An Introductory Lecture Delivered in the University of London, on Thursday, April 30, 1829

John Taylor, 1829 - 26 sivua

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Sivu 30 - Translator, containing an Account of the Controversy respecting the Origin of the three first Gospels, since Bishop Marsh's Dissertation.
Sivu 29 - The " identity of Junius, with a distinguished living 92 " character established; including the Supplement, " consisting of fac-similes of hand-writing, and " other illustrations*.
Sivu 29 - Poems Descriptive of Rural Life and Scenery, by John Clare, a Northamptonshire peasant.
Sivu 29 - Essays and Sketches of Character, by the late Richard Ayton, Esq. with a Memoir of his Life, and a Portrait, engraved by FC Lewis from a Drawing by Mr.
Sivu 30 - Nomah-i-velaet ; or Excellent Intelligence concerning Europe: being the Travels of Mirza Itesa Modeen in Great Britain and France. Translated from the original Persian Manuscript by James Edward Alexander, Esq.
Sivu 29 - The VILLAGE MINSTREL, and other POEMS. By JOHN CLARE, with a fine Portrait of the Author from a Painting by W. Hilton, RA and a Sketch of the Author's Cottage.
Sivu 30 - Elements, with a Commentary, and Geometrical Exercises : to which are annexed a Treatise on Solid Geometry, and a Short Essay on the Short Geometrical Analysis. For the Use of the Students of the University of London.
Sivu 29 - An EXPOSITION of the PARABLES of our LORD ; showing their connection with his Ministry, their Prophetic Character, and their gradual developement of the Gospel Dispensation. With a Preliminary Dissertation on the Parable.
Sivu 27 - Sketches, a companion to the park and the shrubbery, with illustrations from the works of the poets by the author of the Flora Domettica...
Sivu 30 - The CHILDREN of LIGHT. A Sermon preached before the University of Cambridge, at St. Mary's Church, on Advent Sunday, 1828. By Julius Charles Hare, MA Fellow of Trinity College.

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