British India and Its Trade

Harper & Brothers, 1902 - 90 sivua
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Sivu 64 - Act, the real value shall be deemed to be — (a) the wholesale cash price less trade discount, for which goods of the like kind and quality are sold, or are capable of being sold, at the time and place of importation or exportation, as the case may be, without any abatement or deduction whatever, except (in the case of goods imported) of the amount of the duties payable on the importation thereof ; or...
Sivu 56 - ... dutiable under the provisions of this Act, then upon the importation of any such article or merchandise into the United States, whether the same shall be imported directly from the country of production or otherwise, and...
Sivu 61 - Machinery, namely prime-movers, and component parts thereof, including boilers and component parts thereof ; also including locomotive and portable engines, steam-rollers, fireengines, andv other machines in which the prime mover is not separable from the operative parts. Machinery (and component parts thereof), meaning machines or sets of machines to be worked by electric, steam, water, fire, or other power not being manual or animal labour, or which before being brought into use require to be fixed...
Sivu 61 - Railway Material for permanent-way and rolling-stock, namely, cylinders, girders,- and other material for bridges, rails, sleepers, bearing and fish plates, fish-bolts, chairs, spikes, crossings, sleeper fastenings, switches, interlocking apparatus, brake gear, couplings and springs, signals, turn-tables, weigh-bridges, engines, tenders, carriages...
Sivu 57 - ... otherwise, and whether such article or merchandise is imported in the same condition as when exported from the country of production or has been changed in condition by...
Sivu 59 - Government may exempt : as well as the following articles used in the manufacture of cotton, viz. : bobbins (warping), forks for looms, healds, heald cords, heald knitting needles, laces, lags and needles for dobbies, pickers (buffalo and others), picking bands, picking levers, picking sticks (over and under), reed pliers, reeds, shuttles (for power looms), springs for looms, strappings, and weft forks, all of which are free.
Sivu 63 - The Governor-General in Council may, from time to time, by notification in the
Sivu 59 - ... and parts thereof, and any other machines and parts of machines ordinarily used in processes of husbandry, or for the preparation for use or for sale of the products of husbandry...
Sivu 62 - India, and having applied thereto any name or trademark being or purporting to be, or being a colourable imitation of, the name or trade- mark of any person who is a manufacturer, dealer, or trader in the United Kingdom or in British India, unless — (i) the name or trade-mark is, as to every application thereof, accompanied ; .':. ..: •„.• by.

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