Sivut kuvina

years to our religious Societies to teach its careful who they send us, and when they future teachers: England, in short, is, and cannot procure such men as I have demust be for some time, the normal school scribed, to be assured that no others are of Christianity to India. Every Mission- good and profitable for India; while those ary therefore, who comes out to us in the who are Missionaries indeed, will be welspirit of the first and greatest missionary, comed by the Indian Bishops, as brothers St. Paul, rich in the faith and love, be- -welcome brothers in a foreign and a cause rich in the knowledge of our Lord heathen land. In the mean time, those Jesus Christ, holding fast the form of we have and myself do work together; the sound words, and rightly dividing the Society's Missionaries give me credit for word of truth; apt to teach, and patient; good intentions, and have shown the utreproving, rebuking, and exhorting, with most readiness to meet my views, and to all long-suffering and charity, faithful to second ihem. But we want more." the Church, because faithful to the great Head of the Church, and free at once from

There was a great meeting of this formalism and fanaticism, is a bearer of

Society at Bristol on Oct. 17, the Bp. light to the millions here who sit in dark

of Gloucester and Bristol in the Chair, ness.

at which a large sum was collected. It is quite unnecessary for me to en- Sermons are also preaching in Bethtreat the Society to continue to be most nal-Green and elsewhere.

SOCIETY FOR PROMOTING CHRISTIAN KNOWLEDGE. The Annual Report for 1840 was Scotia, &c. &c., besides numerous laid before the Board at the last meet- grants of books for new churches and ing. The gross income is stated at schools, lending libraries, &c. iu Eng. 92,4871. 4s. 4d. In consequence of land and Wales. the increase in the business, it has It having been thought desirable to been found necessary to appoint an open a personal communication with additional assistant secretary, and to the oriental churches, with a view of obtain further room for the transac- extending the operations of the Society tion of the Society's affairs. Some of in the Levantine countries; the Secrethe principal features of the Report tary, Mr. Tomlinson, was commissioned are as follow :

to proceed to the Levant, and has left The Society has granted 10,0001. England for that purpose. Letters towards the endowment of bishoprics have been received from him, dated in the colonies.

Athens and Syra. He has been well reAn endowment fund has been ceived by the heads of the Greek church. settled to the amount of 4,0001. for The following communication from tha religious instruction of the in- the Rev. Randall Ward, of Bombay, habitants of the Scilly Islands, in now first printed in this Report, will lieu of the annual payments which be read with interest:have been made since ihe year 1752,

" It will afford much pleasure to the when the Society established a mission there.

Society to learn that the Bombay Dio

cesan Committee have been instrumental 5,0001. has been granted towards

in widely disseminating the Holy Scripbuilding and endowing a Cathedral at

tures and publications of the Society Calcutta. The Bishop of Calcutta's during the last eighteen months, but as communications on this subject are a full account will appear in our next very interesting. He himself gives report, I shall at present only confine my20,0001. 500/, has been voted to the self to a brief sketch of our proceedings. Bp. of Madras to form the beginning

“Our newly-acquired possessions of of a church building fund in Ceylon;

Aden in Arabia, and Karrack in the and 2607. for a church at Muddalore. Persian Gulf, together with several new 3,0001. towards a college in Australia

stations on the river Indus, have been for the education of persons in the

plentifully supplied with the Word of colony, as clergymen and schoolmas

God; and perhaps I do not err in affirmters. 1,0001. has also been granted

ing, that we have conveyed to Cabool

and Candahar, in Affghanistan, the first to the Bp. of Australia for the pur- copy of the Bible, which the progress of poses of the society in his diocese.

the British army in those parts enabled Many other money-grants have been us to accomplish. made, in behalf of the Canadas, Nova "A large supply of Bibles and Prayer


Books, with a valuable addition of other tined (together with H. M. ship Wellesworks from our stores, were transferred to ley) for the expedition to China. H. M. ship Wellesley, on the application May the Society, through God's help, of the Chaplain; and a still further supply cause the Holy Bible to reach the feet, of books has been made for the use of and eventually the heart, of the emperor the crew and military detachment on of that great, but distant and benighted, board the H.C. steamer Atalanta, des. kingdom!"

CHURCH BUILDING SOCIETY. A MEETING of the Committee was Plymouth; at Pilton, in the parish of held the 19th October. Present; the Chester-le-Street, Durham ; at ChirBp. of London (in the Chair), Rev. bury, Salop; at Scrimerston, Ancroft, B. Harrison, H. J. Barchard, N. Con- Durham ; rebuilding the church of St. nop, Jun., S. J. Salt, and W. Cotton, Nicholas, Hereford ; at Blacktoft, Esqrs.

