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(1.) I, James J. Ailworth, Dy., for Thomas R. Joynes, Clerk of Accomack County Court, in the State of Virginia, do hereby Certify, that the following extracts are truly copied from the Will of William Anderson, recorded in Accomack County Court, October 10th, 1698, viz.—“ Item, I will and bequeath unto Mr. Francis Makemie and Naomie, his wife, my eldest daughter, all my Lands at Matchatauck, being One Thousand Acres, viz: 600 by patent in my name, and 400 by purchase of Joseph Newton. To the said Makemie and his wife and the heirs of their or either of their bodies, lawfully begotten, for ever. But for want of such, who shall live to full age to possess and enjoy the said Land, then the said one thousand acres of land shall revert unto my three granddaughters, Elizabeth, Naomie, and Comfort Taylor, and the daughters of Elias and Comfort Taylor, and to their hereditable heirs for ever. I also give unto said Makemie, all the money lent him in full of all or any accounts that may be between us upon consignments or any other ways; and my will is,

that he may have his Sloope with what may appertain to her at my death; Likewise whatever my daughter can claim as her's In my house, &c., without let or delay, and all on both sides to be ballanced, he paying six pounds starl. to my sister Barons, and five ditto to sister Hope, and five ditto to sister Nock, and bestowing in education to the vallue 50 pounds on my three Grand Daughters.”

“ Item. I give unto said Francis, and Naomie, his wife, all my Plantation at Pocomoke, containing nine hundred and fifty acres, for and during their or either of their Naturall lives, in remainder to the child or heire of my aforesaid Daughter Naomie, if such she have, and its Hereditable issue for ever. But for want of such, then to revert and descend to my Grand Daughters, by my daughter Comfort Taylor, and to her heirs for ever. My meaning is, That if my daughter Naomie should become mother of more than one child, then the most worthy of blood to have Pocomoke, and the next to have Matchatauck, but in case she die childless, after her and husbands naturall lives on itt, my other Grand Daughters to have itt as co-heirs amongst them, giving them liberty to sell each of their part of the Value to each other, the price of the whole being Valued by any three or four honest Neighbours, who may be made choice of for that purpose, to prevent Either Inconveniences in Liveing so near each other, or other differences that may happen by unequalling in the Value, but not any one to have any power or authority to sell, Give, Lease, lett, or by any ways or means,

to dispose of any part thereof out of the family that hath proceeded, or may proceed from my Loynes, but to my said Grand Daughters, and to their lawful and Hereditable heires as aforesaid for Ever: Nevertheless, it is my meaning, and provided said Ma. kemie's and the survivor of them, if my daughter Naomie have no issue, shall keep the Dwelling House in repaire, and what other useful houses worth preserving thereon, likewayes Orchards: neither Remove or dispose the horse mill, still and copper, but them to remain and pass with the freehold to my heires aforesaid.”

“ Item. My Lotts, being three at Onancock Town, I give unto Mr. Francis Makemie and his heirs and assigns for ever.”

“I Give and bequeath to my Daughter Naomie Makemie, four negro Slaves, viz: Dollar, Hannah the elder, Darkish, young Sarah.”

“ Item. I make, constitute, ordain, and appoint my son in Law, Mr. Francis Makemie, to be my joynt and Several Executors of this my last Willand Testament, desiring them to be Kind and assisting to my Wife.”

I also Certify, that it appears from the Records of the said Court, that administration was granted to Madm Naomie Makemie, on the Estate of Elizabeth Makemie, decd, on the October 6th, 1708, in these words, viz:-“This day Madm Naomie Makemie petitioned this court for Administration on the Estate of Elizabeth Makemie her daughter, late

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deceased, she dying intestate, which was by the court granted, she giving Bond and Security as the Law directs, she presented Capt John Brandhurst and Hill Drummond for Securyties, who were by the court accepted of, and ordered that the Clerk take bond accordingly."

The name of Naomie Makemie does not appear on the Records of Accomack county court, as I can find, since the Administration of the Estate of Elizabeth Makemie was granted to her, which was on the 6th day of October, 1708. Test.

J. J. AIL WORTH, Dy. For Tho. R. JOYNES, C. A. C.

(2.) The following are abstracts from our statutes, which I presume you desire in


letter to me.


An Act for the suppression of the Quakers, passed 1659-60.

Whereas there is an vnreasonable and turbulent sort of people commonly called Quakers, who, contrary to the law do dayly gather together vnto them vnlaw'll assemblies, and congregations of people, teaching and publishing lies, Miracles, false Visions, prophecies and doctrines, which have influence vpon the communities of men, both ecclesiasticall and civil, endeavouring and attempting thereby to destroy religion, lawes, communities, and all bonds of

civil societie, leaving it Arbitrarie to everie Vaine and Vitious person, whether men shall be safe, lawes established, offenders punished and Governours rule, hereby disturbing the publique peace, and just interest, to prevent and restraine which mischiefe, It is enacted, That no Master or Commander of any Shipp or other Vessell, do bring into this Collonie any person or persons called Quakers, vnder the penalty of One hundred pounds Sterling, to be leavied vpon him and his estate by order from the Governour and council, or the Commissioners in the severall counties where such shipps shall arrive: That all such Quakers as have beene questioned, or shall hereafter arrive, shall be apprehended wheresoever they shall be found, and they be imprisoned without baile or mainprize, till they do abjure this country, or putt in security with all speed to depart the Collonie and not to returne again. And if any should dare to presume to returne bither after such departure, to be proceeded against, as contemners of the lawes, and magistracy, and punished accordingly, and caused again to depart the country; And if they should the third time be so audacious and impudent as to returne hither, to be proceeded against as ffelons. That noe person shall entertain any of the Quakers that have heretofore beene questioned by the Governour and Council, or which shall hereafter be questioned, nor permit in or near his house, any Assemblies of Quakers in the like penalty of one hundred pounds sterling; That Commissioners and officers are hereby required, and authorized, as they will answer the

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