Where the Ghosts Walk: The Gazetteer of Haunted Britain

Souvenir Press, 1.5.2013 - 300 sivua
Britain is the most haunted country in the world with a wealth of places that feed the imagination, from Cape Head in the north of Scotland to Beachy Head in the south of England it is a land of ghosts and phantoms. Whether it is Napoleon searching for somewhere to land his invasion at Lulworth Cove, the unknown Grey Lady who is seen along the Worcester to Birmingham canal or Roman soldiers seen near Lichfield Cathedral the inexplicable is everywhere. Peter Underwood, the world's leading expert on paranormal phenomena, provides this definitive guide to Britain's haunted places. Arranged by the various environments where ghosts appear, airfields, ancient sites, ruins, bridges, battlefields, graveyards, gardens, railways, seascapes, highways and woods. From the ghosts of Jacobite soldiers in Gallows Tree Lane, the ghost of King Arthur which has been seen in Tintagel to the phantom Spitfire of Biggin Hill airfield Where the Ghosts Walk is an indispensable guide to the rich world of the unexplained. Fully illustrated throughout with Peter Underwood's own photographs

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Peter Underwood was born in Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire, England on May 16, 1923. He was educated by a tutor and at a local private school. During World War II, he served in the Suffolk Regiment, but had to stop in 1942 due to illness. He worked for Dent, the publishers, first in Letchworth and then in London. In 1947, he joined the Society for Psychical Research and in 1951 helped revive the Ghost Club, becoming its president in 1960. He left Dent in 1971 to devote himself full-time to paranormal research. During his lifetime, he wrote more than 50 books on ghost-hunting and the supernatural including Dictionary of the Supernatural, A Gazetteer of British Ghosts, The Ghosts of Borley with Paul Tabori, and Where the Ghosts Walk. His autobiography, No Common Task: The Autobiography of a Ghost Hunter, was published in 1983. He was a prolific broadcaster and made guest appearances on several television shows including Start the Week, The Big Breakfast, and The Ghost Hunters. He died on November 26, 2014 at the age of 91.

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