Speeches in England and India


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Sivu 51 - Him to do what man cannot, to "turn the hearts of the disobedient to the wisdom of the just," to grant that they to whom Christ's gospel is hidden, shall at any rate not be the majority.
Sivu 76 - ... everywhere, throughout the length and breadth of Rajputana, justice and order shall prevail ; that every man's property shall be secure ; that the traveller shall come and go in safety ; that the cultivator shall enjoy the fruits of his labour, and the trader the produce of his commerce ; that you shall make roads, and undertake the construction of those works of irrigation which will improve the condition of the people and swell the revenues of your States ; that you shall encourage education,...
Sivu 222 - Table annexed, we cannot estimate the number of persons in Ireland out of work and in distress during thirty weeks of the year at less than 585,000, nor the number of persons dependent upon them at less than 1,800,000, making in the whole 2,385,000.
Sivu 20 - Peacock, directed by signal, followed the Vincennes. At half-past 10 PM we quietly dropped anchor off the Cove, in the midst of the shipping, without any one having the least idea of our arrival.
Sivu 77 - I am but here for a time; the able and ardent officers who surround me will, at no distant period, return to their English homes; but the power which we represent will endure for ages. Hourly is this great empire brought nearer and nearer to the throne of our Queen. The steam vessel and the railroad enable England year by year to enfold India in a closer embrace.
Sivu 75 - If we respect your rights and privileges, you should also respect the rights and regard the privileges of those who are placed beneath your care. If we support you in your power, we expect in return good government.
Sivu 86 - My joy was in the Wilderness, to breathe The difficult air of the iced mountain's top, Where the birds dare not build, nor insect's wing Flit o'er the herbless granite...
Sivu 37 - Providence, with the seasonable and plentiful rainfall of the last few weeks, all danger of famine, and of the continuance of the late severe distress, has passed away. ' The steady rise which has taken place in the value of labour must ere long materially increase the wealth and contentment of the people. ' With us then it rests, by careful administration, and by a strict adherence to those simple rules of prudence and economy which in the conduct of...
Sivu 258 - University — that is to say, the expenses of officers of the University, of the University Professors, and also to make some provision for a building.
Sivu 33 - Although, as already intimated to you, the British Government does not desire to interfere in the internal affairs of Afghanistan, yet, considering that the bonds of friendship between that Government and your Highness have lately been more closely drawn than heretofore, it will view with severe displeasure any attempts on the part of your rivals to...

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