Special Consular Reports

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1899
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Sivu 230 - States, and shall have indorsed thereon, when so produced, a declaration signed by the purchaser, manufacturer, owner, or agent, setting forth that the invoice is in all respects correct and true, and was made at the place from which the merchandise is to be exported to the United States; that...
Sivu 14 - Centare (1 square meter) equals 1,550 square inches; are (100 square meters) equals 119.6 square yards; hectare (10,000 square meters) equals 2.471 acres.
Sivu 7 - That the value of foreign coin as expressed in the money of account of the United States shall be that of the pure metal of such coin of standard value...
Sivu 226 - ... galleries, or art schools, when due proof is given as to their destination. Archaeological and numismatical objects for public museums, academies, and scientific and artistic corporations, on proof of their...
Sivu 233 - I, , do solemnly and truly declare that I am the owner (or manufacturer) of the merchandise described in the annexed entry and invoice; that the entry now delivered by me to the collector of contains a just and true account of all the goods, wares, and merchandise imported by or consigned to me in the , whereof is master, from ; that the...
Sivu 304 - Article XCI In the districts of this zone where it shall be ascertained that, either on account of religious belief or from some other causes, the use of distilled liquors does not exist or has not been developed, the powers shall prohibit their importation.
Sivu 641 - Section 2. To enable the Samoan Government to obtain the necessary revenue for the maintenance of government and good order in the Islands, the following duties, taxes and charges may be levied and collected, without prejudice to the right of the native government to levy and collect other taxes in its discretion upon the natives of the Islands and their property, and with the consent of the Consuls of the Signatory Powers...
Sivu 245 - Opium may be imported free of duty, but can only be sold to the opium farmer or his agents. In the event of no arrangement being effected with them for the sale of the opium, it shall be re-exported, and no impost or duty shall be levied thereon. Any infringement of this regulation shall subject the opium to seizure and confiscation.
Sivu 225 - Articles the growth, produce, and manufacture of the United States, when returned after having been exported, without having been advanced in value or improved in condition by any process of manufacture or other means...
Sivu 61 - In witness whereof, the master or purser of the said vessel hath affirmed to C. D bills of lading, all of this tenor and date; one of which being accomplished, the others to stand void.

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