. J. Dixon and J. Crosby Probationary Scholars of Queen's College.

July 1.

The Prizes were recited by the successful candidates, and the Crewian Oration was delivered by the Public Orator, Dr. Cramer.

The following subjects are proposed for the Prizes for the ensuing year :Latin Verse.-Viæ per Angliam ferro


English Essay.-The Pleasures and Advantages of Literary Pursuits, compared with those which arise from the excitement of Political Life.

Latin Essay.-De Etruscorum cultu, legibus, et moribus, eorumque apud Romanos vestigiis.

English Verse.-The Sandwich Islands.

The exercises must be sent, under a sealed cover, to the Registrar, on or before April 2, 1841.

Theological Prize.-The Study of Ecclesiastical History.

The essay must be sent as above, on or before April 14, 1841.

Mrs. Denyer's Theological Prizes.1. On the Divinity of our blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. 2. On the Sufficiency of the Holy Scriptures for the Salvation of Man. The compositions are to be sent as before, on or before March 1, 1841.

Degrees Conferred, June 26.


Jones, Rev. M. H. Queen's Coll.


Mr. J. G. Brine, Scholar of St. John's College, was admitted actual Fellow, and Mr. T. A. Parnell (from Merchant Tailors' School) was elected a probationary Scholar.

The Rev. E. W. Tufnell, B. A. Scholar of Wadham College, was admitted actual Fellow; C. F. Trower, B.A. Scholar of Balliol College; G. Rawlinson, B.A. of Trinity College; and R. S. Sutton, B.A. of Brasennose College, were elected Fellows of Exeter College; and C. W. Lawrence (from Winchester College) admitted Scholar of New College.

The Rev. W. F. Audland, M.A. Fellow of Queen's College, was appointed a Public Preacher, in the room of the Warden of New College, resigned.

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Mortlock, Rev. E. D. Christ's Coll.


Coghlan, J. Queen's Coll.
Coles, T. S. Corpus Christi Coll.
Packer, J. G. Trinity Coll.


Fowke, W. V. Caius Coll.

July 4.


University Intelligence.

Tidemore, Rev. J. Trinity Hall.


Blackwell, B. B. Corpus Christi Coll.
Fanshawe, J. F. Corpus Christi Coll.
July 6.

M.A. (ad eundem.)

Bently, T. R. Trin. Coll. Dublin.

July 7. (Commencement Day.)

[blocks in formation]


Abraham, C. J. King's Coll.
Akers, J. R. Caius Coll.
Allen, S. Trinity Coll.
Ayrton, E. N. Trinity Coll.
Baker, F. W. Caius Coll.
Bazett, A. Y. Trinity Coll.
Beaufort, D. A. Jesus Coll.
Bell, J. Clare Hall.

Bennett, J. L. Corpus Christi Coll.
Birch, F. L. St. John's Coll.
Blackall, T. Caius Coll.
Blake, H. W. Trinity Coll.
Boys, E. St. John's Coll.
Bramwell, H. R. Christ's Coll.
Bromby, C. H. St. John's Coll.
Brown, J. L. St. John's Coll.
Browne, W. Trinity Coll.
Bruce, D. Jesus Coll.
Brumell, E. St. John's Coll.
Buckley, J. W. Magdalene Coll.
Bull, G. Corpus Christi Coll.
Buller, J. King's Coll.

Burrows, H. N. Trinity Coll.
Caley, R. L. St. John's Coll.
Canham, A. J. Trinity Coll.
Carrick, G. M. Catharine Hall.

Charlesworth, J. C. D. St. John's Coll.

Clarkson, G. A. Jesus Coll.
Clarkson, T. St. John's Coll.
Combs, W. St. John's Coll.
Conybeare, W. J. Trinity Coll.
Cory, R. W. Pembroke Coll.
Cousins, D. L. St. Peter's Coll.
Coward, T. Queen's Coll.
Crompton, J. L. Trinity Coll.
Dalton, S. N. Caius Coll.
Daniel, E. H. Christ's Coll.
Dawson, T. Downing Coll.
Day, G. E. Pembroke Coll.
Deck, J. Christ's Coll.
Drury, H. Caius Coll.



