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214 He knows his Sheep, and will gather them into one Fold. Scct. 133. other favage Beast, coming, immediately regard- and leaveth the Sheep, and,

i ng nothing but his own Safety, is only careful H

feeth : and the Wolf catch

eth them, and scattereth the John X. 12. to secure himself, and leaves the Sheep, and flees Sheep.

away ; and so the Wolf, meeting with no Refift

ance, seizes on some of them, and disperses the 13 rest of the Sheep. Now the Hireling flees on 13 The Hireling Aeeth, such an Occasion, because he is an Hireling, and because he is an Hireling,

and careth not for the Sheep. is not concerned about the Safety of the Sheep, but takes the Work upon him merely for his own Gain, and the Wages he is to receive : And thus basely will those Teachers act in a Time of Danger, who undertake the Office merely in Regard

to their own secular Advantage 14. But I am the good Shepherd, who have a true . 14 I am the good ShepAffection for my Sheep, and am above the In

herd, and know my Sheep,

and am known of mine. fluence of all such mean and selfish Views: And such is the Relation that there is between us, and such the Love we have to one another, that I know and acknowledge my [Sheep,) and take the kindest and most tender Care of them; and I am also known, acknowledged, and confided in by

mine ; so that we are mutually dear to each other. 15 Even as the Father knows me, and owns his Af- 15 As the Father know

fection and Regard to me, by the sure Tokens of eth me, even so know I the his Presence and Approbation ; and as I also know, Life for the Sheen.

Father : and I lay down my or acknowledge and honour the Father, and it is with an ultimate View to his Appointment and his Glory, that I lay down my Life for the Sheep he has given me ; so also do my Sheep acknowledge and confide in me, and so do I protect and

patronize them. 16 And I would farther observe to you, as a Point, 16 And other Sheep. I of great Importance, that I have other Sheep, which

have, which are not of this

Fold: them also I must are not of this Fold (6), (meaning thereby the bring, and they thall hear Elect of God among the Gentiles ;) them also

my must I at length bring in; and I know, that they will hear and obey my Voice, notwithstanding that Ignorance, Vice, and Misery, in which they are


(6) I have other Sheep, which are not of this Fold.] There seems no Reason, with Wolfus, to understand this, of Jews living out of the Land of Canaan, who could not with such Propriety be said, not to belong to the Fold of Israel. The incorporating the Gentiles into ene Church with the Jews, was indeed a grand Event, worthy such particular Notice: And it deserves our Remark, that they are here called the Sheep of Christ, even while they were yet in Ignorance and Idolatry, as he intended at length to bring them Home.

The Tews are again divided in their Sentimients about him. 215 my Voice; and there shall now involved ; and so, all being incorporated into Sect. 133. be one Fold, and one Shep- one Society, of which I am the Head, the Goherd. vernor, and Guardian, there shall be one Sheepfold, som

, John X. 16, [and] one Shepherd. 17 Therefore doth my And for this Reason especially does the Father 17 Father love me, because love me, and approves it as an Act of eminent bay down my Life, that I might take it again.

Duty and Love to him, because I am come with
this Design into the World, to lay down my Life
for the Redemption of my Sheep, who are dear
to him, as well as to me ; that I may take it again,
and possess it for ever, to be employed for his

Glory, and for the Happiness of my People.
18 No Man taketh it. For tho' I am shortly to die by the Hands of 18
from me, but I lay it down.
of myself: I have Power to

molt cruel Enemies, yet no one deprives me of my lay it down, and I have Life, or takes it from me against my Will; for I Power to take it again. This have every Moment a Power to rescue myself at Commandment have I re- Pleafure

Pleasure, and could even with mine exp ceived of my Father.

Breath command immediate Deliverance ; but I
will manifestly Thew, that I lay it down of myself,
and voluntarily relinquish my Body, sooner than
my Soul would in a Course of Nature have been
dislodged from it (C): And this in me will be a
very regular, tho' wonderful Act ; for as I have
Life in myself, (John v. 26.) I have full Power
and Authority thus to lay it down, when I shall
think fit (d); and I have also Power to resume it at
Pleasure, by entering into, and quickening my
Body again.' And indeed this Commandment I have
received of my Father, and shall e’er long fulfil

the Charge in both its Branches.
19 There was a Division When our Lord uttered these remarkable Ex- 19
therefore again among the pressions, there was a Division therefore again
Jews for these Sayings.

among the Jews, (as there had been before, Chap.

vii. 43. Sect. 101. and ix. 16. Sect. 130.) espe20 And many of them cially on Account of these last Words. And many 20 laid, He hath a Devil, and of them said. He has certainly a Dæmon dwelling

in him, and by the Operation of that Evil Spirit

(c) Voluntarily relinquish my Body, &c.] That our Lord did so, evidently appeared from the trong Cry he sent forth just before his Death, with which the Centurion was reasonably so much impressed. See Luke xxiii. 46, 47. and Mark xv. 39. Sct. 191.

