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G. & B. { Pop Poriel Coll. Oxf.


, W. K.. { Santon Maddock,v. }


Preferment. Net Value. County.


Foottit, J.

Gonalstone, R. L324 Notts Lincoln Coll.Ch.of Southwell
Fox, J.

Kirby Bellars, P.C. 84 Leicest. Peterboro Sir F. Burdett
Fryer, H. E. Winterslow, R. 784 Wilts Salisbury Rev. H. E. Fryer
Goodenough, J.J. Spernall, R.

154 Warwick Worcest. J. Chambers

Provost & Scholars
Greswell, C. Tortworth, R. 428 Glouc.
Hooper, T. Elkstone, R.

360 Glouc. G. & B. Hon. R. K. Craven
Kemp, G.
St. Allen, v.

74 Cornwall Exeter Bishop of Exeter
M'All, E.

Brighstone, R. 515 Hants Winchest. Bp. of Winchester
Kemberton, R. cum

529 Salop Lichfield R. Slaney, Esq.
Martin, R. Dore, P.C.

90 Derby Lichfield Earl Fitzwilliam
Meade, E. Malveru Wells, P.C. Worcest. Worcest. Rev. P. E. Boissier
Merewether, F.. Woolhope, v.

Hereford Hereford D. & C. of Hereford
Morehead, G. J..
Easington, R. cum

666 York York The Queen
Liverton, c.
Munsey, w.. Fownhope, v.

Hereford Hereford D. & C. of Hereford
Naylor, F. W. Uplon, v.

91 Notts Lincoln Coll.Ch.of Southwell
Riddell, T. Sedbergh, v.


York Ripon Trin. Coll. Camb.
Russell, G. Durnford, v.

131 Wilts Salisbury Pb.of Durnford, Salis.
Shelford, T. Lambourn, R.

476 Essex London Corp.Chr.Coll.Cam.
Thackeray, G. Heiningby, R.

355 Lincoln Lincoln King's Coll. Camb.
Walker, G. E.
Alverthorpe in

72 York Ripon
Wakefield, c.

Vicar of Wakefield
Toft, R. cum
Walker, T.

287 Camb. Ely

Christ's Coll. Camb.
Caldecote, v.
Walton, H. Kirkby Ireleth 63 Lanc. Chester Rev. J. T. Kirkbank
Wilberforce, s. Alverstoke, R. 1287

Hants Winchest. Bp. of Winchester
Wilson, W. Palgrave, R.

317 Suffolk Norwich Sir E. Kerrison
Woodhall, E. H. Salton, v.


York G. W. Dowker
Wyndham, J. Sutton Mandeville, R. 310 Wilts Salisbury W. Windham, Esq.
Young, T.

Salcombc Chapel, c. Devon Exeter






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Baines, E.
Bardsley, J.
Barne, H.
Beckett, H. F.
Boulton, A.
Brewster, W.
Brookfield, W. H.
Buddicom, R. P.
Campbell, J. U.
Curme, T.
Falls, J.
Gough, H.
Hugall, W. H.
Hutching, W.J.
Irwin, A.
Lee, P. H.
Scott, A.
Smith, C. F.
Snow, M. N.
Stacey, W.
Theed, J. H.
Thomas, W. B.
Thompson, E.
Twisleton, F. B.
Whitworth, W. H.


Priest Vicar of Exeter Cathedral.
Master of the Hospital and Free School, Clipston.
Senior Curate of Burnley, Lancashire.
Curate of Seend, near Melksham.
Assistant Curate of Rawmarsh, near Rotherham.
Preacher through the Diocese of Exeter.
Curate of Newchurch, Rochdale.
Curate of St. James's, Westminster.
Principal of St. Bees College, Cumberland.
Chaplain to H. M. S. Britannia.
Domestic Chaplain to the Duke of Marlborough.
Chaplain to H. M. S. The Queen.
Assistant Curate of St. Mary's Chapel, Penzance.
Domestic Chaplain to Lord Beaumont.
Curate of Eastbourne, Sussex.
Preacher of Brunswick Chapel, Portman Square.
Private Secretary to the Lord Primate of Ireland.
Rural Dean of the Towcester District.
A Governor of the Free Grammar School of St. Bees.
Curate of Handley, Cheshire.
Chaplain to H. M. S. Calcutta.
Curate of St. Buryan, Cornwall.
Chaplain of H. M. S. Howe.
Examining Chaplain to the Bishop of St. David's.
Minister of Charlotte Chapel, Pimlico.
Canon Residentiary of Hereford.
Master of the Free Grammar School, Dedham, Essex

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Place. Bailey, J. Norwich, St. Stephen's Hinson, W. Macclesfield. Boddington, J.C. Horton.

