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A Lunatick possessed with a Dumb Spirit is brought to him, 9 zed, and running to him, and running to kim, they faluted him with the greatest Sect. 91. faluted him. "

Marks of Respect and Affection : Yet the Scribes ,

and Pharisees were not at all impressed, but con- mark

..tinued their ill-natured Attack on his Disciples.
16 And he asked the And taking Notice of the warm Dispute they 16
Scribes, What question ye were engaged in, he aked the Scribes; What is
with them , w ..

the Point you are debating, and what do you con-
tend with them about ? . .

17 And [Luk. behold,]. And presently upon his making this Enquiry, 17
(a certain Man)of the Mul behold, a certain Man of the Multitude came, and
titude, [kneeling down to kneeling down to him, answered the Question in Ef-
him,] answered and (LUK.
cried out, saying,] Master, fect; and crying out with a loud and eager Voice

faid, Oh thou great Teacher and Master in our
Son, which hath, a Dumb Hrael, I have brought thee my poor afflicted Son,
Spirit: (MAT. XVII. 14.
LUKE IX. 38.-)

who has for a long time been possessed with a
Dumb Spirit, and the malicious Dæmon has de-

prived him of the Use of his Hearing and Speech: MAT. XVII. 15. Lord, And in this moving Case, Oh Lord, I beseech thee, Mat. XVII. [I beseech thee, look upon look upon my Son, for he is mine only Child, [and15. my Son, for he is mine only vet instead of being any Comfort to me, is a most Child; and] have Mercy on you, him, for he is Lunatick, and melancholy Spectacle of Horror ; let me intreat sore vexed: for oft-times he thee therefore to have Compassion on him,] for he falleth into the Fire, and oft is Lunatick (6), and grievously tormented with terinto the Water. [LUKE IX.–38.)

rible Fits, which frequently seize him, and some

: times endanger his Life ; for he often falletb into Luke IX. 20. And lo, the Fire, and often into the Water. And behold, Luke IX. 39. (wherefoever) this Spirit tak- wherever [this] Spirit feizes him, he has no Strength eth him, he suddenly crieth or Thought to take Care of himself, but suddenly out, and it teareth him, that he fometh again, [ and C7

cries out in a violent Manner; and it convulses him
gnalheth with his Teeth, so, that he foams again at the Mouth, and gnashes :
and pineth away ; ) and with his Teeth in Extremity of Anguilh ; and
bruising him, it hardly de- thus he miserably pines, and withers away in the
parteth from him. [MARK
IX. 18.-]

Bloom of his Age: And [it] is with great Diffin
culty that the malignant Dæmon departs from him
for a little while, having bruised him to such a
Degree: by violent Distortions, that he is hardly

able to use his Limbs in the Interval of these Mat.XVII. 16. And I dreadful Agitations. And I'am persuaded Mat. XVII. brought there is some more than ordinary Difficulty in the 16.

Case; (6) He is Lunatick.] Grotius well observes, that this Word, (which exactly answers the Etymology of the Original,) might with great Propriety be used, tho' there was something preternatural in the Case; as the Evil Spirit would undoubtedly take 'Advantage of those Disorders, into which the Brain and Nerves of this unhappy Child were thrown by the Changes of the Moon. VOL. II.

(c) From

Who had withstood the Attempts of bis Disciples.

Mark IX. ass

10 Sect. 91. Cafe ; for I brought him to thy Disciples, and spake brought him to thy DisciV N to (them) concerning him, and intreated [them] in ples, (and spake to them,]. Mat. XVII

· (Luk. and besought them *the most affectionate Manner, to use their utmost to cast him out,) and they 16.

Efforts to cast him out; and they could not accom- could not cure him. [MARK plish it, nor beal him.

