The Anglo-Saxon chronicle. The chronicle of Florence of Worcester, with a continuation and appendix


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Sivu 171 - withdrawn from wrath, and called to the mercy of Christ. How is the king of that province called? " They told him his name was M\\a. : and he, alluding to the nam-e, said, "Hallelujah, the praise of God the Creator must be sung in those parts.
Sivu 40 - And the same year King Athelstan and Elchere the ealdorman fought on shipboard, and slew a great number of the enemy at Sandwich in Kent, and took nine ships, and put the others to flight ; and the heathen men, for the first time, remained over winter in Thanet.
Sivu 163 - Then was corn dear, and flesh, and cheese, and butter, for there was none in the land. Wretched men starved with hunger. Some lived on alms, who had been erewhile rich. Some fled the country. Never was there more misery, and never acted heathens worse than these.
Sivu 134 - Alas ! that any man should be so prond, so raise himself up, and account himself above all men ! May the Almighty God show mercy to his soul, and grant him forgiveness of his sins...
Sivu 134 - Among other things is not to be forgotten the good peace that he made in this land, so that a man who had any confidence in himself might go over his realm, with his bosom full of gold, unhurt.
Sivu 63 - Ealdalf of Bamborough, and they confirmed the peace by pledge and by oaths at the place which is called Earnot, on the fourth of the Ides of July; and they renounced all idolatry, and after that submitted to him in peace.
Sivu 271 - I requested for the good of my people from my lord the pope, and the emperor, and king Rodolph, and the other princes through whose territories our road to Rome lies, they...
Sivu 270 - I could discover them, and there, present, to worship and adore according to my desire. I have been the more diligent in the performance of this, because I have learned from the wise, that St. Peter, the apostle, has received from God, great power in binding and in loosing : that he carries the key of the kingdom of heaven ; and consequently I have judged it matter of special importance to seek his influence with God. Be it known to you, that at the solemnity of Easter, a great assembly of nobles...
Sivu 43 - This year the army rode across Mercia into EastAnglia, and took up their winter quarters at Thetford ; and the same winter king Eadmund fought against them, and the Danes got the victory, and slew the king, and subdued all the land, 'and destroyed all the minsters which they came to. "The names of their chiefs who slew the king were Ingwair and Ubba.
Sivu 112 - He forsook his chrism and his rood, his ghostly weapons, and took to his spear and his sword, after his bishophood ; and so went...

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