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CHRIST represents the Manner of his Coming : 189. 23 And they shall say to that pretends to it. And accordingly, they shall Sect. 128. you, See here, or, see there: go not after them, nor fol- Jay to you, Behold (he is] bere, or, behold she isl

Luke XVII. low them.

there ; [but do not you go out to seek him, nor join.

to follow (them) in any of their vain delusive Schemes. * * 24 For as the Lightning. For he will indeed come, but in a different Man- 24 that lightneth out of the ner from what they expect; even to execute upon one Part under Heaven, Dhineth unto the other Part them a ludden and unavoidabi

them a sudden and unavoidable Destruction: For under Heaven: lo shall also as the Lightning which lightens from one [Part] the Son of Man be in his under Heaven. Thines in a Moment with the greatest

Swiftness to the other [Part| under Heaven; so also
in as swift, and terrible a Manner Mall the Com-
ing of the Son of Man be in his Day, when he
appears to plead the Cause of that Gospel, which

has been so generally despised. (Compare Mat. xxiv.
25 But first must he suffer 23, 27. Sect. 161.) Nevertheless, he must first 25
many Things, and be re- fuffer many Things, and be yet more opprobriously
jected of this Generation.

and folemnly rejected by this Generation of Men, ,
who shall by this publick and national act of Im-
piety and Rebellion fill up the Measure of their

İniquities. (Compare Luke xxiii. 8,—21. John xix.

· 15. Acts iii. 13,—15.).
26 And as it was in the Then Thall impending Vengence fall upon them 26
Days of Noe, so shall it be at once: And as it was in the Days of Noah which
also in the Days of the Son
of Man.

preceded the Flood, so also mall it be in the Days
of the Son of Man, or in those Days when he shall-

come, in the Manner I have now described, for
27 They did eat, they the Destruction of his Enemies. For notwit
drank, they married Wives, standing the exprefs Predictions of Divine Judg.
they were given in Marri-
age, until the Day that Noe ments approaching, they went on with their usual
entred into the Ark : and Course of Business, and of Pleasure"; they eat,
the Flood came, and de: they drank, they married Wives, [and their Daugh-
broyed them all.

ters were given in Marriage, and with a confident
Security persisted in the Business, Entertainments,
and Luxuries of Life, till the very Day in which
Noah entered into the Ark; and then the Deluge
came with irresistible Fury, so that it overbore and

destroyed them all at once. (Gen. vi. 13. vii: 21:)"
28 Likewise also as it was likewise also as it was at Sodom in the Days of Lot, 28
in the Days of Lot, they did they eat and drank, they bought and fold, they planted
eat, they drank, they bought,
they fold, they planted, they Vineyards, and built magnificent Houses, and ne-
builded :

ver thought themselves more secure, or their plea29 But the same Day that fant Country more like to flourish :. And thus 20 Lot went out of Sodom, it it continued, till the very Day when Lot went out rained Fire and Brimstone from of Sodom ; and then Fire and Brimstone was rained


twith: 27

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190 And foretells the Destruction of the unbelieving Jews. Sect. 128. down by the Lord from Heaven, and destroyed them from Heaven, and destroyed a ll. (Gen. xix. 14, 24.) Even so mall it be in the theme

30 Even thus shall it be Luke XVII. Day when the Son of Man is revealed, and his in the Day when the Son of

Power sensible ed in the Destruction of this Man is revealed.
sinful People: The Jewish Nation shall be as
careless and confident, as if there was not the
least Danger, indulging themselves in all kinds
of Luxury and Extravagance (c), till they fee
Ruin surrounding them on every Side, from which
it will be as impossible for them to escape, as it
was for the Sinners of the Old World, or the
Inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah. (Compare

Mat. xxiv. 377–39. Sect. 163.)
31 In that Day, if any one hall be taking the Air 31 In that Day, he which
on the House- Top, or be retired thither for any other and his stuff in the House,

shall be upon the House-top, Purpose, and his best Dress and Furniture be in let him not come down to the House, let him not come down into the House take it away: and he that is to take it away (d); but let him flee the readiest int · but let him Aee the readient in the Field, let him likewise

not return back. Way, by those Steps which go down on the Outside of the Building: And be that is at work in the Field, stripped of his upper Garment, let him likewise not return back, tho'it be but a few Steps, to take it. (Compare Mat. xxiv. 17, 18. Sect. 161.) But remember the awful Example of Lot's Wife, 32 Remember Lot's Wife, with the dreadful Issue of her Delay, and looking back; (Gen. xix. 26.) and take heed left, like her, you perish in that sudden Vengeance, which shall overtake your former Abode, if you allow

yourselves to linger in it, or turn back for the

sake of any Thing you have left there. For 33 Whosoever fhall seek
in that Day, be that mall seek to preserve bis Life to save his Life, thall lose it:
by retiring into some fortified City, and especiańy and whosoever shall lose his
by retiring into some fortified City, and especially Life Thall preserve it.
into that, where one would imagine he should be
safest, shall lose it ; but be that shall seem to take