IX.--18. LUKE IX. 40.] Then Jesus said in Reply ta kim, Ob ye in 17. Then Jesus answered credulous and perverse Generation of Men: how [him) and said, Oh faithlels

and perverse Generation, long Mall I be with you, before you will learn a how long shall I be with becoming Regard to me? how long mall I endure you? how long shall I suffer that Infidelity, which you are Thewing on so many you? bring (Luk. thy Son Occasions ? And thus did he mean at once to re- 10. Luke IX. 41.]

hither to me. (MARK IX. prove, the Weakness of Faith, in the Father, and in his Disciples, as well as the Obstinacy and Perverseness of the Jewish Teachers, who were triumphing in their present Disappointment : And then turning to the Father of the Child and his Attendants, he said, Bring thy Son bither to me, and you shall see what my Power can effect. ' And upon this, they brought him that was pof- ..

MARK IX. 20. And 20.

they brought him unto him: fessed to Jesus, and presented the poor Creature and when he saw him, [as he to bim. And immediately, as soon as he saw him, was yet a coming,] straightwhile he was yet coming, the Évil Spirit in a Rage way the Spirit (threw him wrought in him with such Violence, that he fellon'the Ground, and wala

down, and] tare him, and he threw him down, and convulsed him; and he fell on lowed foming. (LUKE IX. the Ground with great Force, and there lay, and 42.-] rolled from one side to the other, a Spectacle of Horror, foaming at the Mouth, and sweating pro-. fusely, till Nature was almost exhausted, and he seemed ready to die. And, that the Greatness of the Cure might .21 And he asked his Fa

ther, How long is it ago more plainly appear, while the unhappy Youth lince this came unto him? lay thus before him, he asked his Father, How long And he said, Of a Child.

Time is it, that he hath been thus afflicted? And 22 be faid, Even from his Childhood (c). And 22 And oft-times it hach

the Evil Spirit is so outragious, and so mali- cast him into the Fire, and cious, that it frequently, as I said, bas thrown him into the Waters to destroy

him : into the Fire, and into the Waters, when he has happened to be near them, as if he watched for Opportunities to destroy bim; so that I am fensible it is a most difficult, as well as dreadful Case: But


(4) From his Childhood. I So the Word Hardoobey properly fignifies ; and I think with Grasius. it is much more convenient to render it thus, than from his Infancy.

: id) IF

· Jesus rebukes the Dämon, and expells him. Í him: but if thou canst do if thou canst do any Thing in it (d), bave Compassion Sect. gr. any thing, have Compathon on us, and belp us ; for surely none ever needed on us, and help us.

thy P 22 Jesus faid unto him, And Jefus faid unto him, The Question is Mark IX. If thou canst believe, all not at all concerning my Power, but concerning 23. Things are possible to him the Strength of thy Faith ; for if thou canst firmly that believeth.

and chearfully believe, the Deliverance will surely
be effected, as all Things of this kind are possible

to him that believeth.
24 And straightway the And immediately the Father of the Child, touched 24
Father of the Child cried to the very Heart to think that his dear Soni
out, and said with Tears, might poffibly lose the Cure thro' the Weakness
Lord, I believe; help thou
mine Unbelief,

of his own Faith, cried out aloud, and said with
Tears in his Eyes, and Ardor in his Counte-
nance, Lord, I do from my Heart believe that thy
Power is unlimited; yet such is my Frailty, that
when I look on this Spectacle of Misery, my Faith
is ready to fail me again: Help me therefore
against my Unbelief, by mitigating the Circum-
stances of the Trial, or communicating suitable

