A Treatise on Man: His Intellectual Faculties and His Education, Nide 1

Vernor, Hood and Sharpe, 1810 - 415 sivua
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Sivu 294 - In POPE, I cannot read a Line, But with a Sigh, I wish it mine: When he can in one Couplet fix More Sense than I can do in Six: 50 It gives me such a jealous Fit, I cry, Pox take him, and his Wit.
Sivu 357 - Subject, compound them, follow her and God. Love, hope, and joy, fair pleasure's smiling train, Hate, fear, and grief, the family of pain...
Sivu 92 - The least and most imperceptible impressions received in our infancy, have consequences very important, and of a long duration. It is with these first impressions, as with a river, whose waters we can easily turn, by different canals, in quite opposite courses, so that from the insensible direction the stream receives at its source, it takes different directions, and at last arrives at places far distant from each other; and with the same facility we may, I think, turn the minds of children to what...
Sivu 148 - Where beams of warm imagination play, The memory's soft figures melt away.
Sivu 216 - What makes all doctrines plain and clear? About two hundred pounds a year. And that which was proved true before, Prove false again? Two hundred more.
Sivu 315 - E'en those who dwell beneath its very zone, Or never feel the rage or never own ; What happier natures shrink at with affright, The hard inhabitant contends is right. Virtuous and vicious every man must be, Few in th...
Sivu 288 - Tis thus we riot, while, who sow it, starve : What nature wants (a phrase I much distrust...
Sivu 93 - I conclude, that there are great re*' sources to be found in children, which are suffered to vanish " with their years It is evident therefore that it is not of nature, but of our negligence we ought to complain.
Sivu 26 - The discreet Corneille had remained a lawyer. Thus it is that the devotion of a mother, the death of Cromwell, deer-stealing, the exclamation of an old man, and the beauty of a woman, have given five illustrious characters to Europe.

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