The British Theatre; Or, A Collection of Plays: Which are Acted at the Theatres Royal, Drury Lane, Covent Garden, and Haymarket ...

Mrs. Inchbald
Longman, Hurst, Rees, and Orme, 1808

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Sivu 18 - tis he ; now will he be most intolerably cavalier, though he should be in love with me. Heart. Madam, I'm your humble servant! I perceive you have more humility and good-nature than I thought you had. Lady F.
Sivu 18 - Thatis, because the only merit of a man is his sense; but doubtless the greatest value of a woman is her beauty; an homely woman at the head of a fashion would not be allowed in it by the men, and consequently not followed by the women : so that to be successful in one's fancy is an evident sign of one's being admired, and I always take admiration for the best proof of beauty, and beauty certainly is the source of power, as power in all creatures is the height of happiness.
Sivu 28 - And yet let me expose my weakness, 'tis the only man on earth I cou'd resolve to dispense my favours on, were he but a fine gentleman. Well ! did men but know how deep an impression a fine gentleman makes in a lady's heart, they would reduce all their studies to that of good-breeding alone.
Sivu 23 - ... to destroy one another's reputations, and as honestly to charge the levity of men's tongues with the scandal; hourly debates how to make poor gentlemen in love with...
Sivu 10 - Fifty, if you please. To begin, then — in the morning — a married woman may have men at her toilet —invite them to dinner — appoint them a party in the stage-box, at the play — engross the conversation there — call them by their Christian names — talk...
Sivu 37 - twas much about this figure, in general, he would have moulded me to : But I was an obstinate woman, and could not resolve to make myself mistress of his heart, by growing as aukward as his fancy.
Sivu 63 - Your glass and conscience will inform you, Madam. But for heaven's sake (for now I must be serious) if pity or if gratitude can move you, [taking her hand] if constancy and truth have power to tempt you; if love, if adoration can affect you, give me at least some hopes, that time may do, what you perhaps mean never to perform; 'twill ease my sufferings, though not quench my flame.
Sivu 83 - Sir John. [Aside.] So that, after all, 'tis a moot point whether I am a cuckold or not. Bel. Well, sir, upon condition you confess all, I'll pardon you myself, and try to obtain as much from the rest of the company.
Sivu 56 - I call for my coach, to go visit fifty dear friends, of whom I hope I never shall find one at home while I shall live. Just. So! there's the morning and afternoon pretty well disposed of. Pray, how, madam, do you pass your evenings ? Sir J.
Sivu 19 - Very well, sir. Heart. Let me see: your vanity, madam, I take to be about some eight degrees higher than any woman's in the town, let t'other be who she will; and my indifference is naturally about the same pitch. Now, could you find the way to turn...

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