Sivut kuvina

Praise him for all that he has done-
For thee he gave his only Son-

O praise him and adore.

Dark was that hour when first I saw,
My God, thy violated law,

And heard its thunders roll-
Alarmed, condemned, of thee afraid,
Thy wrath suspended o'er my head,

Thy vengeance o'er my soul. .

In vain, it seemed, I sought the path
Whose travellers all escape thy wrath,

And reach thy courts above.
In vain, it seemed, to mourn or pray,
Or read thy word from day to day,

Or to desire thy love.

When e'er my lips did mutter prayer,
My fears pronounced it empty air

Which ne'er would reach thine ear.
I feared to sleep, to think, to rest,
Or entertain within my breast

Aught else but gloom and fear.

I asked thy saints to show the road
By which they found a pardoning God,

And peace through him once slain : Vainly they taught-it seemed that I, Unlike all other men, must die

While seeking God in vain.

But Jesus hears each sinner's cries:
Because of sin he touched my eyes,

(My soul, his praise repeat!)
And showed me that for man he died-
For sinners had been crucified

Showed me his hands and feet.

The darkness fled—by faith I saw
Jesus fulfil his Father's law,

And all its curses meet.
Be thou my righteousness, I cried,
And be my hope thy wounded side-

Thy wounded hands and feet.

Terror no more besieged my breast,
Nor marred my peace, nor spoiled my rest-

I saw the work complete-
The Son of God for me had died,
For me was wounded in his side,

And in his hands and feet.

For me, he vanquished hell and death-
Be thou my all, my health, my breath,

While this poor heart shall beat,
Who soothed my sorrows, dried my tears,
And gave me sight to see the scars

Upon his hands and feet.

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