(c) Indulging themselves in all kinds of Luxury and Extravagance.] It is not unleason-
able for Great Britain to recollect, that when a pompous and luxurious Way of Living has
come to its Height in many of the most considerable antient and modern Nations, there has
been a very sudden Transition to the lowest State of Servitude and Ruin. All Histories
abound with Instances of this Kind; and God grant, that our own Age may not add one
to the Number!

(d) Let him not come down into the House to take it away.] This thews, beyond all Controversy, that this Discourse refers not to the final Judgment, from which there can be no Escape; but to the Destruction of Jerusalem, from which it is well known that many Chriftians were preserved by this Caution. See Grotius, in loc. - The Jewish Houses were built with a flat Roof, and had Stairs without to go down from the Top. Compare Luke * 19. Vol. i. pag. 277.)


abound with fudden Tranny of them that when a porand Extravaga

(e) The

Where the Carcase is, the Eagles will be gathered together. 191

the ready Way to lose his Life, Mall preserve it ; Sect. 128.

for they who regard my Admonitions, and retire, · however their Conduct may be censured as impru

dent, shall survive the general Ruin.
34 I tell you, in that I tell you, in that Night, that gloomy calami- 34
Night there Thall be two tous Time, the Providence of God Thall be strange-
Men in one Bed; the one
Ahall be taken and the other ly seen, in delivering some of my Disciples, when
hall be left.

others in the very fame Places and Circumstances
shall perish in the common Calamity: There hall,
for instance, be Two Persons lying in the same

Bed; and the one shall be taken by the Enemy (e),
35 Two Women shall be and the other dismissed. And Two Women hall 35.
grinding together; the one

be grinding together at the fame Mill; the one shall thall be taken, and the other left.

w be taken, and the other dismissed. And 'Two 36 36 Two Men shall be in Men shall be working or walking together in the the Field; the one shall be Field; the one Mall be taken, and the other dismissed. taken, and the other left.

(Compare Mat. xxiv. 40, 41. Sect. 163.) 37 And they answered And they answered and said to him, Where, Lord, 37 and said unto him, Where, and to whom, shall this Destruction happen (f)? Lord? And he said unto them, Wheresoever the Body

. And be said to them, Your Proverb is applicable is, thither will the Eagles be to the present Occasion, Wheresoever the Carcase gathered together. is; there will the Eagles be gathered together (8);

where-ever the impenitent und unbelieving Jews
are, the Vengeance of GOD will pursue them,
and the Roman Eagles shall (as it were) Ay upon
them as a helpless Prey; and so, where their Num-
bers are the largest, there the Destruction will be
greatest and most terrible. (Compare Mat. xxiv.
28. Sect. 161.),

IMPROV E M E N T. AT A Your Minds be formed to a true Taste and Relish for the King- Luke xvii. IV dom of GOD! and may we learn, wherein it consists ; not, like 20. the Kingdoms of this World, in External. Pomp and Splendor, but in

Righte(e) The oue Mall be taken by the Enemy.] That this is the Sense of the Word Trapannone sild, and that apeongelos in the latter Clause Thould be rendered dismissed, or let go, 'I think. Elfner has abundantly proved. Obferv. vol. i. pag. 262, 263. He has likewise shewn. there, how customary it was for Women to grind at the Mill. See also Bos, Exerc. pag. 30.

of Where, Lord, &c.] I have seen few Paraphrafes, which do not fupersede this Quertion: I have forbore mentioning Jerusalem above, that I might leave Room for it.

(8) Where-ever the Carcase is, &c.] Dr. Clarke has explained the general Sense of this. Proverb with great Judgment. (See his Seventeen Sermons, pag. 381, & feq.) It is, as if it had been said, The like Causes will produce the like Effects. But it seems to suggest so proper an. Allusion to the Roman Standards, and to the Carnage they made of the Jews, that I could not forbear introducing the Mention of it.

