Maryland's Attitude in the Struggle for Canada

Johns Hopkins Press, 1899 - 73 sivua

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Sivu 21 - ... to the same. But with regard to such other articles, which are of a more general concern, it is the king's pleasure, that the same should be supplied by a common fund, to be established for the benefit of all the colonies collectively in North America...
Sivu 80 - OF THE FINE ARTS. The Journal is the organ of the Archaeological Institute of America and of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens, and it will aim to further the interests for which the Institute and the School were founded. It treats of all branches of Archaeology and Art History: Oriental, Classical, Early Christian, Mediaeval and American. It is intended to supply a record of the important work done in the field of Archaeology, under the following categories : I. Original Articles...
Sivu 86 - The volume comprises 342 pages octavo, with various diagrams and an index. It will be sold, bound in cloth, at $2.00.
Sivu 77 - Annual Register of the Johns Hopkins University. Giving the list of officers and students, and stating the regulations, etc.
Sivu 82 - The volumes will be sent, bound in cloth, at $5 each ; any two for $9 ; any three for $13 ; any four for $17 ; any five for $21 ; all six for $25, and including subscription to Vol.
Sivu 86 - Judge of the Supreme Bench of Baltimore, and Mayor of the City in 1861. (Extra Volume Three of Studies in Historical and Political Science. ) The volume comprises 176 pages octavo, and will be sold, bound in cloth, at$l.
Sivu 85 - All business communications should be addressed to THE JOHNS HOPKINS PRESS, BALTIMORE, MARYLAND. Subscriptions will also be received or single copies furnished by any of the following AMERICAN AGENTS. New York. — GP Putnam's Sons.
Sivu 5 - I2mo, cloth, gilt top $1.50 A romance of the convulsive period of the struggle between the French and English for the possession of North America. The story is one of pure love and heroic adventure, and deals with that fiery fringe of conflict that waved between Nova Scotia and New England.
Sivu 81 - M., University of Virginia, Va.; SCHILLING, HUGO, Wittenberg College, Ohio; SHELDON, EDW. S., Harvard University, Mass.; SHEPHERD, HE, College of Charleston, SC; SCHMIDT, H., University of Deseret, Salt Lake City, Utah...
Sivu 77 - Cloth, $3.50. STUDIES IN LOGIC. By members of the Johns Hopkins University. CS Peirce, Editor.

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