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This compilation was prepared under the direction of the Committee on Foreign Relations, United States Senate, pursuant to the resolution of the Senate of January 18, 1909 (S. Res. 252, 60th Cong., 2d sess.), and contains treaties, conventions, international acts, important protocols and agreements by exchange of notes, whether in force or not, to which the United States has been a party from 1776 to and including the year 1909, together with other material pertaining to treaties, such as awards, a reference to every decision of the federal courts affecting treaties, a chronological list of treaties by countries, ete. Treaties and conventions that have become partially or completely abrogated, or suspended, are so indicated by a footnote at the beginning of such treaties and conventions. Those treaties or conventions, however, that from their nature have manifestly served the purpose for which they were concluded, such as those relating to claims, cession of territory, or which have expired by their own limitation, are not so indicated.

The conventions negotiated at the Second Conference of Peace held at The Hague during the year 1907, although not proclaimed until February 28, 1910, are included in the compilation, as the Senate had duly ratified them and the proclamations thereof by the President were waiting only the receipt from the Netherlands Government of the usual process of ratifications showing the states which deposited ratifications.

The United States was not a signatory party to the conventions concluded at the Central American Peace Conference, held at Washington in 1907, but as the conference met on the initiative of the Presidents of the United States of America and the United States of Mexico, and the treaties were concluded under the auspices of those two States, represented respectively in said conference by Mr. William I. Buchanan and Ambassador Don Enrique Creel, who were invited to be present at all the deliberations of the conference, the treaties referred to are included at the end of Volume II of this compilation.

The Department of State cooperated with the compiler in the preparation of this compilation, and the texts of all international arrangements to which the United States is a party, as well as all material data in reference to changes in, abrogations of, or adherences to the various instruments furnished by the Department of State, are included herein.


United States Senate.

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March 4,

George Washington..
Jobn Adams..
Thomas Jefferson.
James Madison
James Monroe...
John Quincy Adams ....
Andrew Jackson....
Martin Van Buren ....
William Henry Harrison ..
John Tyler....
James K. Polk....
Zachary Taylor ....
Millard Fillmore......
Franklin Pierce....
James Buchanan
Abraham Lincoln...
Andrew Johnson
Ulysses S. Grant....
Rutherford B. Hayes....
James A. Garfield....
Chester A. Arthur.
Grover Cleveland...
Benjamin Harrison,
Grover Cleveland..
William McKinley...
Theodore Roosevelt.
William H. Taft.

March 4, 1789.. March 4, 1797.
March 4, 1797.. March 4, 1801.
March 4, 1801.. March 4, 1809.
March 4, 1809.. March 4, 1817.
March 4, 1817..... March 4, 1825.
March 4, 1825.. March 4, 1829.
March 4, 1829.. March 4, 1837.

1837.. March 4, 1841.
March 4, 1841.. April 4, 1841.
April 4, 1841... March 4, 1845.
March 4, 1845.

March 4, 1849. March 4, 1849.. July 9, 1850. July 9, 1850.... March 4, 1853. March 4, 1853.. March 4, 1857. March 4, 1857.. March 4, 1861. March 4, 1861.. April 15, 1865. April 15, 1865.. March 4, 1869. March 4, 1869.. March 4, 1877. March 4, 1877. March 4, 1881. March 4, 1881... September 19, 1881. September 19, 1881... March 4, 1885. March 4, 1885.. March 4, 1889. March 4, 1889.. March 4, 1893. March 4, 1893.. March 4, 1897. March 4, 1897.. September 14, 1901. September 14, 1901... March 4, 1909. March 4, 1909..



In the “Notes upon the foreign treaties of the United States," pre pared by Hon. J. C. Bancroft Davis, and republished in the volum of Treaties and Conventions concluded between the United State and other Powers, Senate Executive Document No. 47, Forty-eight Congress, second session, is given, in concise form, the history of th conduct of the foreign affairs of the United States up to the time the establishment of the Department of State. From these notes th following statement has been gathered:

On the 29th of November, 1775, Congress appointed a “Committe of Secret Correspondence,” whose duty it would be to correspond wit the friends of the colonies in other parts of the world. From the dat of the appointment of this committee until the autumn of 1781, th management of the foreign affairs of the country was in the hands committees of Congress. Robert R. Livingston, of New York, wg then appointed “their Secretary of Foreign Affairs," and took th oath of office on the 20th of October, 1781. Livingston resigned i June, 1783, and Elias Boudinot, the President of Congress, acte officially as Secretary in the interim.

General Thomas Mifflin was chosen President of Congress on the 3 of November, 1783, at the beginning of a new Congress, and as suc succeeded to Boudinot as ad interim Secretary. John Jay was electe Secretary May 24, 1784, but did not qualify until December 21, 178 and he remained the Secretary of Foreign Affairs until the adoptio of the Federal Constitution. On September 15, 1789, the Presider approved “An act to provide for the safe-keeping of the acts, records and seal of the United States, and for other purposes,” in the firs section of which it was provided “that the Executive Departmen denominated the Department of Foreign Affairs shall hereafter be de nominated the Department of State, and the principal officer therei shall be called the Secretary of State.” Jefferson was appointed Sed retary of State September 26, 1789, but did not enter upon the dutie of his office until March 21, 1790. Jay, notwithstanding he had bee selected to be Chief Justice, continued to fill the office of Secretar until Jefferson entered upon its duties, although never commissione as such under the new government."

a “Compilation of treaties in force 1899."

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