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it put her under the neceffity of fending each chapter to the press as soon as written; by which the work was deprived of the advantage of being revised and corrected all together previous to its publi


The only plea fhe has to offer for her prefumption is, the motive which caused it; and for which, if fhe finds credit, fhe has no doubt of the indulgence of the public. She will therefore briefly ftate what firft induced her to commit her obfervations to paper, and now encourages her to fend them to the prefs.

Having much leisure, and wishing to employ it as usefully as poffible, she some years ago took upon herself the fuperintendance of one of those private charitable establishments, which have been instituted in various parts of the kingdom, for the increase of religion and encouragement of industry amongst the children of the poor; and that she might perform this voluntary duty fo as to make a lafting impreffion upon the minds of her pupils, fhe deter

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mined attentively to perufe the facred Scriptures, with the feveral excellent commentaries, and to intersperse such observations of her own mind as might enable her to fulfil that pleafing duty.

Such being her object, her readers will not, she trusts, be disappointed, should they find the present work rather a felection from the voluminous performances of others, than an original.

To the publications of Poole, Stanhope, Sherlock, and various other learned divines and commentators, fhe confesses herfelf indebted for the best part of what she now offers to the public.

These works she would now earnestly recommend to thofe whofe circumstances will enable them to procure fuch valuable compofitions: but as the lower clafs of people could neither obtain them, nor afford time for fuch enlarged ftudies without neglecting the neceffary duties of the station in which it has pleased God to place them, it appeared to the author that the prefent work might prove useful


to their uninformed minds, until one more perfect shall be brought forward.

Such was the origin of this performance; and her partial, perhaps too partial friends, have encouraged her to believe that others, particularly amongst the younger part of mankind, and also amongst those who undertake fimilar employments, may derive some benefit from her labor: as, in the pursuit of knowledge for others, she has acquired fome edification herself.

Flattered with the idea of contributing, though in ever fo flight a degree, to the increase of religious knowledge amongst her fellow-Christians, she humbly submits the following pages to the candor of the public; trufting, that should they find but little to commend, they will, in confide, ration of her motive, forbear cenfure.


THE KING, twenty-four copies

The QUEEN, twenty-four copies

Her Royal Highness the PRINCESS ROYAL, fix copies Her Royal Highness the Princess AUGUSTA, fix copies Her Royal Highness the Princess ELIZABETH, fix copies Her Royal Highness the Princess MARY, two copies Her Royal Highnefs the Princefs SOPHIA, two copies Her Royal Highness the Princefs AMELIA, fix copies

Lady Afgill, 2 copies

Hon. David Anstruther

Mifs Athawfe

Rev. Mr. Adams


Mrs. Arnot, 3 copies

- Anftie, efq.

Edward Martin Atkins, efq. Mrs. Anftie

Mrs. Barftow

James Bell, efq.

Mrs. Bell

Maitland Arnot, efq. 3 copies

Mrs. Burgh, 2 copies
Mr. D. W. Burgh

Her Grace the Dutchefs of Mr. B. Burgh
Mifs Burgh


Marquis of Blandford

Marchionefs of Blandford
Mrs. C. Brifefe

M. P. 3 copies

Sir Harry Burrard, bart. Mrs. Berresford
Mr. Bloxham
Rev. G. Burrard, 3 copies Major Brooke
Mifs Burrard

Mifs M. Burrard

C. Bowles, efq.
Mr. Bowles

Mrs. Bromfield, 2 copies
-Bloxham, efq.

Rev. Mr. Bowen

-Brownley, efq.


Mifs Charlotte Burgh
Mifs Barry

Rev. James Berresford

Berners, efq. 3 copies

Mrs. Berners

Mifs Berners

Rev. Michael Beydon
Mrs. Margaret Bond
Mrs. C. Brownlow
Mifs Brownlow

Rev. Mr. Burleigh

Mifs Bentham

Mr. Bennet

Bartholemew, efq.

Mrs. Burville

Mrs. Byam

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