York; at Cadoxton, Glamorgan; at Among other business transacted, Hanwell

, Middlesex'; rebuilding the grants were voted towards building a chapel at Holcombe, Bury, Lancaster; church at Blindley Heath, Godstone, repewing the church at Heytesbury, Surrey; and East Peckham, Kent; Wilts; at Oxton, Notts.; at Ashperbuilding a chapel at Ayres Quay, Bp. ton, Hereford ; at Alwalton, Hunts.; Wearmouth, Durham; at Tatworth, at Sydling, Dorset ; St. John in BedChard, Somerset; at Flushing, Mylor, wardine, Worcester; converting a Cornwall; at the Groves, Sutton, school-room into a chapel at BrumpYork; at Knackers, Knowle, near ton on Swale, Easby, York.

CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY. Last year an application was made Corrie had expressed a great interest by the Teloogoo people (between Cal- in the matter: and we are informed, cutta and Madras) for the establish- that the committee have lately reconment of a mission in that part of the sidered the subject, and have made diocese of Madras, which was refused arrangements for commencing the in consequence of the depressed state of mission with the sanction of the prethe Society's funds. The late Bishop sent Bishop of Madras.




Degrees conferred, October 10. Gabriel, J. B. St. Edmund Hall.

Giffard, W. University Coll.
Hale, R. Brasennose Coll.

Jackson, T. Brasennose Coll. Roberts, J. L. New Inn Hall (g.c.) Lomas, J. Worcester Coll. Winchester, Rev. W. Christ Church. Machen, E. Exeter Coll.

Mapleton, R. J. St. John's Coll. Malpas, H. St. Edmund Hall.

Sockett, H. Exeter Coll.
Woodroffe, T. H. E. St. Edmund Hall.

October 2.
October 22.

Mr. W. S. Miller was admitted actual

Fellow of New College as Founder's kin. Manson, A. T. G. Magdalen Coll.

October 9. Boyce, Rev. H. Le Grand, WorcesterColl.

His Grace the Duke of Wellington the Bridge, T. F. H. Christ Church.

Chancellor has nominated the Rev. P. Clay, Rev. J. G. Jesus Coll.

Wynter, D.D. President of St. John's Harper, Rev. H. J. C. Queen's Coll. College to be Vice-Chancellor for the enLloyd, T. H. Fell. of All Souls.

suing year; and the new Vice-Chancellor St. John, A. Student of Christ Church.

has nominated the following Heads of Weight, Rev. G. Magdalen Hall.

Houses to be the Pro-Vice-Chancellors : Williams, E. T. Exeter Coll.

Dr. Gilbert, Principal of Brasennose Coll. Milne, W.St. John's,Coll. Camb. (ad eund.) Dr. Bridges, Pres. of Corpus Christi Co!l.

Dr. Marsham, Warden of Merton Coll. Edgell, E. B. Balliol Coll.

Dr. Hawkins, Provost of Oriel Coll.



October 20.
The Rev. Dr. Williams, Prebendary of
Winchester, and late Head Master of
Winchester College, was elected Warden
of New College.

A Boden Sanscrit Scholarship, open to all members of the University under 25 years of age, is vacant. The election will take place on Nov. 20.

October 22.
W. Kay, B.A. late Scholar of Lincolo
College was elected Fellow.

Oct. 10
Nov. 12

Dec. 3

10 29 26





Degrees conferred, October 10.

Rev. J. Burdakin, M A. Clare Hall.

Rev. H. Arlett, M.A. Pembroke Coll. Mercer, W. Trinity Coll.

Auditors of Accounts.

Rev. W. Hodgson, D.D. St. Peter's Coll. Bateson, W. Queen's Coll.

Rev. J. Shaw, M.A. Christ Coll. Mortlock, C. Caius Coll.

Rev. N. Griffin, M.A. St. John's Coll. Sharpe, R. M. St. John's Coll.

October 17. Stewart, F. Pembroke Coll.

P. J. Brine was elected Scholar of Wilkinson, H. J. Catharine Hall.

King's College on the resignation of October 1.

C. A. Wilkinson, formerly Fellow. The following gentlemen were elected

October 21. Fellows of Trinity Coll.