(d) Full Power and Authority, &c.] This the Word Expidly expresses, and the Manner of Christ's Death abundantly proved it: And as no reasonable Objection can be made to the Equity and Wisdom of the Divine Being, in giving Christ such a Power, so the Use he made of it, (as we may farther shew elsewhere,), is truly admirable.

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216 Reflections on the Care of Christ for his Sheep.. Sect. 133. is quite distračted with one of the most malignant is mad; why hear ye him?

W Kinds of Lunacy; why then do you give yourselves
Jonn 1. 20. the Trouble to hear him, while he goes on in

21 such extravagant Absurdities? But others much 21 Others said, These are
more rationally said. These are not by any means not the Words of him that

hath a Devil: Can a Devil the Words of a Dæmoniack, or -a Lunatick ; for open the Eyes of the Blind there is the greatest Consistence and Energy in them : And besides, could a Dæmon that made a Man mad, open the Eyes of the Blind, as it is plain this Man has often, and very lately done? It is rather Madness to imagine, that an Evil Spirit has such Power, or that he would employ it to such benevolent Purposes.

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Yolm x. 20. T HERE is not, perhaps, any where to be found a greater Inftance

T of the Force of Prejudice, than in these perverse Yews, who censured Christ as a Lunatick, and a Dæmoniack, for one of the gravest and most excellent Speeches, that was ever delivered. Let us review it with

all due Attention, and Regard. Ver. 11. Let us consider Cbrist as the good Shepherd, and humbly commit our

Souls to him, as ever we desire they should be safe and happy. We have

known his kind Regards to the Flock, in exposing and laying down his Ver. 15. Life for them. And he hath not laid it down in vain. Delightful Thought!

Our compassionate Shepherd, even when the Sword of the Lord was

awakened to smite him, has not so fallen, as to rise no more ; but as in Ver. 18. this great and good Work, he voluntarily laid down, so he has also re

assumed bis Life; and still bears on his Heart the same Concern for his Flock, and uses his renewed Life, and exalted Dignity, for their Security

and Happiness. Ver. 15.

Let us humbly acknowledge him, as acknowledged by the Father : Let us couragiously and gratefully own him, and be ready to lay down our

Lives also for him. We are those other Sheep, of whom he spake, who Ver. 16.

were not originally of the Fold, but by his Grace are now brought in to the great Shepherd and Bishop of Souls. Let us pray, that the Boundaries of his Fold may be still more extended, and the whole Number of his Elect accomplished ; that all the Flock may at length appear together, and may be conducted by him to the Regions of that. Immortal Life which he determines to give it.

In the mean Time, let us maintain all proper Regards to him, and especially, the most chearful Confidence in his Care ; repeating with the moft Evangelical Views, and fo with a peculiar Sublimity of Sense, the


He preaches at the Feast of Dedication in Solomon's Porch. 217 Words of David, as our own : (Psal. xxiii. 1,—4.) The Lord is my Shep-Sect. 133. herd, I fall not want : He maketh me to lie down in green Pastures; be w keadeth me behde the still Waters : He restoreth my Soul; be leadeth me in the Paths of Righteousness for his Name's Sake : Yea, tho I walk thro the Valley of the Shadow of Death, I will fear no Evil; for thou art with me, thy Rod and thy Staff, they comfort me.

Christ discourfing of his Union with the Father, is charged

with Blasphemy; and being assaulted by the Jews, retires
beyond Jordan. John X. 22, to the End.

John X. 22.

John X. 22. AND it was at Jerusalem NOW it may be proper to observe, that the Sect. 134.

the Feast of the Dedica- NY Time, when these Discourses were delivered, y tion, and it was Winter. was the Feast of Dedication (a), which was ob

". John X. 22. served at ķerusalem in Memorial of the Purifi

cation of the Temple, after it had been polluted

... by the Idolatries and Impieties of Antiochus ;
23 And Jesus walked in and consequently it was Winter. And to thel. 23
the Temple in Solomon's ter himself from the Inclemencies of the Wea-

ther, Jesus was then walking in the covered
Walk that went round the Temple, and was now
in that part of it which was called Solomon's
Porch (6).


