The Laws of the Customs: With the Tariff, Or Customs Table, and Customs Forms; and an Appendix, Containing the Customs Acts, and the Rules and Orders of the Commissioners of Customs

G. Philip, 1859 - 371 sivua
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Sivu 335 - Customs, in force at the commencement of this act, shall have the same force and effect, to all intents and purposes...
Sivu 10 - Majesty shall judge capable of being converted into or made useful in increasing the quantity of military or naval stores, provisions, or any sort of victual which may be used as food by man, and if any goods so prohibited shall be exported from the United Kingdom or carried coastwise, or be water-borne to be so exported or carried, they shall be forfeited.
Sivu 309 - Majesty, by and with the advice of His Privy Council, by any Order or Orders in Council, to be issued from time to time, to give such directions, and make such regulations, touching the trade and commerce to and from any British Possessions 'on or near the Continent of Europe, or within the Mediterranean Sea, or in Africa, or within the limits of the East India Company's Charter, excepting the Possessions of the said Company, as to His Majesty in Council shall appear most expedient...
Sivu 244 - The following goods may, by proclamation or order in Council, be prohibited either to be exported or carried coastwise : arms, ammunition, and gunpowder, military and naval stores, and any articles which Her Majesty shall judge capable of being converted into or made useful in increasing the quantity of military or naval stores...
Sivu 304 - ... after notice in writing shall have been delivered to him or left at his usual place of abode by the attorney or agent...
Sivu 253 - ... that all the produce of the forest in logs, lumber, timber, boards, staves, or shingles, or of agriculture, not being manufactured, grown on any of those parts of the State of Maine watered by the river St.
Sivu 305 - In all actions arising under the laws respecting copyrights the defendant may plead the general issue, and give the special matter in evidence.
Sivu 353 - Yellow Muscovado and brown clayed sugar, or sugar rendered by any process equal in quality to yellow Muscovado or brown clayed and not equal to white clayed . . the cwt.
Sivu 250 - That the Master of every ship arriving in any of the British possessions in America, or the Islands of Guernsey, Jersey, Alderney, or Sark, whether laden or in ballast, shall come directly and before bulk be broken, to the Custom House for the port or district where he arrives, and there make a report in writing to the Collector or...
Sivu 74 - John or by its tributaries, of which fact reasonable evidence shall, if required, be produced, shall have free access into and through the said river and its...

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