Strength to my Soul (e).
25 When Jesus saw that Tben Jesus seeing that the Croud ran toge- 25
the People came running to- ther, and was continually increasing round them,
gether, he rebuked the [un-

rebuked the unclean Spirit, which had possessed the
clean] Spirit, saying unto
him, Thou Dumb and Deaf Child, and said unto him, with an Air of supe-
Spirit, I charge thee, come rior Power and Divine Authority, Thou Dumb
out of him, and enter no and Deaf Spirit who haft fo maliciously deprived
more into him. [Luke
IX.—42.- MAT. XVII. this Youth of his Speech and Hearing, I strictly

charge and command thee, immediately to come out
of him, and presume to enter into bim no more,

nor farther to disquiet him as long as he lives.
26 And the Spirit cried And immediately, as soon as he had spoken 26
and rent him fore, and came these Words, (the Evil Spirit,) having cried out with
great Earnestness, and thrown him into violent Di-

i stortions,


(d) If thou can't do any Thing in it.] Perhaps observing the Fit grow more violent on his approaching Christ, his Faith might begin to fail. This was a very natural Manner of speaking, and yet strongly pathetick, and obliquely interesting the Honour of Christ in the Illue of the Affair. See Raphei. ex Xen. pag. 73.

(e) Help my Unbelief, &c.] It seems an Inconvenience inseparable from this Method of Paraphrasing, that sometimes (as in the present Instance,) fome lively and strongly pointed Sentences Ihould lose something of their Spirit by it; yet keeping the Original thus diftinet, may in Part remedy it; and on the whole, many of these Expressions are so full of Meaning, that the general Laws of Interpretation require, they thould be unfolded. To observe the exad Medium here, is a Felicity, which I dare not say I have obtained, tho" I have laboured after it.

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This Kind comes not out but by Prayer and Fasting. Sect. 91. stortions, came out of him; and the poor Youth out [of him ;] and he was w had been so miserably handled, that he fell into a Mark IX.

as one dead, insomuch that 13. Swoon, and seemed as one dead, so that many who ¡MAT. XVII.-18.

many said, He is dead. were present said, He is undoubtedly quite dead, and will revive no more. But Jesus taking hold 27 But Jefus took him by of him by the Hand lifted him up, and strengthened the Hand, and lifted him up, him, so that he arose and stood on his Feet. And a

and he arose: (Luk, and

he healed the Child, and dewhen [be] thus had perfectly restored and healed livered him again to his Fathe Child, he took and delivered him to his Fatber, ther.) [And the Child was who received him with an inexpressible Mixture

cured from that very Hour.]

[MAT. XVII.-18. LUKE of Joy and Amazement. And the Child was well ix.-42.] from that very Hour, and these terrible Symptoms

returned upon him no more. Luke IX.43. And they who beheld it, were all astonished at Luke IX. 43:- And

the mighty Power of GOD, by which this illustri- they were all amazed at the ous Miracle had been wrought.

mighty Power of God. Mark IX. And when he had left the Multitude, and was MARK IX 28. And 28.

come into the House, where he then resided, bis when he was come into the Disciples, something mortified at the Repulse they to Jefus apart, and asked

House, his Disciples (came had met with in their late Attempt, came to Jesús him privately,' Why could when he was alone, and asked him privately, not wecast him out? (MAT. could not we prevail so far, as to cast out this Dæmon, ?

XVII. 19.). and expell bim, since we have performed many Cures.

which seemed equally difficult? : Mat. XVII.

And Jefus faid unto them, It was because of Mat. XVII. 20. And the Remainder of your Unbelief; for verily I say !

Jesus said unto them, Be

cause of your Unbelief: for unto you, If you bad but the least Degree of Faith verify I- fáy unto you, If ye in a lively Exercise, tho' it comparatively was have Faith as a' Grain of but as a Grain of Multard-reed if), you might Mustard seed, ye shall say perform the greatest Wonders, so as even to say hence unto yonder Place,

unto this Mountain, Remove to this Mountain here in the Neighbourhood, and it shall remove; and Remove from this Place to that, and it thould ac- nothing hall be impoßible

remove ;. and in a Word, nothing will unto you: bollible to you. But as to the Cafe that. 21 Howbeit' [he said unwas lately before us, be farther said unto them, to them,] this in C

come This Dæmon which posiefled the Child was one of a very obstinate Kind, which cannot be expelled fo readily as others; nor must you ex. :.