Dudley, B. W. Catharine Hall.
Dumergue, F. Trinity Coll.
Ebsworth, G. S. Clare Hall.
Eden, J. P. St. John's Coll.
Elwyn, W. M. H. Pembroke Coll.
Fardell, C. St. John's Coll.
Fell, J. E. St. John's Coll.
Fitzherbert, A. St. John's Coll.
Fleming, G. Christ's Coll.
Fraser, D. Trinity Coll.
Freeman, F. W. St. Peter's Coll.
Freeman, J. St. Peter's Coll.
Garfit, M. Trinity Coll.
Goodall, W. Catharine Hall.
Gordon, J. Trinity Coll.
Gordon, R. A. Pembroke Coll.
Griffin, W. N. St. John's Coll.
Guthrie, L. Trinity Coll.
Hargrave, J. F. Trinity Coll..
Harper, F. W. St. John's Col.
Harris, F. W. Trinity Coll.
Harrison, W. E. Catharine Hall.
Hawkins, R. R. A. Trinity Coll.
Hayton, H. St. John's Coll.
Hemery, J. Trinity Coll.
Herbert, J. St. John's Coll.
Herries, C. J. Trinity Coll.
Hickman, J. St. John's Coll.
Hildyard, A. G. Pembroke Coll.
Hill, H. T. Corpus Christi Coll.
Hodgson, M. G. Corpus Christi Coll.
Hodgson, T. Trinity Coll.
Hodgson, W. H. Jesus Coll.
Hogg, J. R. Christ's Coll.
Holmes, H. C. Catharine Hall.
Howard, T. H. Queen's Coll.
Hubert, H. S. M. Christ's Coll.
Humphry, W. G. Trinity Coll.
Hutton, M. Catharine Hall.
Ibotson, W. H. Magdalene Coll.
Jackson, H. J. Catharine Hall.
Jebb, R. G. Trinity Coll.
Jeffery, F. St. John's Coll.
Jennings, R. Trinity Coll.
Jeudwine, G. St. John's Coll.

Johnson, J. G. Trinity Coll.

Johnson, R. W. Magdalene Coll.

Kennion, R. W. St. John's Coll.
King, E. F. Clare Hall.
Kirkpatrick, J. Trinity Coll.
Laycock, H. S. Clare Hall.
Lewis, J. Trinity Coll.
Lowe, H. E. Trinity Coll.
Lowndes, G. D. Trinity Coll.
Lund, H. Trinity Coll.
Maitland, B. Trinity Coll.
Martin, G. St. John's Coll.
Mason, H. B. Christ's Coll.
Metcalfe, W. Jesus Coll.
Mills, J. H. St. John's Coll.
Morison, G. Trinity Coll.
Newman, J. S. St. Peter's Coll.
Niven, H. St. John's Coll.
Oddie, H. H. Trinity Coll.

3 s

Pardoe, J. St. John's Coll.
Parker, R. Corpus Christi Coll.
Partridge, W. J. Corpus Christi Coll.
Philips, J. Trinity Coll.

Pierpoint, R. W. St. John's Coll.
Pierson, G. C. Clare Hall.
Pine, B. C. C. Trinity Coll.
Pollock, W. F. Trinity Coll.
Pullein, J. Clare Hall.
Pulling, J. Corpus Christi Coll.
Rackham, R. A. Jesus Coll.
Raven, V. Magdalene Coll.
Reed, G. V. Jesus Coll.
Reynardson, H. B. Trinity Coll.
Reynolds, O. Queen's Coll.
Richardson, W. S. Trinity Coll.
Roberts, W. H. Emmanuel Coll.
Rodwell, B. B. H. Trinity Coll.
Rough, W. H. Trinity Coll.
Roupell, C. M. Trinity Coll.
Routh, J. O. Christ's Coll.
Sandon, T. Queen's Coll.
Savage, R. C. St. John's Coll.
Scadding, H. St. John's Coll.
Scott, G. Trinity Coll.
Selwyn, E. Catharine Hall.