Image, T.

Stanningfield. Bradford, W. B. Cascombe.

Lee, B.


Manbey, W.

Brookfield, W.H. Southampton.

Shepherd, R. N. Chelsea.
Ball, S. G.

Ward, H.

Devizes. Dudley, W. M.. Poole.

Woodruff, T. Somerby. Eyre, C. J. P.



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Preferment. Net Value. County, Diocese. Patron.

Alverstoke, R. £1287 Hants Winchest. Bp. of Winchester Barnard, E. . Preb. of Preston Wynne, Hereford

Bishop of Hereford Bowerbank, W.. Salmonby, R. 303 Lincoln Lincoln Rev. W. Bowerbank Hammond, H. Windlesham, R.

404 Surrey

Winchest. The Queen
cum Bayshot, c.
(Corney, R.

140) Harrison, T.. Whitehaven, Holy Cumb. Chester Earl of Lonsdale

250 Trin. P.C. Hobson, W.. Welch Hampton, P.C. 138 Salop Lichfield C. K. Main waring Exeter, St. Mary

135 Devon Exeter D. & C. of Exeter

Major, R. Turner, J. F.

Kidderminster, v. } 1107 Worcest. Worcest. Lord Foley

c. Low. Mitton, c. ) Vivian, W. H. Charles, R.


Devon Exeter Rev. J. Blackmore Ward, A.. Eastrington, v. 202 York

The Queen
Bleasby, v.

107 Watkins, M..


Notts Lincoln Coll.Ch.of South well Southwell, v.

144 ) Watts, R.

300 Middx.

| D. & C. of CanterGracechurch-st. R.

bury this turn.

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At Bourton-on-the-Water, Gloucestershire.
Of Queen's College, Cambridge.
Dean of St. Patrick's.
Formerly Curate of Drayton, Notts, aged 82.

Second son of Sir R. Bateson Harvey.
s Rector of Sandy Point, St. Christopher's, West Indies,

and Chaplain to the Garrison.
At Fladbury.
Aged 35 years.
Eldest son of C. Thompson, Esq. late of Rochester.

TO CORRESPONDENTS. “A Constant Reader" requests to be informed upon what ground it was stated in our Number for September, 1838, that “a couple may insist upon being married immediately after the last publication of their Banns in the course of Divine Service." Will the writer of that statement be kind enough to furnish the reply?

“U.” has written to inquire whether "the recent act, prohibiting marriage with the sister of a deceased wife, would restrain marriage with the half sister of a deceased wife." He also desires to know whether any one can inform him of some “rule, authority, or argument, to determine the right mode of administering the Holy Eucharist"-viz., “whether from left to right, or from right to left.” “I have thought," he adds, "the former was the most natural; the patten and eup passing, as at banquets, with the course of the sun.”

The Editor has received some letters on the subject of inserting Sermons and University Intelligence; but they are all anonymous, and therefore entitled to but little weight. He takes this opportunity of soliciting the return, to the Publisher, of any spare copies of the number for last April, which is ont of print.

In consequence of the increase in our circulation during the last nine months, and at the desire of several influential persons, it has been deemed advisable to commence a New Series with the forthcoming year. Arrangements are making to conduct it upon an extended scale, and to secure the aid of many fresh writers in addition to those who are at present assisting us.

The Editor takes the opportunity of stating that he cannot in future insert any correspondence which is sent anonymously, unless forwarded through some one with whose name he is confidentially made acquainted.

Many valuable and most important communications are purposely reserved for the New Series.

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