Sivut kuvina

The filmed eye, which ne'er

Received a beam of light,
Is opened by thy power,

To all the bliss of sight :
I see the lame man leaping home,
And hear the praises of the dumb !

E’en terror's king himself,

Confesses thee his Lord,
And yields his victim up,

Whene'er he hears thy word:“ Arise ! come forth," the dead revives, He quits his shroud-again he lives!

And yet thy love, my King,

Is equal to thy power,
My sympathies awake!

My trembling soul adore,
Jesus !-a man of griefs for thee,
The Godhead's fulness bodily.

How tender to his friends!

In condescension sweet,
The Lord of glory stoops

To wash his people's feet!
Lord, I am all defiled with sin,
O wash me too and make me clean.

What sorrows him beset!

What agony profound !
He sweat a great drops of blood,"

Fast falling to the ground !

And all for me; and watched and prayed, And " had not where to lay his head!”

But lo! a crown of thorns

Circles his sacred head!
With robe and sceptre mocked,

He's to the judgment led;
Why is that shout ?—the words decide-
“Let Israel's King be crucified.”

Then what terrific sights,

My staring eyes appal!
Stretched on a bloody cross,

I see the Lord of all,
Taunted, reviled, by friends denied,
Wounded his hands, his feet, his side!

Nature beholds the scene,

With wonder and affright;
Earth trembles, groans, and quakes !

The sun withdraws his light !
The temple's vail is rent in twain !
Dead saints arise and walk again!

In agony he' prays,

(What love and beauty too) “ Father, forgive the sin,

They know not what they do ;" And “ it is finished," now he cries! And for me bows his head and dies !

But vain thy efforts, death!

Vain all thy mighty bars! “The dead revives again;"

Silenced be all my fears!
I now. a glorious victory tell-
King Jesus conquered death and hell!

He rides


a cloud
In sight of gazing friends :
Open ye gates of light!

For he to heaven ascends;
And there he reigns and intercedes,
For me and all his people pleads.

All beautiful to me,

As Prophet, Priest, and King;
Let all thy beauty see,

That all thy grace may sing; To see thy beauty still there's room, “ And whosoever will, may come.”


When, O my God, my eyes survey,
The glorious new and living way,

That leads to bliss above:
What joy, what rapture fills my breast-
I am of heavenly joys possessed,

And feel that God is love.

Ere sun, or moon, or star had shone,
Ere thou hadst bid a morning dawn,

Or earth on nothing hung;
Ere thou hadst heard an angel's lays,
Or burning seraph tuned thy praise,

Or morning stars had sung:

Ere Gabriel before thee stood
'Twas in the Godhead's solitude

Eternity's profound,
Thou didst devise this “ way” of grace,
And to redeem a rebel race,

· A glorious ransom found.

I love to visit Bethlehem's plains,
To hear the sweet, the angelic strains,

That broke night's stillness there;I join the shout—the enraptured cry, “ All glory be to God on high,

Immanuel is here !"

I love my Saviour's life to read;
For all he did and all he said,

My thoughts delight afford;
What kings and prophets long’d to see,
Is graciously vouchsafed to me,

In th' annals of my Lord.

I love to climb Mount Calvary,
The friend of sinners there to see

Dying, though Lord of all;

Mine were the sins that nailed him there,
Mine were the thorns, and mine the spear,

The vinegar and gall.

Jesus was born, has suffered, died,
His Father's law has magnified;

To save our souls from death;
Saints, ye are purchased by his blood,
Then praise the “ way" that leads to God,

While ye have life or breath.

Mount Sinai once alarmed my soul,
When first I heard its thunders roll,

How dreadful was the place!
Now faith in Jesus makes me dare-
Fearless I face its lightning's glare,

And touch its trembling base.

Angels who knew not sin, may raise
To grace preserving, highest praise,

And swell the shouts above;
Let Gabriel keep his harp, for we
Will sing a sweeter song than he-

We'll sing redeeming love.



Arouse my soul and sing his praise
Whose goodness smiles on all my days,

And blesses all my store;

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