Sivut kuvina

"X Y and Z, hating to be confin'd,
"Ramble to the next eatinghouse they find;
"Pleasant, good-humour'd, beautiful, and gay,
Sometimeswith mufick and sometimes with play
Prolong their pleasures till th' approaching day.
"And Per Se And alone, as poets use,

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"The starving dictates of my rules pursues;
"No fwinging coachman does afore him shine,
"Nor has he any constant place to dine,

"But all his notions of a meal are mine.

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Hafte, hafte; to him a bleffing give from me, "And bid him write sharp things on Frumenty. "But I would have thee to Coffedro go, "And let Tobacco too thy bus'nefs know; "With famous Teedrums in this cafe advise,

"Rely on Sago who is always wife.







"Amidst such counsel banish all despair; "Truft me you fhall fucceed in this affair: "That project which they Frumentary call "Before next breakfast time shall furely fall." This faid, fhe quickly vanish'd in a wind Had long within her body been confin'd. Thus Hercules, when he his mistress found, Soon knew her by her fcent and by her found. 106


HUNGER rejoic'd to hear the bleft command
That Frumentary fhould no longer ftand;

With speed he to Coffedro's manfion flies,
And bids the palefac'd mortal quickly rife.


"Arife, my Friend! for upon thee do wait "Dismal events and prodigies of fate. ""Tis break of day, thy footy broth prepare, "And all thy other liquors for a war: "Roufe up Tobacco, whose delicious fight, 115 "Illuminated round with beams of light, "To my important mind will cause delight. "How will he conquer noftrils that prefume "To ftand th' attack of his impetuous fume! "Let handsome Teedrums too be call'd to arms, 120 "For he has courage in the midst of charms. "Sago with counsel fills his wakeful brains, i "But then his wisdom countervails his pains ""Tis he fhall be your guide; he fhall effect "That glorious conquest which we all expect. 125 "The brave Hectorvus fhall command this force; "He'll meet Tubcarrio's foot, or, which is worse,


Oppose the fury of Carmanniel's horse.

"For his reward this he fhall have each day,

"Drink coffee, then ftrut out, and never pay."I 30. It was not long ere the grandees were met, And round newspapers in full order fet..

Then Sago rising said: "I hope you hear

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Hunger's advice with an obedient ear: "Our great defign admits of no delay,

"Famine commands, and we must all obey.


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That Siren which does Frumentary keep "Long fince is risen from the bands of fleep; "Her fpoons and porringers with art display'd Many of Hunger's subjects have betray'd."* 140 "To arms," Hectorvus cry'd: “Coffedro ftout, Iffue forth liquor from thy fcalding spout!" Great One-and-all-i gives the first alarms, Then each man fnatches up offenfive arms: To Ditch of Fleet courageoufly they run, Quicker than thought the battle is begun : Hectorvus first Tubearrio does attack, And by furprife foon lays him on his back; Thirsto and Browtho then approaching near Soon overthrow two magazines of beer. The innocent Syrena little thought That all thefe arms against herself were brought, Nor that in her defence the drink was spilt: How could the fear that never yet knew guilt? Her fragrant juice and her delicious plums She does difpenfe (with gold upon her thumbs;) Virgins and youths around her flood; she fat Environ'd with a wooden chair of state.

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In the meantime Tobacco ftrives to vex A num'rous fquadron of the tender fex: What with strong smoke and with his stronger breath He funks Basketia and her fon to death.

Coffedro then with Teedrums and the band Who carry'd fcalding liquors in their hand, Volume 11.

Throw wat'ry ammunition in their eyes,
On which Syrena's party frighten'd flies:
Carmannio ftraight drives up, a bulwark firong,
And horfe oppofes to Coffedro's throng;
Coaldrivio ftands for bright Syrena's guard,
And all her rally'd forces are prepar'd;
Carmannio then to Teedrum's fquadron makes,
And the lean mortal by the buttons takes ;
Not Teedrums' arts Carmannio could befeech,
But his rough valour throws him in the ditch.
Syrena, tho' furpris'd, refolv'd to be
The great Bonduca of her Frumentry;
Before her throne courageously the stands,
Managing ladles full with both her hands;
The num'rous plums like hailshot, flew about,
And plenty foon difpers'd the meagre rout.





So have I feen at fair that is nam'd from horn Maný a ladle's blow by 'prentice borne; In vain he strives their paffions to affuage, With threats would frighten, with foft words engage, Until thro' milky gantlet foundly beat

His prudent heels fecure a quick retreat.

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Jaunque opus exegi, quod nec Jovis ira, nec ignis, "Nec poterit ferrum, nec edax abolere vetuftas!"





MOUNTOWN!thou fweet retreat from Dublin cares,
Be famous for thy apples and thy pears,
For turnips, carrots, lettuce, beans and pease,
For Feggy's butter and for Peggy's cheese.
May clouds of pigeons round about thee fly,
But condefcend fometimes to make a pie!
May fat geefe gaggłe with melodious voice,
And ne'er want gooseberries or apple fauce!
Ducks in thy ponds, and chicken in thy pens,
And be thy turkeys num'rous as thy hens!
May thy black pigs lie warm in little fty,
And have no thought to grieve them till they die!
Mountown! the Mufes' moft delicious theme,
Oh! may thy codlins ever fwim in cream!

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Thy rafp and strawberries in Bourdeaux drown, 15
To add a redder tincture to their own!

Thy whitewine, fugar, milk, together club
To make that gentle viand fillabub‡!

It was taken for a state poem, and to have many mysteries in it, though it was only made, as well as Orpheus and Eurydice, for country diverfion. King.

† A pleafant villa to the south of Dublin near the fea.

"Peace to thy gentle thade, fweet fmiling Henniver!"-would have been our Author's ejaculation if he had lived in

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