192 . Refleétions on the - Coming: of CHRI'S T.. 17 Sect. 128. Righteousness, Peace, you in the Holy Ghost, and that Inward Subjection w of Soul to the Divine Government, which is the Essence of Religion,

and the grand Security and Felicity of our Natures ! Many are like the Ver. 21.

Pharisees, talking of it, and expecting it, while it is among them, and they know it not; and, perhaps, despise the humble Christians in whom it resides, and most eminently triumphs. May they who think most

lightly of it, never have Cause to wish at last, for the Return of those Ver. 22. Days of the Son of Man, which are now their Burthen, rather than their

Pleasure, while they hear vital and inward Religion in vain recommended

and inforced ! Ver. 26,-30. What our Lord says of bis Coming to the Destruction of Yerusalem,

may be applied, as it is elsewhere, to his Appearance at the final y udgment, of which the former was a Figure. Thus shall the Men of that Generation be immersed in Business and Pleasure ; and that' tremendous Day (hall come upon them, even as a Thief in the Night; so that they shall find themselves overwhelmed with irrecoverable Ruin, while they cry, Peace and Safety. (1 Thef. v. 2, 3.) And thus doth the awful Hour of Death, which consigns Men over to Judgment; surprize the Generality of Mankind, amidit all the solemn Warnings of it, which they daily receive. May we ever be in a prepared Posture, and daily live, as on the

Verge of Eternity! Ver. 32. And if once we are engaged in a course of serious Preparation, let us remember Lot's Wife, and take heed, that we turn not back again

. We Ver. 31. flee as for our Lives; let us not look behind us. Whatever is to be left,

whatever is to be lost, it is enough if our Life be given us as for a Prey. Ver. 34,-36. If we have any just Hope, that it will so be given us, we have a great

deal of Reason to own and adore the Riches of Divine Grace to us, of that distinguishing Grace, which has taken us, when others are left; some, perhaps, employed in the same Business, and dwelling in the same Place ; and, may not I add, some lying in the same Bed too.

In a Word, let all seriously bethink themselves, and flee from the Wrath to come. GOD spared not Judea, that favourite Country, when they rejected bis Gospel, and his Son: Let us fear, left be als Spare not us. (Rom. xi. 20, 21.) In this Respect also, wherefoever the Carcase is, there will the Eagles be gathered together. The same Causes will produce the fame Effects; and when we, in particular, of these happy, but sinful Nations, consider our numerous and aggravated Provocations, we shall

e much greater Reason to wonder, that the Judgments of GOD have been so long delayed, than that they should at last fall upon us with an insupportable Weight.

Ver. 37


CHRisT delivers the Parable of the Importunate Widow:


CHRIST presses his Disciples to Perseverance in Prayer, by

the Parable of the Importunate Widow; and recommends
Humility, by that of the Pharisee and Publican. Luke
XVIII. 1,--14.

LUKE XVIII. 1. AND he spake a Parable T HUS our Lord discoursed with his Disciples Sect. 129. n unto them, to this End,

1 of the approaching Destruction of Jerusa- M YVU that Men ought always to lem by the Romans; and for their Encourage- 1. pray, and not to faint ;

ment under those Hardships, which they might
in the mean Time expect, from their unbelieving
Countrymen, or others, he spoke a Parable to
them ; which was intended to inculcate upon
them this great Truth, that how distressed foever
their Circumstances might be, they ought always to
pray with Faith and Perseverance, and not to faint

under their Trials.
2 Saying, There was in For this purpose he discoursed to them in the 2
a City a Judge, which feared following Manner, saying, There was a Yudge in
not ĠOD, neither regarded a certain City, who neither feared GOD, nor

reverenced Man; but was wicked enough to set
light by all Regards to both, and to make his

own Humour, and secular Interest, the only Rule
d there was a Widow of his Actions. And there was a Widow in 3
in that City, and the came that City, who had sustained some Injury from
unto him, saying, Avenge
me of mine Adversary.

an Enemy more powerful than herself; and hav-
ing no other Way to obtain Redress, she came to
bim, at a Place and Time when she could not be
denied Access, and said, I come to put myself
under the Protection of the Law, and to demand
thine Assistance as a Magistrate, to do me Justice

against mine Adversary (a), that I may not fink
4 And he would not for under his oppressive Attempts. This was her 4
a while: but afterward he case and Plea; yet as the brought no Present in

14 her Hand, he would not, for a considerable Time,


(a) Do me Justice against mine Adversary.] This is the undoubted Import of the Phrase
Ikdirngor Me: and Care should have been taken to express it so, as not to suggest the Idea of


(b) She

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