His Grace the Duke of NorthumberJ. A. Frere. H. J. Hodgson.

land was unanimously elected Chancellor D. J. Heath. W. Matbison.

of this University, vacant by the decease D. F. Gregory. A. S. Eddis.

of the Marquess Camden. J. Edleston. R. L. Ellis.

The Election for High Steward, for

which Lord Lyttleton and Lord LyndOctober 8.

hurst are candidates, will take place on The Marquess Camden, the Chancellor

Nov. 11. of the University, died at his seat the

The following gentlemen were apWilderness, near Sevenoaks, in his 81st

pointed the Caput for the ensuing year. year.

Divinity.-Rev. W. Hodgson, D.D. October 10.

Master of St. Peter's Coll. The following University Officers have

Law.-Joshua King, LL.D. President been elected.

of Queen's Coll. Proctors.

Physic.-G. E. Paget, M.D. Caius Cell. Rev. C. H. Maturin, M.A. King's Coll. Sen.Non-Regent.—Rev.J. Shaw, M.A. Rev. J. E. Dalton, M.A. Queen's Coll. Chr. Coll. Moderator.

Sen. Reg.-Rev. J. H. Howlett, M.A. E. Steventon, M.A. Corpus Christi Coll.

St. John's Coll.


Oct. 14
Nov. 2

Dec. 9 Rev. A. Thurtell, M.A. Caius Coll.


16 Rev. J. Pulling, M.A. Corp. Christi Coll.


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Capron, G. H.
Carthew, J.
Chichester, R. H.
Coldridge, T.
Croyton, G.
Drake, T.
Furneaux, W. D.
Glencross, J.
Hammer, A. J.
Hockin, C. A.
Hunter, D.
Irby, T. W.
James, T.
Jones, J. R.
Jones, J.
Kershaw, T. A..
Mann, W. M.
Marshall, F. A. S.
Moore, C. A.
Müller, T.
Peter, L. M.
Pickering, J. H..
Southcombe, J. L. H.
Sweeting, H..
Symonds, J.
Wall, w.

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Degree. College. University. Diocese.
B.A. St. John's Cambridge Peterboro
B.A. Exeter

Oxford Exeter
B.A. Exeter

Oxford Exeter B.A. Exeter

Oxford Exeter B.A. Oriel

Oxford Exeter B.A. St. John's Cambridge Exeter M.A. Exeter

Oxford Canterbury B.A. Balliol

Oxford Exeter B.A. St. John's Cambridge Exeter B.A. Trinity

Cambridge Exeter B.A. Exeter

Oxford Carlisle B.A. St. John's Cambridge Peterboro

St. David's Coll. Lampeter Llandaff

St. David's Coll. Lampeter Llandaff B.A. Trinity

Cambridge Llandaff B.A. Brasennose Oxford Peterboro B.A. Clare Hall Cambridge Carlisle B.A. Caius

Cambridge Peterboro S.C.L. Trinity Hall Cambridge Peterboro For the Colonies

London B.A. Exeter

Oxford Exeter
B.A. Christ Church Oxford Canterbury
B.A. All Souls Oxford Exeter
B.A. University Oxford Canterbury
B.A. Clare Hall Cambridge Exeter
M.A. Jesus

Cambridge Exeter
B.A. Trinity

Cambridge Peterboro.
M.A. Jesus

Cambridge Peterboro. B.A. Exeter

Oxford Exeter B.A. St. John's Cambridge Peterboro B.A. Queen's Cambridge Peterboro B.A. Trinity

Dublin Exeter B.A. Trinity Hall Cambridge Carlisle B.A. Oriel

Oxford Llandaff B.A. Clare Hall Cambridge Peterboro B.A. Worcester Oxford Peterboro B.A. St. John's Cambridge Exeter B.A. Trinity

Dublin Carlisle B.A. Lincoln.

