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them; little or no care being taken by their teachers to explain the fense and meaning of any passage however difficult, or to enforce the obligation of any duty however important. A neglect, which unhappily extends its influence likewise to the more advanced stages of life. Many are the families of lower rank especially, who, though they have a just sense of both the privilege and duty, and live in the habitual and zealous practice of reading the Word of God, are yet too apt to think, that as foon as the lessons for the day are finished,, their task is then done; and so close the book, without attempting to consider what may be the meaning of passages that occurred in their reading, which, however, they are conscious that they do not understand. And thus, with the best dispofia tions, they are, by a defective education, deprived of much of the satisfaction and benefit they might reap from this religious. exercise, did they accustom themfelves to read the Bible with the same attention which they find requisite for understanding other books.

Every language has its own peculiar idiom and mode of expression, which even in a contemporary author will not always bear a strict and literal translation, and the holy scriptures, though fo clear and. plain in every article of faith and practice · necessary to salvation, that he may run that readeth, do nevertheless in other points (in common with all the writings of remote antiquity) abound in a variety of figurative, parabolical, and proverbial expressions ; which being formed on customs extremely different from our own, cannot be perfectly understood without some regard to those circumstances. This it is that creates the principal difficulty in studying the scriptures : and to lessen that difficulty, and promote a more general spirit of-rational piety, is my delign in this undertaking ; by affording a cheap and easy affif-tance to well-disposed Christians of humble stations, and by setting in a just light such passages as, the young and ordinary reader, relying on the sound of words, might be tempted by the suggestions of a prevailing superstition, or enthusiasm, to misapply in support of opinions, which are not founded in the true sense of scrip


ture, but, on the contrary, whatever appearance they may affume, are really subversive of the principles of genuine : Christianity.

E RR: A T A. · Matt. v. 4. Note (6), for that they mourn, read they tbat mourn. --- xi. 8. For King's, read Kings. --- xii. IG. - After any, read one. . . xiii. Note (6), for Luke xiii. 16. read Chap. XXV. 29. Luke viji. 18; . - - xiii. 55. Number of Verse omitted in the Text.

'xxi. 24. For likewise, read like wise.
. xxi. 28. After sons put ()
-- xxiv. Note (F); for Gospel, read Propbet:

xxvi. Note (n), for Mark xiv. read Mark xiv. 306
--xxvi. Note (9), for Luke v. 11. read Mark xiv. 38.,
Mark ii. 25. For bungered, read bungred.

ix. Note (o), for burning, read burnings, - X. Note (f), for wordly-minded, read worldly-mindede - xiii. Note (1), for bis power, read bis own power. Luke ij. Note (k), for was entered in, read was entring into. . V. 36. A new Garment. N. B. This article is omitted.

xvii. Note (i), dele inverted commas.
John ii. 11. Number of the Verse is omitted in the Text. -

- ii. Note (i), for told, read foreteld.
con iv. Note (m), for Verse 10, read Verse 9.

vi. 27. The latter Part of Note (g) ought to be (b), referring to the word feated; but the subsequent Notes must all be new marked one letter higher. - viii. Note (a), for either by taking, read of taking.

xii. Note (m), for to hardened, read to barden.
xviii. 21. For asketb, read akejt.
xviii. Note (e), for Gen. xlii. 32. read Gen. xliii. 34.
xix. Note (b), after Mark, for xv. 25. read xv. 42..

XX. Note (d), for Psalm xvl. 20. read xvi. 10.
Acts vii. 16. For athers, read farbers.

ix. Note (n), for criptures, read Scriptures. - xvi. 3. Add, Because he knew that the Jews would not bearken to : Timotby, bad be not been circumcised.

xvi. Note (f), for power, read no ower.
xxiv. Note (a), for s called, read is called.


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