Dr. Brook Taylor's Principles of Linear Perspective, Or, The Art of Designing Upon a Plane the Representation of All Sorts of Objects: As They Appear to the Eye

M. Taylor, 1835 - 110 sivua

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Sivu 45 - If two straight lines meeting one another be parallel to two straight lines which meet one another, but are not in the same plane with the first two, the plane which passes through these is parallel to the plane passing through the others.
Sivu 35 - To draw a straight line perpendicular to a plane, from a given point above it. Let A be the given point above the plane BH ; it is required to draw from the point A a straight line perpendicular to the plane BH.
Sivu xiv - I found it absolutely necessary to consider this subject entirely anew, as if it had never been treated of before...
Sivu v - ... accordingly drew up an account* of his ancestor from family materials, and printed and circulated it privately. It is from this work that the following account is taken, as to the facts of his private life : — Brook Taylor was born at Edmonton, August 18, 1685, and was the son of John Taylor, of Bifrons House in Kent, by Olivia, daughter of Sir Nicholas Tempest, of Durham, Baronet. John Taylor was the son of Nathaniel, who, to use a phrase of his ownt diary, 'tugged and wrestled with the Lord...
Sivu x - Transactions, entitled, An Experiment made to ascertain the Proportion of Expansion of Liquor in the Thermometer, with regard to the degree of Heat.
Sivu xviii - ... this art. For the young people are generally put immediately to drawing ; and, when they have acquired a facility in that, they are put to colouring. And...
Sivu xx - ... it invents and disposes in the most proper and agreeable manner) than to the picture, which is only a copy of that design already formed in the imagination of the artist. The perfection of this art of Painting depends upon the thorough knowledge the artist...
Sivu viii - Methodus incrementorum," and a curious essay in the Philosophical Transactions, entitled, " An Account of an Experiment for the Discovery of the Laws of Magnetic Attraction ;" and, besides these, his celebrated work on perspective, entitled " New Principles of Linear Perspective : or the art of designing, on a plane, the representations of all sorts of objects, in a more general and simple method than has hitherto been done.
Sivu xxi - Perspective ; for it is the only thing that can make the judgment correct, and will help the fancy to invent with ten times the ease that it could do without it.
Sivu 83 - AB, they having to meet the line AC, which is perpendicular to it at an infinite distance, and consequently they will be parallel to one another, which they ought to be upon another account, their originals being all parallel to the picture. NB — 2. But when the original plane is parallel to the picture, the distance CA will be infinite, and consequently...

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