Oxford Peterboro

Carlisle M.A. Queen's

Oxford Exeter

Carlisle B.A. Trinity

Cambridge Exeter B.A. Trinity

Oxford Peterboro St. David's Coll, Lampeter Llandaff

Carlisle B.A. St. John's Cambridge Exeter B.A. Queen's Oxford Exeter B.A. Exeter

Oxford Peterboro. St. David's Coll. Lampeter Llandaff M.A. Exeter

Oxford Llandaff B.A. Sidney Sussex Cambridge Peterboro M.A. Trinity

Cambridge Peterboro B.A. Brasennose Oxford Exeter B.A. Worcester Oxford Exeter B.A. Balliol

Oxford Exeter B.A. Jesus

Cambridge Peterboro S.C.L. Trinity Hall Cambridge Exeter B.A. Jesus

Oxford Llandaff B.A. Sidney Sussex Cambridge Peterboro B.A. Jesus

Oxford Llandaff

Adcock, H. H.
Annand, A.
Anstis, M.
Bainbridge, G.
Barton, T.
Baxter, W.
Boggis, W. R. T.
Bruce, W.
Corrance, H. F.
Cox, J. M.
Curtis, J.
Dugdale, R.
Dukes, R. M.
Elliott, E. .
Gough, H.
Halifax, J.
Heathcote, G.
Innes, J.
James, R. H.
Kitchen, J.
Laing, W.
Laurie, R.
Milman, R.
Morgan, J.
Nicholl, I.
Noble, R. T..
Pbillips, G. P.
Powell, T. C.
Russell, G.
Seymour, F. P.
Snelgar, J B.
Stanbury, H.
Steel, M.
Theed, J. H.
Thomas, D. P.


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Exeter { By Abp of Canter

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Preferment. Net Value. County.


Baker, G.
s Leicester,

Leicest. Peterboro The Queen
Saints, v.
Bartholomew,C.C. Lympston, R. 267 Devon Exeter Mr. & Mrs. Porter

Coombe Bissett, v. 220 Bird, R.

Wilts Salisb. c. West Harnham,c.

Preb, of Salisbury Browne, J. Leicester, St. Mary, v. 221 Leicest. Peterboro The Queen

Birmingham, St.
Bull, G. S.

Warwick Worc. Trustees
Matthew, c.
Butcher, E. R. Hartwell, P.c.

70 Northam. Peterb. W. Castlenian, Esq. | Wolstanton, v. cum Cainpbell, T..

296 Tunstall, P.c.

Stafford Lichfield R. Sneyd, Esq. Carter, J Frenchay, P.C.


Pres. & Chelsea, J.

Skendleby, v. 155 Lincoln Lincoln Ld. Willo. D'Eresby Drury, C.. Preb. of Hereford

Bp. of Hereford Creeting, AllSaints, Dupuis, G. J. R. C. St. Mary, R. 663 Suffolk Norwich Eton College

et St. Olave's, R. Edwards, Z. J. Combpyne, R. 127 Devon Evans, W. E. Preb. of Hereford

Bp. of Hereford Forster, F. Ridgewell, v.

178 Essex London Cath. Hall, Camb. Gibbs, W. C.. Halliwell, St. Peter

Lanc. Chester Trustees Giles, J. D. Swinestead, v.

80 Lincoln Lincoln Ld. Willo. D'Eresby Landewednack, R. 253 Griffith, E.

? Ruan Major, R.

Cornwall Exeter P. V, Robinson

Haigh, J., Sheffield, St. Luke, New Ch. York York Trustees
Hale, W. H. . Canon Resid, of St. Paul's

Bp. of London
Harvey, G. G.
Winster, P.C.

104 Derby Lichfield Parishioners
Heurtley, C. A.. Fenny Compton, R. 417 Warwick Worcest. C.C.C. Oxford
Hewlett, J. Little Stambridge, R. 177 Essex London The Queen
Hinson, W. Higher Sutton, St. James Chester Chester Trustees
Hugill, J.

Darlaston, R. 266 Stafford Lichfield Mr. Simeon's Trus. Irons, W. J. Brompton, P.c. 639 Middx. London Vic. of Kensington Jackson, D. s Chasewater in Ken

60 Cornwall Exeter Vic. of Kenwyn Kemp, R. Walpole, P.c.

82 Suffolk Norwich Archd. Philpot Law, H.

Weston-super-Mare, R. 264 Somerset B. & W. Bp. of Bath & Wells Law, W.T.

East Brent, v. 902 Somerset B. & W. Bp. of Bath & Wells Lowe, T. H..

Exeter D. & C. of Exeter Exmouth, c. M'Gregor, J.. Mellor in Blackburn,P.c.34 Lanc. Chester Vic. of Blackburn Palmer, J. | Claines, P.c. c. St.

246 Worcest. Worcest. Sir 0. Wakeman George's Chpl. c. ) Parker, G. W. Bulkington, v. 253 Warwick Worcest. The Queen Plues, w.. North Stainley, r.c.

York Ripon D. & C. of Ripon

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wyn, P.C.

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