Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the High Court of Chancery: During the Time of Lord Chancellor Eldon, Nide 2


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Sivu 75 - CS and his assigns for and during the term of his natural life : And from and after his decease, To the use and behoof of the heirs male of the body of the said CS lawfully to be begotten...
Sivu 100 - The reciting part of a deed * is not at all a necessary part, either in law or equity. It may be made use of to explain a doubt of the intention and meaning of the parties, but it hath no effect or operation.
Sivu 503 - In the event of any such trader as aforesaid being adjudged a bankrupt, or taking the benefit of any Act for the relief of insolvent debtors...
Sivu 368 - ... that the costs of all parties should be paid out of the fund which is provided for the annual maintenance of the master?
Sivu 168 - So in the case of tenants in common : the possession of one tenant in common, eo nomine, as tenant in common, can never bar his companion ; because such possession is not adverse to the right of his companion, but in support of their common title...
Sivu 278 - ... and the survivors or survivor of them, and the executors and administrators of such survivor, in trust to and for the sole and separate use of my daughter, Catherine E.
Sivu 79 - Court has not jurisdiction to give the relief which is here asked. Though there is sufficient proof of the duty or obligation, there is not, in my opinion, evidence of a trust, as the word trust is understood in this Court.
Sivu 137 - One day beyond is as much too late as one hundred years. This is the peremptory, inflexible rule at law, fixed by positive statutes, if there has been adverse possession and no disability or fraud. No plea of poverty, ignorance or mistake can be of any avail. However clear and indisputable the title if the merits could be inquired into, however demonstratively tortious and wrongful the adverse possession, the fact of such possession and the time preclude all investigation of the title. The door of...
Sivu 149 - A court of equity, which is never active in relief against conscience or public convenience, has always refused its aid to stale demands, where the party has slept upon his right, and acquiesced for a great length of time.
Sivu 266 - There is one case which is constantly occuring, that of a partner raising money for his private use on the credit of the partnership firm ; and the Court interferes then, because there is a ground for dissolving the partnership; but then the danger must be such, there must be that abuse of good faith between the members of the partnership, that the Court will try the question, whether the partnership should not be dissolved in consequence.

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