(a) The Feast of Dedication.) As it is expressly said, this Feast was in Winter, it is plain, it could not be observed in Remembrance of the Dedication of Solomon's Temple, which was just after Harvest, (1 Kings viii. 2.) nor of that of Nehemiah's, which was in the Spring : (Ezra vi. 15, 16.) But the Feast here intended must be that instituted by Judas Maccabaus, on his having purified the Temple and Altar from the Pollutions and Idolatries of Antiochus Epiphanes. This was celebrated for eight Days successively, in the Month of December ; (1 Mac. iv. 52, 59.) and is mentioned by Yosephus, as a Festival to which great Regard was paid in his Time. See Jofeph. Antiq. lib. xii. cap. 7. (al. 11.) §. 6, 7, and Selden de Syned. lib. iii. cap. 13. ....(b) Solomon's Porch.] Josephus informs us, (Antiq. lib. viii. cap. 3. (al. 2.) §. 2, 9 & lib. xx. cap. 9, (al. 8.) . 7.) that Solomon (finding the Area of Mount Sion too small to answer his magnificent Plan,) when he built the Temple, filled up a Part of the adjacent Valley, and built an outward Portico over it towards the East. This was a molt noble Structure, supported by a Wall 400 Cubits high, and consisting of Stones of a vast Bulk, each Stone (as it is said) being twenty Cubits long, and fix Cubits high. And ofephus speaks of it, as continuing even to the Time of Albinus and Agrippa, which was several Years after the Death of Christ. This is called Solomon's Porch, iets sii. 11. and v. 12. Vol. II.


Structure, fupport is faid) beiven to the Time

() I have

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218 The Jews enquire of Christ, if he was the Messiah. Sect. 134. Then several of the Jews surrounded bim, and 24. Then came the Jews faid unto him, How

thou bold us in an · rou

iran. round about him, and said John s. 24. anxious and uneasy Suspence? If thou art indeed thou make us to doubt? If

unto him, How long doft the Mesah, tell us so plainly and expressly : Which thou be the Christ, tell us

they said with a Design to insnare and accuse plainly. 25 And Jefus answered them, I have in Effect told 25 Jesus answered them, you over and over (c), yet you believe me not : and I told you, and ye believed

not : the Works that I do had I offered nothing more, the Works which I do in my Father's Name, they in my Father's Name fufficiently declare it, as it bear Witness of me. is clearly to be seen, that they bear. Witness of

me, in a Language which you would easily under26 stand, if you were to judge impartially. But 26 But ye believe not ; you do not believe, because you are not Persons of because ye are not of my

Sheep, as I said unto you. such Simplicity and Sincerity, as I described under 27 the Character of my Sheep. For as I said unto 27 My Sheep hear my

you but just now; (ver. 4, 14, 16.) my Sheep hear Voice, and I know them, my Voice, and I know and take care of them ;

" and they follow me. and they, like Sheep accustomed to their Shepherd, .. 28 acknowledge and follow me. And the Confe- 28 And I give unto them quence of that will be such, as would make it ete u be such a would make it eternal Life, and they shall

never perish, neither thall well worth your while, to lay aside all these Pre- any pluck them out of my judices, and to join with them : For I give into Hand. them an invaluable Blessing, even Eternal Life ; and guard them with such Almighty Power and constant Care, that they shall never perish, neither Shall any Enemy (d), be he ever so subtile, or ever so outragious, be able to pluck them out of

my Hand, or injure them while they remain in 29 it. Nor indeed is it possible, that any should ; 29 My Father which gave for my Father, who gave [them to me, on pur

them me, is greater than all :

and none is able to pluck pose that I might redeem and save them, is con

them fessedly greater than all; and therefore none is


(c) I have in Effret told you over and over.} What he had just been faying of himself, in the preceding Verses, as the great Shepherd, was in Sense equivalent to a Declaration of his being the Meliah. - I mention the foregoing Discourse, as what had just been deli. vered ; because I think it most natural to explain the 22d Verse, as referring to what was faid before, and not merely to what follows : For else the Evangelift would probably have said, After these Things was the Feast of Dedication. Compare Yohn v. 1. vi. 4. and vü. 1, 2.

(d) Neither nail any Enemy.] This is the plain Import and Energy of the Original, (8x apTaOHL TIS aula,) which is greatly eneryated by adding the Word Man in the Translation, as the Authors of our English Version have frequently done. (Compare Mat, xi. 27. Mark xiii. 5. and Jam, i. 13.) The Sheep of Christ are exposed to so great Danger from the Infernal Lion, (1 Pet. v. 8.) that I doubt not, but this Text moft eminently refers to the Care of their Shepherd to guard them from his Alfaults.

(c) I and

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