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indeed these seem to be all belonging to the church, with which human laws have a right to interfere.

Dr. Wilson died March 31st, 1790, and his remains are interred in the Presbyterian buryingground in Lewestown.

The Rev. Francis Hindman received a call from “ the incorporated and fully united congregations of Lewestown, Cool Spring and Indian River,” and was ordained and installed at Cool Spring, October 27th, 1791.

It is stated by Mr. Hindman, that the above sketch of church history was approved by the Presbytery of Lewestown, at Broad-creek, April 21st, 1795, and yet below is the following record :—“ I, the subscriber, being the only surviving minister present at the time when this sketch of church history was said to be read and approved, do declare and assert that. there was no such paper read in presbytery.

“Saml. McMASTER.”

Query.-May it not have been read during some short absence of Mr. McMaster? Or by a committee on the session book, as is usual ? Mr. Hindman says approved, not read.

The following are the pastors who succeeded Mr. Hindman:

Rev. John Burton, A. M., began to labour as stated supply, December 10th, 1795, received a call April 11th, 1797.

Rev. James P. Wilson, D. D.

Rev. Jos. Copse, V. D. M.
Rev. Benjamin Ogden, M. A.
Rev. John Mitchelmore, V. D. M.

Rev. Abraham De Witt, call dated June 13th, 1834. Labours commenced May 25th, 1834. Installed November 14th, 1834.


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