. . pect .. . Faith as a Grain of Mustard-feed.] It is very trilling to suppose, that here is a Refera ence to the Poignancy of Mustard-feed, as an Emblem of a vigorous and lively Faith. It is apparently a Proverb, to express any thing inconsiderably small, that being, as our Lord expresses it, one of the smallest among Seeds. Thus the Rabbi's say, the Globe, of the Earth is but as a Grain of Mustard - feed, when compared with the Expanse of the Heavens. See Drufius, in loc.

(8) This


21 be impoyable to you...

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Reflections on the Necessity of a lively Faith. come forth by, nothing) but pect to have Power over such Spirits as these, to Sect. 91. by, Prayer, and Fafting. oblige them to go forth by any Means, unless you m u [MARK IX. 29.) 5

do by frequent Prayer and Fasting intercede with 21.
GoD for his more abundant Co-operation, and
by such extraordinary Devotions endeavour to pre-

pare your Souls for his farther Influences (8)." : IMPROVEM E N T. T HE invidious Opposition, which these Scribes and Pharisees made Markix. 14,

T to our Lord, and the ill-natured Joy they expressed, in what they imagined would disgrace his Disciples, appears exceeding odious; and it Thews us the fatal Effects of Ambition, Pride, and Avarice, when they possess the Hearts of those, who should be (as these by their Office were,) Teachers of others. . Such Qualities render those in the Number of the most dangerous Enemies of Mankind, who ought to be its most affectionate Friends, and most useful Benefactors. May the Light of the Gospel break in on their Souls, and form them to a better Temper!

The solicitous Concern of this Parent, when he saw bis Child under Mat. xviii. fuch fad Symptoms of Disorder, may surely remind Persons in that Rela- 14, 15. tion, of the Sentiments, with which they should view those of their Chil-" dren, who are in a Spiritual Sense under the Power of Satan; and of the Importunity with which they should intreat, that the Hand of Christ may be stretched out for their Rescue.

A lively Exercise of Faith is greatly to be desired in this, and all other Applications of this Nature. But, alas, how often do we find the Remainders ,


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(8) This Kind cannot go forth by any Means, unless by Prayer and pasting.]. An ingenious . Physician mentioned by the learned Author of the Enguiry into Dæmoniacks, &c. pag. 47. instead of EN PODEU YN Xell yns Gia, would read ex apogezei unscą, by constant Fafting ; and fup: poses it refers to the Necessity of frequent and long continued Abftinence, in order to the Cure of such an Epileptick Disemper, as the Child in Question had been subject to. But as the Cria ticism is founded on mere Conjecture, contrary to all the Copies known in the Worldr; so I cannot think it at all natural in itself, or pertinent to the Occasion; for it seems not at all to our Lord's Purpose, to speak of the Natural Methods of Cure, in Answer to the Apostles, Demand, why they could not miraculousy perform it? Nor can. any Instance be produced to prove, that the Expression is Proverbial, for any Thing very difficult, I could therefore see no Realon to recede from the usual Interpretation, which I have given in the Paraphrase. Sir Norton Knatchbull's Sense is extreamly forced, who understands it, as if it had been faid, This Sort (of miraculous Faith] advances not but by Proyer and Fasting: Raphelius has abundantly thewn, how inconclufive thofe Authorities from Xenophon are; by which he would juftify so odd a Version of gender. See Raphel. Annot. ex Xen. pag. 44,--46.. And were the Words considered, as they stand in Mark, where there is nothing said of Faith,, it would be easy to perceive; our Lord is speaking of a Kind of Dæmons which they were not · able to cast out : And tbat some Dæmons are more malignant than others, is most manifest from Mat. xii. 45. But oftentimes an Explication has been built upon the Words of one. Evangelist, and many learned Remarks have been made to establish it, which could not be applied without greao Violence to suit the parallel Place in another, and presently has fallen to the Ground upon comparing them together.

cede frois Proverbial, for any TNor can. any Inftande Apel

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