Simpson, G. F. Corpus Christi Coll.
Smalley, C. St. John's Coll.
Smith, W. R. Queen's Coll.
Smythies, H. R. Emmanuel Coll.
Sparling, W. St. John's Coll.
Surtees, R. L. Trinity Coll.
Sykes, G. M. Trinity Coll.
Thacker, A. Trinity Coll.
Thompson, E. H. Emmanuel Coll.
Thompson, W. Jesus Coll.
Thorp, R. Emmanuel Coll.
Thurlow, J. St. John's Coll.
Thurlow, T. L. Trinity Coll.
Touzel, H. Sidney Sussex Coll.
Tower, C. St. John's Coll.
Townsend, G. F. Trinity Coll.

Troughton, J. E. Corpus Christi Coll.

Vizard, W. Trinity Coll.

Wagstaff, C. Trinity Coll.

Walmesley, E. J. St. John's Coll.
Ward, H. Queen's Coll.

Watson, A. Corpus Christi Coll.
Watson, W. W. Trinity Coll.
Westmorland, T. Sidney Sussex Coll.
Westoby, W. A. S. Trinity Coll.
White, C. S. S. Magdalene Coll.
Whitley, J. Queen's Coll.

[blocks in formation]



Aug. 2. Coll. Joh.

9. Mr. Powell, Chr.

16. Mr. D. Tyson, Cath.

23. Mr. Winter, Corp. 30. Mr. Rigg, Cai. Sept. 6. Coll. Regal.

Sept. 13. Coll. Trin.

20. Coll. Joh.

27. Mr. Urquhart, Magd.

Oct. 4. Mr. Khuff, Cath.

11. Mr. West, Clar.
18. Mr. Gaskin, Jes.

25. Coll. Regal.

Ecclesiastical Intelligence.

Nov. 1. Commem. Benefact.

8. Coll. Trin.

15. Coll. Joh.

22. Mr. Jackson, Magd. 29. Mr. Simpson, Cath. Dec. 6. Mr. Garlike, Clar.

13. Mr. Wingfield, Emm.
20. Coll. Regal.

27. Coll. Trin.


Aug. 2. Mr. Sheppard, Trin.

9. Mr. Bass, Trin.

16. Mr. Yelloly, Trin.

23. Mr. J. H. Bailey, Trin.

24. S. BART. Mr. J. Bolden, Trin.
30. Mr. J. Scott, Trin.

Sept. 6. Mr. Hurt, Trin.


13. Mr. Bowstead, Joh.

20. Mr. Earnshaw, Joh.

21. S. MATT. Mr. H. James, Joh.
27. Mr. Stone, Joh.

29. S. MICH. Mr. Armitage, Joh.
4. Mr. Tyrrell, Joh.

11. Mr. Woodward, Joh.

18. S. Luc. Mr. J. Shadwell, Joh.
25. Mr. Klanert, Pet.

28. SS. SIM. ET JUD. Mr. Drake,

Nov. 1. OM. SANCT. Mr.Spooner, Clare.

8. Mr. Bullock, Clar.

15. Mr. Mills, sen. Pemb.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Mr. Palmer, Trin.. Mr. Sikes, Regin.

Mr.Coulcher, Corp.
Mr. Ainslie, Emm.

Mr. Baylay, Emm. Coll. Regal.
Coll. Trin.

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Jan. Rev. J. Hildyard, Christ's Coll.
Feb... Rev. W. Harness, Christ's Coll.
March. Rev. E. Sidney, St. John's Coll.
April.. The Hulsean Lecturer.


Rev. T. J. Judkin, Caius Coll.

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