The Law of Contracts, Nide 1

Little, Brown, 1857

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Sivu 5 - Implied, are such as reason and justice dictate, and which, therefore, the law presumes that every man undertakes to perform.
Sivu 365 - An express promise, therefore, as it should seem, can only revive a precedent good consideration, which might have been enforced at law, through the medium of an implied promise, had it not been suspended by some positive rule of law, but can give no original right of action, if the obligation on which it is founded never could have been enforced at law, though not barred by any legal maxim or statute provision.
Sivu 20 - B. I am of the same opinion. It seems to me that the question turns entirely upon the...
Sivu 261 - After non-assumpsit pleaded, and a verdict for the plaintiff, it was moved in arrest of judgment that the plaintiff could not bring his action, for he was a stranger to the consideration.
Sivu 310 - ... which they may acquire during the marriage, either by donations made jointly to them both, or by purchase, or in any other similar way, even although the purchase be only in the name of one of the two and not of both, because in that case the period of time when the purchase is made is alone attended to, and not the, person who made the purchase.
Sivu 49 - But the authorities go much further, and show that in some cases where an act which, if unauthorised, would amount to a trespass, has been done in the name and on behalf of another, but without previous authority, the subsequent ratification may enable the party on whose behalf the act was done, to take advantage of it and to treat it as having been done by his direction. But this doctrine must be taken with the qualification, that the act of ratification must take place at a time, and under circumstances,...
Sivu 584 - The fifth sort is, when goods or chattels are delivered to be carried, or something is to be done about them for a reward to be paid by the person who delivers them to the bailee, who is to do the thing about them.
Sivu 413 - ... the defendants were not bound by their offer when accepted by the plaintiffs till the answer was received, then the plaintiffs ought not to be bound till after they had received the notification that the defendants had received their answer and assented to it; and so it might go on ad infinitum.
Sivu 601 - I said I could see no difference between negligence and gross negligence — that it was the same thing, with the addition of a vituperative epithet...
Sivu 198 - Case was the great wisdom and policy of the sages and founders of our law, who have provided that no possibility, right, title, nor thing in action shall be granted or assigned to strangers, for that would be the occasion of multiplying of contentions and suits, of great oppression of the people, and chiefly of terre-tenants, and the subversion of the due and equal execution of justice...

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